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Congrats to 'the other SS' and Badass
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Safety Officer

Apr-7-2010 16:59

It's been very remiss of me not to put this up sooner, but I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sleuth Sindy and Badass who tied the knot weekend before last.

Awesome to see two people find each other through Sleuth, have that translate into real life, and then see it culminate in what must have been a fantastic day for you both.

May you live in peace and happiness.


*goes off whistling 'Sleuth Love Boaaaat'...


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Apr-9-2010 07:03

Congratulations to both of you :-D

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Apr-24-2010 20:17

Please forgive me for being late on saying congratulations to the both of ye.

Old Shoe

Apr-24-2010 22:23

Breit, does it make you more or less shuddery if his stage sideburns are clip ons?

*disclaimer voice*

This comment was intended to be intellectually stimulating, like a moustache tingling the erogenous zone of your brain. Even while the "get phunky" zone of your brain was already shutting down and lining up for butter soaked crab legs and not noticing the line of drool forming on its chin at the buffet table.

Even if it was a clip-on buffet table. Let the words ring true - bring what you can, and we'll love you.

Badass and Sleuth Sindy were both people I talked to a lot a few years ago, and I'm so pleased to see them making a life of it together. What a nice thing to see when I log in after a long time. Congrats you two!

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