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Anybody Up for Cartoon/Comics Quiz
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ercule olmes
ercule olmes
Sleuth About Town

Mar-30-2010 11:57

Simply i adore to draw and read.. whether it's manga or comics strip:

so wanted to see how many of you like them and answer these: -

First Q:

Which is the only character in Calvin and Hobbes having a First name and a Last Name?


Security Lane
Security Lane

Jun-26-2010 05:43

Carl Barks.

How many DragonBalls are there?

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Jul-4-2010 13:26

There are seven in each set. If you want to get technical, seven Earth dragon balls, seven Namekian dragon balls, and seven dark dragon balls.

Which episode of which Batman animated series featured cameos by over fifty of Batman's foes?

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