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2010 March Madness
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Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Feb-22-2010 13:47

Waaaay before my time here, Serges hosted Sleuth March Madness in 2007. I thought it looked like a lot of fun, so... without further ado, The copy pasted rules from then with minor modifications! ;)

The premise is pretty simple. We compile a list of 64 of the game's most recognizable players, seed them into a tournament bracket, and allow Sleuthville to vote for the "best" in each matchup.

Rules for eligibility:
You are not allowed to nominate yourself.
You may nominate up to 3 persons.
The nominated must be over 30 days old by March 1, 2010, and active.

Entries and nominations should be messaged ASAP. As soon as we get 64, the seeding process will begin and the matchups will be posted.

After the initial bracket is filled, I will post a few matchups here every day. Then, the people involved in those matchups will have an opportunity to say "anything" on this thread that they feel will allow them to advance to the next round of competition. Sleuthville votes will be what decides the winners, and voting information will be coming soon.

The overall winner of this tournament will receive $100,000 sleuth cash.

We will start the voting on March 1st, so get your nominations in as quickly as possible! Please PM me the nominations, and I will be posting a list of who has been nominated, the brackets, and all that fun stuff as we go. :)


Leola Luiza
Leola Luiza
Battered Shoe

Mar-5-2010 15:38

I would like to make an endorsement for Lady Jas!
She's a great detective, wonderful person and has been nothing but helpful! :)

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Mar-5-2010 15:57

*gets on endorsing gear*

Okay, I know exactly who I'm endorsing in all four of these so here goes! :)

Lady Jas- Definitely one of the sweetest, most helpful gals on here. I had the pleasure of working with her in the Sleuth Beauty Pageant, and we see her in barchat occasionally! As Leola said, she's a wonderful person and an amazing detective! Check out her stat page if you don't believe me! :D

Adam Carter- A recent addition to Obelisk, my friend Adam can never be accused of coming too early! -snicker- But in all seriousness folks, one of the funniest, most approachable people (especially after hours in barchat!) who also knows how to buckle down and get things rolling! A capable detective, a creative mind and a good friend to have. Vote Adam Carter!

Ms. Helen- Also a newer addition to Obelisk, and a welcome one at that! A lovely gal, one of the most helpful Sleuth honchos I've had the pleasure to meet, and a ferocious treasure hunter! Plus, Angry Ms. Helen should be enough to get her to the next round, I've never heard anything quite so colorful as her fudge-filled rant about the guy driving too fast down her street. :) Vote Ms. Helen, she's truly wonderful! :D

Jesse Hunter- Wow. Director of Obelisk, apparently this is Obie's day to shine! Jesse is probably one of the best directors you could hope to have in this game. He's kind, he's helpful, and he cares about us lowly agency-scum swabbing his floors. He has a heart of gold and should deffo advance to the next round. Vote Jesse!

Remember, that martini offer still stands. ;)

Sean Dart
Sean Dart

Mar-5-2010 16:09

I have been nominated!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Oh my! This is such a... oh dear! I do believe I am gettin' the vapours!

I never thought that someone in my family line would ever be considered any type of contender. Ever since my father, Lethal Dartowski, came to this country from Spain in 1984, he had said that the Dartowski name would never mean anything, but look at us now.

Even in 1985 when he married my mother Caroline Kühntbängher of France, they both agreed that the family would amount to very little and hopefully one day they might own a modest home in the trailer park and have a real subscription to TV Guide rather than stealing Mr. Sugg's every week.

But now a Dartowski has made a name for himself, and not like my Uncle Coleman Dartowski who made a name for himself by getting his picture on a website and now it's allowed to live within five miles of a school or celebrate Halloween.

But the point is that Sean Dartowski is here to compete for the gold. That's right gold, I don't want no freakin silver', I'll send it back with a turd wrapped around it!

If you elect me president of the state of Sleuth I promise to make every conversation in bar chat awkward. I will exploit every innuendo and diffuse any awkward situation by announcing that I am not wearing underpants while sitting in a leather chair.

In closing, tinfoil hats and diapers on a stick for all!

Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Mar-5-2010 17:10

And it's endorsin' time, again! I like this part.
My endorsements today go as follows:

1- Ms. Helen
She definetly deserves to move on at this game. A delightfully sweet lady, she is. After all the nice things she said about me, I couldn't sleep tonight without endorsing her. Too bad I'm terrible with words, but you guys get my point. She's great.

2- Jesse Hunter
My brother in the Coffee Pot Brotherhood. One of the Directors in the Obelisk. A great company for random talk about the weather and the guy I used to give chocolate chip cookies to. After all the sheer nonsense, I have to agree with Molly. Extremely helpful, great guy, easy to deal with, another one who can get the March seal of approval. lol

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Mar-5-2010 18:24

*raises eyebrows* sheer nonsense, hm?

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Mar-5-2010 18:25

God forbid we have NONSENSE around here! *hides party hat behind back*

Lady Zeugirdor
Lady Zeugirdor
Pinball Amateur

Mar-5-2010 18:26

*Strolls to the edge of crowd, puts down a wooden crate , and steps onto it gracefully. *

Attention, attention...ladies, gentlemen, fellow sleuths, I have come here today to ask you to please cast your precious vote for LADY JAS! Since my time here in Sleuth I have not met anyone as kind, considerate, fun and awesome as her. She is the helpful to any and every one she encounters; wether it be on the message boards, in barchat, or via sleuth mail.

And let's not forget her determination to keep Sleuth alive, by encouraging others to subscribe . Have you seen her sidekick achievements? She is our top sidekick recruiter in all of Sleuthville! Speaking of achievements, if you look under each category you will find this wonderful Lady in the top of these lists, that takes hard work, communication, and determination. So we can conclude she is a Top detective and worthy of your vote and advancement in this competition.

Remember, vote LADY JAS! Thank you

*steps down gracefully, picks up crate and leaves the stunned crowd*

Lady Zeugirdor
Lady Zeugirdor
Pinball Amateur

Mar-5-2010 18:39

*stops 10 steps from crowd, hurries back and resumes stance on crate*

My fellow sleuths, I forgot one other person. Our dear, Sunny. How could I forget, please pardon the omission. *clears throat*

Cast your vote for SUNNY, our very own sweet, no nonsense Sleuth goddess! If you don't, expect a visit from Shady. Thank you.

*Steps down gracefully, and hurries of with crate*

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Mar-6-2010 05:51

My two endorsements are for Adam Carter and Jesse Hunter.

Adam Carter is a long standing member of the community who is never afraid to speak his mind. At the same time he is one of the most helpful and amusing players you can find. He is a great team player and will always help the agency with anything required, whether it be treasure hunts, equipment or money. He's also a fantastic friend and other half that has helped me through tough times and I know will continue to do so because that's the type of person he is.

Vote Adam Carter.......otherwise I'll be sleeping on the sofa :D

Jesse Hunter is someone I've only recently had the pleasure of meeting, but he is a great Agency Director always happy to help his agents and put the agency everyone I know speaks very highly of him and that many people can't be wrong :)

Vote Jesse Hunter!

And thank you to everyone who is has said such nice things on my behalf, it means so much to me :)

Peter O'Neil
Peter O'Neil
Old Shoe

Mar-6-2010 06:57

I would like to endorse Irene. If not for her generous offer to give a free trial subscription to anyone who would ask, I would not be the detective I am today, nor would I have meet the great people I have met. I don't see much of her, but when I do I see that same spirit.

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