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Murder at the Masquerade: An RP Stage Short
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Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Jan-8-2010 18:21

(The same idea as the Harlequin Short, only the murder does not have to happen right away; this one is very loosely structured. Happy RPing, and ANYONE is welcome to join.)

"Well this is quaint." Molly Maltese said approvingly, adjusting her mask with a flick of her wrist. "I wonder who shall be the first to uncover my identity; I took a great many pains to disguise myself this evening."

"I hardly recognized you, ma'am." Her driver said politely, and Molly threw him a benevolent grin.

"I really do look quite striking with black hair, don't you think?" she asked, and he nodded. She leaned forward to check the mirror again. She had gone to the stylist and had her hair dyed a sleek, shiny black, and had deep finger-waves done to frame her face. A large peacock fascinator clung to her hair just above her elaborately twisted bun, launching a spray of exotic feathers behind her to match her peacock-detailed gold mask. Only her quirky red-lipped smirk was even faintly recognizable.

"This will be fun." she said as she climbed out of the car and adjusted her floor-length red-and-gold satin gown. Fluted beads jangled gently around the swooping neckline. She wrapped a white fur stole around her shoulders and moved inside, showing her invitation to the doorman. Immediately she was asked to dance by several young me in dashing black masks.


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Jan-8-2010 21:11

Marc was inside the party having a great time. He was dressed in a classic suit. A black double breasted suit with dark gray pinstripes. His new black fedora, and a black mask. Of course, at a party like this, who would be standing in the shadows. Marc was certainly known to do that of course, but when there was a party with free alcohol, he couldn't resist.

He also couldn't resist to ask a dashingly beautiful woman for a dance after seeing her get asked by several young men. As she was about to make up her mind, Marc pushed his way through and grabbed her hand and pulled her to the dance floor. He wasn't forceful, no. He was gentle. As he took her hand in the dance, he spoke to her.

"You look very familiar," He said to her.

"Do I? And how might that be?" She asked him.

"Hard to say. You kind of resemble a friend of mine," Marc said as he spun the woman around.

"And who is this friend of yours?" The woman asked with a smile.

Marc pulled her close and he could see her eyes. Those eyes. He knew those eyes.

"So tell me, what do you do for a living?"

"I believe that's between me and the government." The woman said with a twisted grin.

"I am the government," Marc countered. It was a bluff and he knew it. He was just a sleuth. A gumshoe. A dick. He had nothing to do with the crooked, corrupt government.

She opened her mouth, to speak when a blood curdling scream rang out.

Marc dropped everything he was doing to run towards the scream, only to find a body with a gunshot wound right in chest.

"I don't get paid enough for this stuff," Marc said to himself and he stood up to begin his investigation.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Jan-8-2010 21:42

"Oh lord." Molly said, as Marc practically dropped her and sprinted away. "Can't we get away from this all for one night?"

Grudgingly she followed through the crowd, standing to look down at the body with a look of consternation.

"Alright." she said, glaring around. "Who saw the killer--agh!"

Suddenly she was swept up into the crowd, whirled away in a parody of a dance until a sea of people separated her and the corpse.

"What's it to you, this body?" a voice asked, and she found herself looking up at a tall, very handsome, very masked man.

"It's sorta my job." She said, and he smoothed a tendril of hair back behind her ear.

"I suggest you leave the subject, we wouldn't want a hole to appear in that pretty little forehead of yours."

"Just who the hell are you?" she demanded, but he melted away again.

"How theatrical", she thought, and then reluctantly began to wade through the crowd again.


Jan-9-2010 03:19

"Nice... An invitation to a Masquerade party" Vulkie murmered, as she put her mask for her face at her apartment.

As she looked in the mirror, she noticed a small thread was loose from her royal fuchsia dress. Vulkie took a pair of scissors and "removed" the thread.

"Right... I'm ready to go" Vulkie said, driving herself to the party. As she drove towards the location, Vulkie wondered who would also come.

"Maybe I'll see Molly or Marc... I heard they got invitations too" Vulkie thought and immediately smiled.

***Masquerade Party***

Vulkie drove towards the front door and parked her car there. "Do take care of my car please..." Vulkie said to the valet and handed him five dollars as a tip. Vulkie then stepped up the stairs and was hold up by the doorman.

"My invitation, dear man" Vulkie said and showed her invitation. The doorman nodded and Vulkie went in.

Vulkie immediately got asked if she wanted to dance and she nodded. As she was being twirled around and spun around, she heard a gunshot and a body fell. Someone gave a scream and everyone began to scream.

As Vulkie tried to make her way to the body, she was hold up by a man who was neatly dressed and had a black mask on. "I know that dress... and I know to who it belongs to" the man said and Vulkie swallowed.

"But that couldn't be..." Vulkie began, and the man removed his mask

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jan-9-2010 08:36

Zeo removed his mask and said, "It's good to see a familiar face...i mean, dress." He eyed the woman in the fuchsia dress and knew right away that it was Vulkie behind that mask. He was, in fact, with her when she first tried out the dress at Chanel.

Vulkie smirked behind her matching gold and deep pink mask. "I'm surprised to see you here! I thought you hated parties."

"I still do. I'm here to work. Can't talk now." Zeo headed for the body against the sea of people, who seemed intrigued by the turn of event. Zeo cursed under his breath. As Vulkie put it rightly, Zeo dislike loud music and crowds. Why do people like to mingle and talk above the noise coming from a live band was beyond him. If it wasn't an explicit order from the director of the Federal Bureau to infiltrate the party undercover, Zeo would never have put on a ridiculous mask. The only comfort to the current incident happening was that he finally had the excuse to take the mask off, plus the loud band finally stop play their happy clappy tune.

By the time he reached the body, noisy guests were crowding over the victim. Zeo had to yell and flashed around his agent's badge in order to get through. "Did anyone saw who did this?"

"Yes, it was a man with a black mask!" A fat lady with excessive amount of pearls piped. "He quickly went away after he shot her."

Zeo sighed. What great news, someone just narrowed down the suspect pool to .... every male in this room. As the detective was about to remove the mask from the female victim on the floor, someone called out his name. Joseph turned around to see a beautifully decorated lady with a red and gold satin gown coming towards him. That quirky red-lipped smirk reminded him of someone he didn't wish to see.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Jan-9-2010 11:23

"For a detective, your face is very easy to read, you know." Molly noted, waving a slim hand in the air. "Don't worry, I shan't detain you in conversation, I only thought as you were starting into eyewitness accounts, I would tell you that either the shooter or an accomplice swept me away mere minutes after the shooting to warn me off the case. If he's still here, he's a very gaunt man with black hair, and he had a gold pin on his lapel. I didn't have time to make out what it was before he left. Also, there was a red carnation in his front pocket. As you find my presence so distasteful, I think I'll go busy myself in other areas."

She turned on a heel and swept away, exuding ice that could have frozen a weaker man, but the motion made her drop her handbag. Much to everyone's surprise, a gun skipped out of the thin material and skittered across the floor. There as a moment of wide-eyed silence, and then she was promptly tackled by two over-helpful men.

"The shooter! We've got the shooter!" they howled.

"Land's sakes." Molly said quite irritatedly. "You're ruining my hair, you know."

For indeed, her hair was shaken out of its elegant bun and now streamed down her shoulders. Another hand ripped away her mask.

"Oy! Be careful with that, it's quite expensive!" she hissed, and then raised her eyebrows as the two men deliberated.

"She might have more weapons. We should pat her down to be sure." one said, leering. Molly turned up her nose in disgust.

"As I am not the shooter, do feel free to release me at any time." she sniffed.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jan-9-2010 20:49

A gaunt man with dark hair...Zeo sighed. Molly could be describing Zeo himself for all he knows. Of course, he'd die before pinning a red flower on his suit. Zeo hovered over the dead body on the floor and carefully removed her mask. As he feared, the victim did turn out to be the owner of this Opera House, where the current masquerade party was being held. The sense of dread slowly crept up Zeo's spine. If Lady Frederick is now dead, where is Greenberg, his bureau colleague who was assigned to her protection?

Zeo noticed by then that several people were pinning the murder on Molly. They were searching her bags and... everything else. Zeo knew he had to control the situation before people / suspects decided to leave. He quickly dashed up to the stage where the live band was located and took hold of the microphone. Creaking noise from the feed rang out and everyone covered their ears. Zeo felt his burning. He was never good with speaking in front of a crowd, and yes, this was a huge and exclusive one.

"Um, ladies and may I have your attention." All eyes were on Zeo now, he just wanted to slip inside the tuba on his left and hide. He decided to introduce himself instead, then he continued, "Please remain calm and stay where you are standing right now... A murder had just been committed and the killer was amongst us. PLEASE please stay calm!" Zeo commanded as shocks of panic erupted through the crowd.

"We need everyone's corporation. Our fellow agents will need to perform a search on everyone present. Please note that this is a standard procedure to ensure everyone's safety. Your corporation is greatly appreciated." As Zeo continued, his confidence grew, and it showed in his voice. "Now, we need all the ladies to slowly move to the left side of the ballroom while the gentlemen slowly move to the right. There is no need to hurry, so just proceed accordingly. Yes, that's it. Thanks you."

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jan-9-2010 20:57

The other agents were already gathered at the foot of the stage as Zeo climbed down. He told them what they should be looking for, especially a tall man with a black mask, a gold pin on his lapel and possibly a red carnation in his front pocket. "It is possible that he may have changed his attire, but his height and hair color could not be easily altered. Of course, look for any form of weapon, especially guns."

As if on cue, one of the overly-helpful men came forward to speak to Zeo, claiming that they have found the killer with the gun. "It's the peacock lady I'm telling you!" Zeo tried to calm the gentleman down and agreed to look into it, although he very much doubt that it was Molly... or could she be...? Before Zeo could walk over to where Molly was being searched, a couple of more distinguished guests swarmed over Zeo with complaints of the search, how degrading this was to them, and that they need to go home immediately. Public relations was never his strength. His head was already swelling, and he knew this was only the beginning of a long long night.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Jan-10-2010 00:12

"That is quite enough." Molly told the men as their probing hands neared places where access was as exclusive as this party. But they did not listen, so she kneed one in the groin and lunged for the gun that had skittered just out of reach. She fired a shot up into the ceiling, and the crowd scattered.

"You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!" she hissed, her cheeks burning. After a moment, she swept up her bag and looked around, seriously thinking about shooting Joseph Zeo right where it counted. Had he no sense of decency, to leave her abandoned to a crowd of men!

"RRRGH" she announced grandly, darting like a bullet to the stage where he stood. But Marc neatly intercepted her and braced her arms behind her, twisting her gun out of hand methodically.

"Temper, temper, dear." he said conversationally, and she threw him a dirty look. "Love your hair by the way."

"I will END him!" she howled, her cheeks still flushed. Marc gave a chuckle and readjusted the strap of her dress.

"You can punch him all you like, just don't shoot him." He said, patting her shoulder and then leaning to pick up the gun. Unbeknownst to her however, he pocketed it. It could, after all, be the murder weapon.

Talia Rune
Talia Rune

Jan-11-2010 08:20

"This should be nice, I haven't been to a masquerade in forever" Talia said to herself as she stepped out of the car and headed towards the door.
She was elegantly dressed to fit the occasion; in a dark green floor-length gown and a golden mask. As she entered the building she was surprised that no-one checked her invitation, she knew she was late, but still only fashionably so.

As she entered the party she heard someone scream and then heard someone claim that there had been a second murder.

"Well, so much for an evening off" she said to herself "It seems to be time to get to work."

Talia made her way over to what seemed to be the scene of the crime, only to find that there were already more detectives than bodies around. So typical for this town.

"Good evening. I'm Talia. Sorry I'm late" she said and sent a dazzling smile to the people standing over the body.

Jack Billings
Jack Billings

Jan-11-2010 12:11

Jack grinned at the man speaking nervously up on the stage. He recognized him as one of his ex-wifes cohorts. Slowly, he removed the little gold Hellfire pin from his lapel and dropped it in his pocket. It was surprising she hadn't recognized it immediately, but he had never considered her the brightest in the bunch. The red carnation he dropped to the floor, smushing it under his well-shined shoe until it was a pile of petals scattered every which way across the dance floor. Then, leopard-like, he smoothed back his hair and approached a woman he hadn't seen before, who was looking down at the body with an air of authority.

Another detective?

He came forward and put on a charming smile just as he heard her say, "Good evening. I'm Talia."

He put out a hand and smiled at her, his black mask still in place. "Miss Talia, forgive me for saying so but I don't think a crime scene is the appropriate place for a beautiful lady such as yourself."

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