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Is it possible to solve all cases?


Nov-29-2009 23:25

Hi All,

Don't get confuse with my question, as all I want to know is that "Is it possible for a single player not in an agency and not subscribe to the game to be able to solve all cases?"

I'm really wondering about this matter for the last 2 weeks and noticed that in order to solve all the cases, I need to:

1) Subscribe
2) Join an agency where the agency members have all PE contacts and all WE contacts (in regardless to AVH)

So, my concern is, why is it so that a single player couldn't excel in this game? Hope I didn't confuse anyone with my question, I just want to know the answer before considering about resub.

Thanks in advance.


Ryan Nick
Ryan Nick

Nov-29-2009 23:34

Technically speaking, with my experience so far, it is definitely possible to solve all cases.

"All mysteries are solvable, in fact there are always multiple ways to solve any single mystery, but player skill and a small amount of luck are necessary to nab the guilty suspect."

Safety Officer

Nov-29-2009 23:35

Yes it is possible to solve all your cases without agency help. I think you'll find when people are on Villain Hunts, for example, they are stuck in a city where they have nothing but themselves to rely on and successfully solve all their cases.

over a period of time, no-one, regardless sof whether you're in an agency or not, if they stick with Almost Impossible cases, will solve ALL their cases.

There'll always be an occasion where you have to quit, rather than guess, just because the clues didn't fall your way.


Nov-30-2009 01:02

Thank you very much, I'll try to depend on myself first before crying for agency help.

David Adams
David Adams

Dec-1-2009 10:53

Even with an Agency's help, there will be some cases that are just plain ol' unsolveable (unless, of course, you happen to LIKE living with false accusations on your record). Suspects clam, and can't get unclammed through Surveillance, evidence identification goes nowhere, and witness statements just don't come through.

Yes, it's POSSIBLE to solve every case you get, like it says on the sign-in page, but the reality is that eventually you're going to come across some cases that are just too messed up or too complicated for you to be able to solve. Sorry.


Bert Brown
Bert Brown

Feb-2-2010 10:32


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