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about the new av. system.
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Safety Officer

Nov-12-2009 16:51

haven't I got better things to do, you betcha!

I wanted to keep this out of the game announcement thread, that should be for where people can just say thanks to ben.

I just wanted to say that I appreciate some players concerns about the new avatar system and that there are now avatars that don't necessarily blend in with the thematic approach to the game.

BUT please be gentle if you are going to help /guide / coax people to chose, what you perceive to be, a more acceptable avatar.

I include we mods in that of course.

As much as I strongly feel that intelligent discerning people should be able to make intelligent discerning choices, I do agree with one player who basically said that a modded system where avatars were approved before they got to the game would be better coz at least we wouldn't have to get crap in PM's about not liking our choice of avatar.

However whilst the new system is *new*, give it a chance to iron itself out, and by all means help people towards choosing something in keeping with the thematic approach to the game that Admin has asked be maintained, but please dont beat them over the head with a stick.

Squirrel out.


Encyclopedia Zero
Encyclopedia Zero

Nov-13-2009 06:18

I meant to write "when I'm equally" in the first sentence.

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