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No Barnes About It
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Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Oct-24-2009 18:47

October 24, 1938- Heimlich VonVIctor felt a chill run down his spine. Autumn always had that effect on him. He looked up at the multitude of colors adorning the trees and placed his hands in his coat pockets. The pungent aroma in the air told him that, somewhere, leaves were being burnt. He took a deep breath and looked down, to the place he had visited as many times as he could in the past two years. The cold hard stone hadn’t changed a bit, and never would. It would always be a testament to the man resting under it.

FEBRUARY 10, 1892-
JUNE 15, 1936
“Justice for all. Above all else.”

He took a deep sigh. He never left anything behind, nor did he suspect that Richard would want anything left for him. He leaned down and placed his hand on the stone, “I’m doing alright Richard. Eric and I started up another agency. We’re doing it right this time, and Sergei is getting better at English every day. He’s even solving cases now; you wouldn’t believe how well he’s doing.”

“Excuse me, detective VonVictor?” a voice called behind him

Heim whirled around to find himself face to face with a young uniformed officer, “What do you want?” he demanded, “Can’t you see I’m in a cemetery?”

“Yes sir,” he responded, “and I’m terribly sorry to disturb you, but I’ve been asked to fetch you right away, it’s a matter of life and death!”

Heimlich let out a sigh, and leaned down to touch the stone again, “It never ends Richard, it never ends. I have to go now, but I’ll be back real soon.”


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-16-2009 19:50

Molly went to the right and Marc to the left after they entered the museum. As Molly began doing her investigation of where the body was found, Marc took the room where the Eye Of God once was displayed.

Infront of Marc stood the platform in which the precious jewel was displayed. It once was held in a glass case. The case was shattered in to millions of tiny pieces. But somthing caught his eye. He knelt down and picked up a tiny piece of thread. It was large enough to know that it came from a trench coat. As to what kind? Only a tailor could tell.

Marc heard a door squeak behind him and he jumped, drawing his pistold. His eyes jerked around the room. "Probably nothing," Marc said to himself and he continued his investigation. He noticed a tiny drop of blood on the ground. The criminal must have busted the case with his bare hands, splitting his hand open.

Marc put the thread in a small baggie and put the bag in his pocket. Marc heard another noise. Not any type of noise. It was a muffled scream.

"Molly?" Marc called out. He heard it again.

"Molly!" Marc yelled. There was no response. Marc swore out loud as he ran into the Egyptian room. He drew his pistol as he entered the room. But something wasn't right. It was quiet. Too quiet. "Molly? Are you in here?" Marc called. He heard movement behind him. Marc turned.

There was a sarcophagus in the room. "That must be the one Kincaid was found in," Marc thought. Across from the large casket was another. Laying down. It was chained shut. That's odd, Marc thought to himself. He pulled out his pistol and made sure that no one was in the room. Someone was here. He heard movement coming from in side the casket.

Marc shot the lock, breaking it. He pulled open the lid. Inside was Molly Maltese. The look on her face was one that Marc had never seen before; fright.

"My god, Molly! Are you okay?" Marc said as he helped her out.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Dec-16-2009 20:35

((Little casket= big Jade Box in the Chinese room, not the Egyptian. ;) ))

Marc grabbed her hands and hoisted her out of the giant box, but she fell awkwardly to her knees once she was set on her feet.

"Sorry, I think my legs are asleep." she breathed, planting her hands on the floor and taking a deep breath. She desperately needed to pull herself together; she was shaking like a leaf and worse; afraid she might cry.

"The statue." she said suddenly. "I saw it. Go back into the Egyptian room and look for a gold statue about this big."

She gestured with her hands. "Bring it to me if you find it."

With Marc dispatched, she slowly rose, staggering a bit as she found her footing and went back to where she had been when she was struck.

"My notepad is gone." she noticed, frowning. She had recorded the evidence she had found in the sarcophagus; gently she felt in her coat pocket for the baggie with the hair and found that it was gone.

She pursed her lips and hoped that Marc could find the statue. Perhaps her assailant had left some more evidence on it.

Dizzy from the blow to her head, she sat down again and leaned against the huge box, sighing a little.

Some days she just wasn't paid enough for her job.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Dec-19-2009 07:37

In due time, Marc returned to find Molly quite composed, or so it seemed. He had not been able to locate the statue.

"A shame.' she said in clipped tones as she rose. "Well, let us return to the others and report our findings."

As they moved outside, she looked at her car and paused in thought. "Marc, I rather think I'll let you drive. I don't quite feel up to it."

Marc climbed in behind the wheel and she took the passenger seat, staring out the window with a brooding expression. When they reached Heim's house, she gestured for him to go inside.

"Would you go in and report what you've found? I'm just going to tidy up in here." she said, scraping some papers together from where they had slid out of the folders on the floorboards.

When he had gone she gave a deep sigh and pressed the heels of her hands to her eyes, not able to quell the shaking that punctuated every movement. It was hard to process that she had just faced an awful death, one that seemed worse than all the dangers she had been in before.

What if no one had found her?

Banishing this thought she climbed out of the vehicle and made her way inside, hearing Marc speaking in the front room. Rather than go in just yet she instead ghosted down the hall to the bathroom, where she proceeded to freshen up her make-up; she really did look quite the fright.


Dec-19-2009 11:22

***City Hall***

Vulkie and Charlie made their way into City Hall. Charlie was pretty good at influencing the guard at the front door, so Vulkie could slip past him and Charlie a few seconds later.

"I've told him that we're here to see the Mayor... I hope he believes and bites it. We've got at least 5 minutes to find anything out..." Charlie said and Vulkie and Charlie walked around in City Hall

City Hall was famous for all the paintings of the mayors. As Vulkie gazed at a picture from 1897, Charlie walked towards a bust that had Mayor Hollis's face on it.

"So this is the slimeball?" Charlie said and looked closely. "That's him alright.." Vulkie said, with a flashback from the "dropping" in her mind.

Vulkie and Charlie made their way to the Mayor's office. Charlie "bribed" the guards to take a cup of coffee and they went off. Vulkie first looked through the keyhole and then placed her ear against the door.

".... a body was dropped in front of me, two days ago! This isn't going as planned Davis! I expect you to get rid of those pesky detectives, they're on our tail and close to the "Eye of God". I expect YOU to protect it, with your life. Or the consequences will be a dearly cost..." Mayor Hollis said.

"Sounds like he's threatening someone, a certain Davis..." Vulkie said and they walked away. Five minutes later, the doors were opened and "Davis" walked out.

Vulkie "accidently" bumped into him, with a cup of coffee. The coffee went all over Davis's shirt.

"MY SHIRT!" Davis shouted and Vulkie apologized. "I'm sorry sir... It's just that I'm here to see the mayor... He makes me a bit nervous..." Vulkie said, with an innocent look. Davis sighed and nodded. "He makes me nervous too. Anyway, the name's Davis. Joe Davis. And you are...?" Davis asked.

Vulkie immediately responded with : "Nouson. Victoria Nouson"

"Well Miss Nouson, you owe me a few dollars... for the shirt. Or if you can think of anything else...." Davis said, with a smile...


Dec-19-2009 11:27

"I can think of something..." Vulkie said, with a grin. Davis grinned back. "Meet me at 6 here, we can go out for dinner..." Davis said and Vulkie nodded.

As she looked closely at Davis, she saw that his ear was "pierced" through.

"I adore men with an earring... Where's your earring?" Vulkie said and Davis "trembled" a bit and murmered something about "lost" and "toilet".

Davis immediately left. Charlie whispered : "So, your new alias is Nouson. Victoria Nouson?" and Vulkie nodded.

"Let's go back to Heimlich and report..." Vulkie said and Charlie nodded.

***20 minutes later***

"Charlie, you go to Heim and report. I need to go to the bathroom and "make myself up" for Davis..." Vulkie said and Charlie nodded and went in the frontroom, meeting Heimlich and Marc.

As Vulkie entered the bathroom, she saw Molly. Vulkie could swear she saw a tear rolling down from Molly's face.

"Sorry to interrupt you..." Vulkie said and Molly immediately turned.

"It's rude, you know, to interrupt another lady while she's making herself up..." Molly said.

"Alright, I'll go. Just tell me when I can use the bathroom, to make myself up..." Vulkie replied and went to the frontroom, waiting for Molly to return...

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Dec-19-2009 13:15

Heimlich, Anais, and Joseph walked up the steps to the county coroner's office. He was convinced that while Graham Barnes may have been a dirtbag, it certainly didn't make him a murderer.

As they arrived at the door, an armed guard stopped them. "Hold it," he ordered, "we are in the midst of an official investigation, and no one is permitted entrance."

Joseph sighed, fumbled around in his pocket and produced a small card, "This card says that I am permitted entrance." he said sternly.

The guard snatched it up and read aloud, "The bearer of this card is an emissary of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and is entitled to all privileges of the office. Oh! Oh geez! Go right ahead in!"

The three detectives entered the coroner's office and headed towards the front desk. Anais and Joseph were engaged in a conversation, but Heimlich had tuned them out. The wheels in his mind were working. It couldn't be that easy could it?

"Heim?" Joseph asked, "Heimlich! Did you hear me?"

"Er..." Heimlich responded sheepishly, "Sorry about that I was just thinking. Erm... Joseph how many of those cards do you have?"

Joseph looked through his pockets and pulled out several identical cards. "A good amount," he replied suspiciously, "why do you ask?"

"May I borrow one?" Heimlich asked, "I believe I have discovered a lead that may prove invaluable to this case, and I don't think it will take all three of us to investigate a body."

Joseph cautiously handed him the card. "Just make sure to bring it back," he replied, "Hoover will have my head if it ends up floating around."

Heimlich smiled, nodded, and departed his companions for a building down the street.

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Dec-19-2009 14:26

"As I've told you before Mr. VonVictor, the records are sealed and I cannot let you search through them." the receptionist insisted.

"Ah," Heimlich responded, "but you see my dear, I come bearing a provision!" he quickly produced the card from his pocket.

The receptionist took it, glanced over it, and rolled her eyes. "Do I really want to know where you got this?" she said sarcastically.

Heimlich smiled. "The man himself," he responded, "now may I please have my records?"

The woman sighed. "What was the name you wanted checked again?" she asked as she walked over to a wall of filing cabinets.

"Paterson, Serena," he said, "and if that's not available try searching under VonVictor."

"Nothing under Serena Paterson," she said as she shut one drawer and walked over to another. She thumbed through several folder and paused at one. "Here we are! VonVictor!" she said as she walked over and threw the folder onto the desk in front of Heimlich.

He picked up the folder, his hands trembling as he slowly opened it. His eyes scanned the paper and he let out a gasp. "No," he said, "there must be some mistake. You have the wrong file. The file is wrong this must belong to someone else, it's not meant to be filled out like this."

The woman took the folder back and glanced at the file. "Standard adoption papers, signed for by a legal guardian, I see no issue here." she replied.

He pulled the file out of her hand and headed quickly for the door. "It's wrong!" he yelled, "It just has to be!"

"Hey! You can't take that!" the woman screamed after him.

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Dec-19-2009 14:43

Albert had just finished signing his latest motion to the judge when there came a tremendous pounding at the door. "Now who could that be?" he wondered aloud. He walked over and pulled the door open to find Heimlich standing there, who promptly punched him in the face.

He grabbed Albert by the front of his shirt and lunged at him, throwing him up against the wall. "You son of a bitch!" he screamed, "You worthless ****ing piece of garbage!"

"Heimlich!" Albert shouted, spitting blood out of his mouth, "What the bloody hell are you screaming about?"

"This!" Heimlich shouted, brandishing a beige folder with the name "VonVictor" scrawled on to it. Albert's eyes grew wide as he looked at it. "You know what this is don't you?" Albert shook his head, but his eyes betrayed that he knew the truth. Heimlich cracked him across the face again.

"What is your problem?" Albert demanded, "Get the hell out right now! I don't want to ever see you again!"

"You're good at that aren't you?" Heimlich shouted, shaking with rage. Then holding up the folder, he brought his face close to Albert's, "This," he said, "is a document signed by Albert VonVictor putting Valerie VonVictor up for adoption. It's dated October 27th! You knew! You lied to me! You were just looking for someone to take care of her while you were here. You brought her here so she would be placed far away. You didn't want her to have a relationship with her family. You just wanted her to be out of your way while you got rid of her for good!"

"You weren't supposed to see that." Albert said sadly, "Heimlich... I can't do this anymore. She's too much."

"Why didn't you ask me?" Heimlich demanded, "Ask me to take care of her? You would prefer your daughter with strangers?"

"Heimlich," Albert said, "you could be her grandfather. She needs someone to be there. Someone who can provide a stable home. That's not me, and it's certainly not you."

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Dec-19-2009 14:45

Heimlich took one last swing at Albert, letting him fall to the ground, and broke down in tears as he turned to leave. "You just don't get it!" he yelled, "You just don't get it Albert! This isn't the way a family is meant to be!"

Albert looked up at Heimlich. "Heim... I'm sorry, there's just no other way." he said.

Heimlich cast a cold look at him. "You just don't get it..." he said.

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Dec-20-2009 15:31

“Hm…” Riza Hawkeye thought to herself as she lurked behind one of the file cabinets. “How am I going to get out with this thing without being seen?”

She rubbed her hand up and down the barrel of her gun, wondering if it would really be necessary to use it. “One shattered vase couldn’t hurt,” she thought, smirking, and raised her pistol, taking aim at a nice vase just opposite from the door.

She was just about to pull the trigger when suddenly a commotion at the front desk reached her ears.

"It's wrong!" a man’s voice yelled, "It just has to be!"

"Hey! You can't take that!" the woman screamed after him as he dashed out the door, clasping a file in his hand and looking very distraught.

The man looked vaguely familiar; Riza was sure she had seen him somewhere before. But there was no time to dwell on that now. The receptionist was chasing him, screeching. Perfect. Riza took the opportunity to hurriedly slip something into her pocket and steal out one of the open windows.

She went back home and laid down to rest. Then suddenly she shot bolt upright. That man! Heimlich VonVictor! “Of course!” she muttered as she grabbed her weapons and ran out into the street, reminiscing.

There was no way she was going to miss out on some action. It had been…what...ten years now that she had joined the other side?

As Riza ran back towards the center of the city, she remembered the item in her pocket. She sighed. “Ok, Mayor Hollis, the pay better be worth the effort,” she said to no one in particular as she made a detour and ascended the steps at City Hall.

Always the unconventional one, she threw herself in through the mayor’s open window. It was dark inside. “Guess he’s not here,” she said, annoyed, and plopped herself down in the mayor’s chair. She was getting bored.

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