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No Barnes About It
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Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Oct-24-2009 18:47

October 24, 1938- Heimlich VonVIctor felt a chill run down his spine. Autumn always had that effect on him. He looked up at the multitude of colors adorning the trees and placed his hands in his coat pockets. The pungent aroma in the air told him that, somewhere, leaves were being burnt. He took a deep breath and looked down, to the place he had visited as many times as he could in the past two years. The cold hard stone hadn’t changed a bit, and never would. It would always be a testament to the man resting under it.

FEBRUARY 10, 1892-
JUNE 15, 1936
“Justice for all. Above all else.”

He took a deep sigh. He never left anything behind, nor did he suspect that Richard would want anything left for him. He leaned down and placed his hand on the stone, “I’m doing alright Richard. Eric and I started up another agency. We’re doing it right this time, and Sergei is getting better at English every day. He’s even solving cases now; you wouldn’t believe how well he’s doing.”

“Excuse me, detective VonVictor?” a voice called behind him

Heim whirled around to find himself face to face with a young uniformed officer, “What do you want?” he demanded, “Can’t you see I’m in a cemetery?”

“Yes sir,” he responded, “and I’m terribly sorry to disturb you, but I’ve been asked to fetch you right away, it’s a matter of life and death!”

Heimlich let out a sigh, and leaned down to touch the stone again, “It never ends Richard, it never ends. I have to go now, but I’ll be back real soon.”


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-13-2009 18:41

Marc looked over at Vulkie. She looked distressed. As though she had been to hell and back. And her friend didn't look much better. Of course, they had been in a "guns ablazing car chase" as Molly had said moments ago. So what else would one expect them to look like after a situation like that.

He took a sip of his whiskey and Heimlich started talking. He began to talk about someone named Eric Marvington.

"Eric Marvington?" Marc thought to himself, "Where have I heard that name?"

After a moment into the meeting, Marc looked up to Heimlich. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but who is this Eric Marvington that is being mentioned? Would someone care to fill me in on what exactly is going on and how this has something to do with that jewel being stolen?"

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Dec-13-2009 23:38

((Sorry I haven't posted in a few days... RL has been hectic!))

~Evening of October 27~

"Damn the man!" Anais muttered when the door was firmly closed and bolted.

"Damn what man, Mummy? Daddy?" Josèe sweetly asked "You always tell me never to say damn. Why are you saying it? Does this mean I can say it? Damn! Damn! Damnmitty damn damn damn!" Josèe was skipping around the small living room.

"Josèe Victoire Nin!" Anais snapped out, eyes flashing, "You stop that this instant, young lady. I was wrong when I said that, but you, you know better. You are grounded tomorrow. And get you behind in bed this instant. Do you understand me?"

Josèe's lower lip protruded as she slowly nodded, turned, and shuffled off to her room.

Anais' heart broke at the sight of her melancholy little girl. "Oh, sweetie," Anais picked Josèe up, hugging her close, "I'm sorry I yelled like that. I'm worried about your daddy, and your Aunt Vulkie, and Uncle Heimie, and the rest of our friends here, alright? Tomorrow we are going to see someone, and you might have a friend to play with, ok?"

Josèe snuggled closer, hugging Anais tight. "I'm sorry I said that word, Mummy. I won't say it again. And I'm sorry I was listening to you and Daddy when I should of been asleep."

"I know, Josèe, I know," Anais murmured as she walked down the hallway. "Would you like to sleep in the big bed with me, darling?"

"Really, Mummy? I can sleep with you tonight?" Josèe popped her head up, wide toothy grin stretched across her face.


Josèe lay sound asleep beside Anais as the woman stared up at the ceiling. Memories assaulted her from all different times of her life. From being twelve and helping an eight year old Lisette get ready for school to sailing to London for the first time, to going through the academy, to meeting Joseph, to getting shot, to killing the man who killed her sister, to Freddie and Freddie Jr.


Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Dec-13-2009 23:38

Anais suppressed a sob as she thought of her late husband and their child. Their child who in dying, saved Anais. She knew that Freddie was with her, and always would be. Freddie Jr, too. If none of this had happened... life would be different. She would have a ten year-old son, a little girl of her own, and perhaps another son. She would live in the suburbs of Chicago and be a proper housewife, Freddie on a police force in an area with less crime, less chance of death on the job than in the Windy City itself. That's what they had planned, It had been their last week on the job. Anais continued down her useless fantasy, imagining that she and Lisette would of made up, and would have married Joseph, and the two families that were really one would travel back and forth on the train often to see each other.

Joseph. His image sprung up in her mind's eye.

Anais shook her head to clear it.

He popped back up.

She groaned and buried her head in the pillow.

When morning came, Anais was still awake.


Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Dec-14-2009 00:07

((^ that continued means in the morning, btw. ;) *yawn* I still have two days to account for!))

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Dec-15-2009 14:55

~October 28~

Anais reread the note that she had received from Heimlich the day before.

My brother, Albert, is looking for someone to watch Valerie while he works on putting Barnes away. Would you be willing to watch her? She is eleven, and apparently a handful. Her mother died a few years ago. I would appreciate it if you could help out.

Something didn't sound quite right. But Anais couldn't figure out quite what. She heaved a sigh as she folded up the note, content to wait and see what was happening. 'No use stirring up any trouble' she thought as she pulled out her pocket calendar.

*Hotel Pennsylvania, 8:00AM*

"Mr. VonVictor, I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to meet you!" Anais exclaimed as she was ushered into the large suite, Josèe's hand firmly in grip. A girl with strawberry blond hair sat stiffly on the couch as a tallish man with a receding hairline greeted Anais with a firm handshake.

"Ms. Nin, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you coming over. You are a friend of my elder brother?" Albert VonVictor started the small talk as he gestured for Anais and Josèe to take a seat around the coffee table.

Josèe sat down next to the girl. "Hi! I'm Josèe! What's your name?" she asked in a whisper.

"Valerie," the older girl said with a sniff.

Small talk ensued for the next half hour, nothing of importance being said, but all parties measuring each other up. Finally, Albert said, "Well, Ms. Nin? would you be able to take Valerie along with you today?"

"Of course! She won't be a problem in the least. It will be good for both of the girls to have a companion, don't you think?" Anais replied.

"Please have Valerie back by dinner, if possible?"

"Of course!"

Albert bent down to Valerie as Josèe bounced up and took Anais' right hand. He whispered to his daughter and a worried smile crossed his face as Valerie scowled at him. Then, Valerie got up, and walked over to Anais.

"Let's go," Valerie said.


Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Dec-15-2009 14:55

*Central Park*

They had gone to the zoo. Josèe bounced around without a care in the world as Valerie walked sullenly two steps behind Anais and refused to answer any questions Anais ventured to ask.

Josèe ran up to the sea lion enclosure and watched enthralled as a zoo keeper tossed a fish to one mother sea lion as her pups swam playfully around her. Anais and Valerie caught up. Out of the corner of her eye, Anais caught the sight of a small smile quickly cross Valerie's face at the playful pups.

After the zoo, the three bought hot dogs at a stand and ate them on the grass of the Sheep Meadow. Anais wondered what had gone on the night before, as she watched Josèe slowly start to bring Valerie out of her shell.

The rest of the day was spent playing around the Mother Goose Statue and exploring the park. By the end of the day, Valerie was walking on Anais' left as Josèe walked on the right, chatting away as if they had know each other for years. Well, Josèe talked more, but Valerie did respond when spoken to, and did venture some comments of her own.


Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Dec-15-2009 14:56

*Hotel Pennsylvania, 5:00PM*

When dusk fell, Anais hailed a taxi and loaded the girls in. Valerie grew quieter and quieter as the cab grew closer and closer to the hotel. When the cab stopped, she slowly got out and trudged behind Anais to the building. She said nothing as the elevator clanged to a stop on her floor and Anais knocked on the door of the suite.

Albert VonVictor, looking decidedly rumpled, opened the door. "Hello Valerie, Ms. Nin, and little Josèe! Ms. Nin? Would you like to stay for supper?"

"Thank you, but no, Mr. VonVictor. Maybe another day? Valerie was wonderful to have along. Shall we come at the same time tomorrow to pick her up?" Anais replied, ignoring the tugging she felt from Josèe. Josèe wanted to stay and eat in the lovely hotel.

"Of course, of course," Albert responded.

"Bye, Valerie!" Josèe said, giving the older girl a hug which was stiffly returned.

"Bye, Josèe. Thank you, Ms Nin, I had a pleasant time today," Valerie spoke softly.

Albert stared at his daughter in shock at hearing her speak.

"We'll see you tomorrow," Anais repeated, as she pulled Josèe out and closed the door behind her.


Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Dec-15-2009 15:31

~October 29~

Anais and Josèe were at the hotel at eight o'clock on the dot to pick up Valerie. Albert watched with wonder as Valerie actually smiled at Josèe and said hello to Anais.

"Where are we going today, Mummy?" Josèe asked Anais.

"Today? Today we are seeing some friends! First we have to go home, ok, girls?" Anais said with a smile.

When they got to the apartment Anais was renting, Anais sent the girls to play in Josèe's room as she made some calls.

"Heimlich? It's Anais. The meeting is today? At your house?" Anais inquired.

"Yes, it is, Anais. You are coming?" Heim responded, sounding a bit distracted.

"As long as it is ok to bring Josèe and Valerie with."

There was a pause on the other end o the line. "Of course it is. Does Albert know?"

"No, should I have cleared it with him? You are her uncle after all," Anais said, a bit confused.

"Her uncle, yes, her uncle. Bye Anias, see you later with the girls," the line was abruptly dead.

"That was odd," Anais said to herself as she stared at the phone. Then she called the girls and buttoned up the coats.

They stood waiting for a bus, the three of them plus a Russian looking man, all bundled up. When the bus arrived, they all clammored on.

Eight stops later, Anais climbed off the bus, Valerie's hand in one of her hands, and Josèe's in the other. The Russian man climbed off, too.

Josèe pulled at Anais' hand, "Mummy! Did you see that the man who was waiting at the stop with us got off, too? And he is walking the way we are walking!" she whispered urgently.

"Yes, I did, sweetie, hold onto my hands tight, girls. And if I tell you to run, RUN! Do you understand, girls?" Anais whispered to the pair. Both nodded with wide eyes.

Just then, a man called out, "Anais Nin? Ms. Nin? Is that you?"


Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Dec-15-2009 15:37

Anais turned around to see a man with slightly wild hair running toward them with an earnest expression on his face.

"Girls? Uncle Heimie's house is second house from the end of the block. Run!" Anais whispered to a clearly frightened Josèe and Valerie.

They ran.

"Who are you two? And how do you know my name?" Anais demanded as the man with wild hair exclaimed to the Russian looking man, "Sergei! Glad to see I'm not the only late one!"

"Ms. Nin, it is a pleasure to meet you face to face!" the man called Sergei said.

Anais spared a quick glance behind her to see the girls ringing the doorbell of Heimlich's house.

Anais drew out her gun from her purse.

"Tell me who the heck you are and what you want with me," Anais said in a low voice, bristling like a scared cat.

"Why, I'm Charlie Cain! And this is Sergei Kobetz! Frieds of Vulkie, Joseph, and Heimlich! They talk about you often enough," the man with the wild hair replied.

"Why should I believe you?" Anais asked, raising her gun to point at the men.

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Dec-15-2009 15:38

((I am done for now. Everyone else can continue to post. Sorry about the 7 posts in a row!))

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