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CONTEST: Non-Gender Specific Romance
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Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Sep-20-2009 00:25

So, in Writer's Workshop, Heimlich VonVictor advises:

"As tempting as it can be to include a romantic sub-plot or gear your story towards a specific gender, it's better not to, because you will appeal to a much larger demographic."

Secret Squirrel suggested putting "in a non-gender specific romantic sub-plot" to liven things up.

So here is your challenge. Write a non-gender specific romantic story of some sort. It can be like an Intro, or a short story, but you MUST be able to read it as a man or a woman, and envision the opposite gender in the other part.

Spelling and grammar DO count. There is one entry per person, and the deadline is October 4, 23:59 SST.

Winner will get a 3 month subscription!

Good luck and happy posting!



Sep-29-2009 21:22

We were in a world of our own, one where nothing mattered, where no one else existed.

My love held me close and whispered words that entwined our hearts. Words that kept me imprisoned in the dream, for it could only be a dream. I knew it was a dream; I knew I was sleeping. And yet... and yet I didn't fight it. Couldn't fight it. For the reality of the waking world would separate me from the heart of my heart.

But it couldn't last, it was never meant to last. Love never does. Dreams fade upon waking, and the pounding on my office door was pulling me quickly to the real world. I'd fallen asleep at my desk again; it had been a late night full of dull surveillance. Who wants to follow an accountant around? Not I, but I was being well paid to do so. But now I was tired.

"Just a moment, don't wear your knuckles out," I yelled, quickly swiping a damp cloth over my face and patting my mussed hair into place. "Come in, come in," I called out after a moment, and was busy rearranging the papers on my desk when the door opened and closed. There was a gentle throat-clearing sound, and I looked up into eyes I'd - until that moment - only seen in dreams.

I did some throat-clearing of my own, blinking rapidly while I gathered my scattered wits. What to say? Inanely, I gestured to a chair, thinking I'd prefer us both on the sofa, side by side, holding hands. Instead, those gentle hands held out a large envelope to me. "Everything you need to know is in there, Detective. It's a fairly simple matter, and you should be able to clear it up quickly." I nodded, drinking in those dulcet tones.

The unknowing center of my universe walked to the door, opened it, and turned to me with a knowing smile.

"See you in your dreams, Detective."

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Sep-30-2009 00:12

The moonlight glistened on the river beside us, a shimmering light in the cool night air. Hand in hand we strolled along the river, I don't know how long or how far we walked, I wasn't even sure how long it would last.

We had only known each other for a month but it felt like a lifetime. I knew everything about this soul in front of me and I could tell they thought the same. Oh how wrong they were.

We came to a standstill and slowly turned to face each other. Deep blue, almost black, eyes looked straight into my soul while soft lips moved slowly towards me. It would have been the perfect moment if it wasn't for one thing. My stomach churning, I had a secret and I knew it would mean the end of this seemingly wonderful evening and indeed our life together.

What the person standing in front of me didn't realise was that I was an undercover detective; I had been assigned this 'role' several months in advance. I had thought it would be a difficult role, after all how can you fake love. I was right it was a difficult role but not because I had to fake love but because I was falling in love. I tried to fight it but I couldn't, I really did like this person and the fact that they was a felon barely registered.

I never thought I would have to choose between my job and my personal life, how naive I was.

Kyle XY Rocks
Kyle XY Rocks
Pinball Amateur

Oct-2-2009 13:38

I did not know it yet but i just met a my future and my best friend at Lulu's diner. So I sit down at the counter thinking typical night at Lulu's. Jerry and Doris (the elderly couple who adopted me when my parents Died) were sitting at the regular table sipping the afternoon coffee. Kyler (waitress) was off tonight taking care of her kids. Jasper (the best cook ever) cooking a grilled cheese. Hmm I don't know of any regulars that ordered that. Oh well i thought to myself. As i looked at the menu(even though I already knew what I wanted)and scanned it and set it down.
"Give me a cheeseburger and hold the fries" I said.
"Sure, like always." he smiled. "But Let me finish this order." He glanced over my shoulder.
"Will you?" he said shoving a plate ,of grilled cheese and fries, my way motioning towards the table.
I wondered for a moment, then turn to see what he had been talking about. Sitting there in one of the (rarely occupied) booths, was this gorgeous being. Smiling softly I grabbed the plate of food, and slowly walked over. The person smiled.
"Thank you."
I smiled "Your welcome." As I turned to walk away a hand caught my arm.
"Will you stay please?". I thought for a moment.
"Ok sure, I don't have anything to do over there anyway." I sat down and said the only thing I could think to ask.
"Are you new around here?" Of course you dolt! I thought to myself.
"Yes I fact I just moved into a farm house down the road from here."
Hmm the only farm house around here is that old worn down place. Maybe it's a mistake.
"You mean the old Phantom Ranch?" I asked curiously.
"Yes. If you don't mind, Could you tell me why it's called that?"
"Sure. Its really a boring story though"
"I'm Listening" The person said smiling.

"And that's why it's called Phantom Ranch."
"You know that makes so much sense now. Um I think we are the only ones left."
For the first time since I sat down, I looked around to see that Jerry & Doris had left. Even Jasper had left. I spotted a paper by the phone booth. I stood up and strode to the booth. I

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Oct-2-2009 16:47

We were both locked in an eternal grip. The moon was full and bright: beautiful… almost blinding… Yet I could not help but feel the ache with every passing minute as the night came to an end.

“We cannot continue to meet like this… we have to find a way to make this right.”

“We can only continue like this… you know that…” came the reply I knew I was going to get.

“Why does love have to be persecuted. Is there not enough in the world to worry about? Why are we all that’s wrong in their eyes?”

“Because we were not meant to be.”

But I knew we were. We both knew that our love was meant to exist. The touch of our skins against one another was as soft as the petals of the many lilies we exchanged.

‘Never roses…’ I reflected. ‘Roses were too telling… and our love was not meant to be told.’

“We must get going.” That tender voice broke my immortal silence. “We only have an hour left before sunrise. We must use that hour to get back.”

“Why can’t we use it to express our love? And use every hour after that to do nothing but love?”

I was silenced by a kiss, and like always, we did not speak after we kissed.


That next day I was strong and determined. By nightfall I was on my way to our usual midnight meeting.

In my left hand I carried a deep crimson rose.

Kyle XY Rocks
Kyle XY Rocks
Pinball Amateur

Oct-2-2009 21:44

Let me try this again Anais.

I read it quickly. "Lock up when your done. Jasper"
"Hmm I wonder how long we have been here" I stared at the big clock on the wall. It read 12.
"Well I better go" said the person now standing beside me.
"Please let me drive you" I offered.
"Ok Sure."
We were walking to my old beat-up truck when i remembered.
"Damn. Forgot to lock the door." As I was walking back to the door I saw something I had never noticed before. That had not even asked this kind person for a name. I locked the door and walked back to find a empty truck. Where did the person go? Then I saw where. A flash of movement in the back of the truck. I went around a open the tailgate. There was this person I thought I had lost looking up at the stars.
"Have you ever thought you found your true love?"
"No I have not." I climbed into to the truck.
"Well until now." I said putting my hands in this person's before ever thinking about it.
"You know I was thinking the same thing"


I could not even begin to believe that we were about to say "I do". It's flown by so fast. The only thing I wanted was to be with my best friend and love forever.
"It's about time" The sweet voice, reason for my existing, said behind me.
"I guess we should start walking" I said anxious for this whole thing to be over.
We decided we would walk each other down the aisle. As we stared into each others eyes, the piano started Amazing Grace. We Both dearly loved that song. We stood at the alter repeating vows after the preacher said them. We gently put the rings on each other's left hand.
"I am pleased to announce this couple officially married. You may kiss......" Before he could finished we were kissing. We then ran out to my truck waiting outside to take us to our favorite diner. We kept it simple. A ceremony then lunch at the diner.
"Congrats you two" Jasper said.
"We love you both." Jerry & Doris said as we were leaving.
We did not have much money so we fixed up the ranch weeks ago. Except we have not seen the house yet. Doris wanted it to

Kyle XY Rocks
Kyle XY Rocks
Pinball Amateur

Oct-2-2009 21:46

to be special, so she decorated the house. And banned us from the house till now. Because that's where we wanted to stay for our honeymoon. As we arrived home we waited on the porch for a few minutes to draw in the beauty as we opened the door. The stairs were in front of us. We looked at each other as we gripped each others hands and ascended the stairs.

This is how I look back at my life. We are old and feeble now and we still love each other til this day. We have children and grandchildren (one of which is now married and expecting our first great-grandchild). I had hoped we would die together. But that seems impossible now seeing as my lover has passed on only days ago.......
"I am sorry but There's nothing we can do" The doctor said.
"Well what about me am I dying to?" I asked hoping he would say yes.
"No your good for about 5 more years I suppose" He said.
5 Years? How could I do it? Why could not we both die together?

Top Story
Person Dies. Kids are Happy?

Interviewer: Why are you so Happy? A family Member Died! And yet you are happy as they get?
Man: My parents wanted to die together. And well one died before the other and they knew that would not happened. But now there both gone. And the only thing we are worried about is if they found each other. We know they are , or will be, together once again.

Lucky Stiff

Oct-4-2009 10:22

Every time I passed by, my heart skipped a beat. Those eyes, at once piercing and strong, yet gentle and forgiving. That smile, those lips, sensuous and inviting. For years I'd been an admirer, sometimes gazing from afar, sometimes brushing up close. In my dreams we'd come alive together, laughing as we played, sharing secrets. Lately these were the only thoughts on my mind. I knew my life could be complete if only it were real, this picture of beauaty, in oil on canvas.


Hester Ectomy
Hester Ectomy
Little Monster

Oct-6-2009 20:53

Wonderful enteries, everyone! :D

I enlisted two others to help me judge, Heimlich VonVictor and Secret Squirel.

We all agreed that the winner is Anikka! Congratulations!

It was great fun reading all the entries!

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Oct-6-2009 21:14

Ooops! I thought I was on me. *blushes*

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Oct-7-2009 16:45

Woooohoooooo Anikka Congratulations :D

Bring on the Champagne.

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