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Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Sep-4-2009 12:17


In the mornings, when no one could see me, I cried until I was gasping for air. The pain of losing my husband, baby, sister, and a friend in less than a year was finally penetrating the hard shell of protection that had enveloped me for so long. But would I let anyone see me that way? No. Never. I was strong.

After I got my breath back, I would carefully dry my eyes, apply makeup, and paste a cheerful grin on my face. I would stop to pet dogs on my way to the office, say hello to people on the streets, and studiously avoid any baby trams I saw coming my way.

In essence, I acted as my friends had always seen me, and did my best to make sure no one worried about me. But I was falling apart, and wishing I would just die. There was no point in living anymore. All day long I hunted for murderers. I saw my family in every face that lay stiff and cold. Every case where the victim was shot made me remember being shot. And the days had begun to blur together.

Then the letter came. It looked like an ordinary letter. A long envelope, the return address was an Attorney's office in New York City. I looked closer. It was the attorney my father had used. 'Why are they contacting me?' I thought as I ripped open the envelope and closed the door to my office. Another envelope with a return address of Leake and Watts from Yonkers, New York fell out along with a with a note that had READ THIS FIRST written on top. 'Strange,' I thought as I began to read.


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Sep-13-2009 17:02

"What's that look on your face for?" Kevin smiled, "Do I have mustard on my face or something?"
"Kevin... what are you doing here?"
"Well, I'm trying to make this visit as lighthearted as possible... because I don't know how you're going to take this news."
"What? What news?"
"Remember Ace Masters?"
"How could I forget Ace Masters?" Vulkie chuckled, a bit confused.
"That's what I thought..." Kevin hung his head. Standing up, he said, "Vulkie, Ace died two months ago. He was caught in the crossfire of a gang war in Shanghai."

Vulkie looked like a rock had bounced off her head multiple times. She sat down on her couch slowly, as Heimlich stood in the doorway, just as confused as she had been.

"Ace is... dead?" She murmured slowly.
"Yeah..." Kevin replied solemnly, "His... uh... his sister said that he wrote to her about what had gone on back then, you know.
"Yes, I know."
"She told me that I should come... explain it to you. She would've, but she's been taking this really hard."
"Well, Kevin! Thanks for coming and telling me!" Vulkie faked a smiled, "How've you been?"
"Alright, I guess." Kevin told her, "I've been hoping to marry Ace's sister for a while now, but his death has been really hard on both of us. He was my best friend... probably hers, too."
"I don't think I've ever met his sister." Vulkie changed the subject.
"No, but you've probably heard of her. Scarlett Masters, as in, THE Scarlett Masters on Broadway."
"Oh, yes, I have!"
"She's been touring Europe for the past few months, but she's coming back to New York with me soon. So, I'll be here for a while if you need anything."
"Thanks, Kevin... I'll keep that in mind."
"Well, I should probably be on my way... hope you don't mind that came in. The door was open."
"It's no problem, Kev," Vulkie smiled, "I'll see you soon."

Kevin left the apartment, headed back to his own to start writing his novel again.


Sep-13-2009 17:14

Acemaster... My brave Ace.... Dead.... Died in a gangwar...

Have you ever lost a person you cared for so much,that you would spend you life with this person forever? That you would marry him one day,get children,growing old together and at the end,dying peacefully together...

Do you have that feeling,that your stomach turns..? No.. Too bad. I have that feeling,right now...

"Vulkie" Heimlich carefully opened.

"Ace... My brave,fearsome Ace... Dead... Died in a gangwar... I can't believe it Heimlich. I can't believe it. I feel terrible.." I mumbled.

"I'm strong,I know that,I have a shield, But this... This has broken my shield... I've lost so many people I care for... But this has touched me really Heimlich...." I mumbled,looking at Heimlich,with tears in my eyes.

Heimlich said : "Come here", pulled my head towards his shoulder and I began to cry.

I just began to cry....

And cry....

And cry......

Heimlich guided me towards my bed,made sure I was comfortable,told me that he would stay here for the night,making sure I was taken care of and he closed all the doors in the house.

But I couldn't sleep. I got visions of Ace and "what could possibly happen in the future".

Eventually,I cried myself in sleep,until Heimlich knocked the next day on the door,waking me up for breakfast...

Sean Dart
Sean Dart

Sep-18-2009 09:30

Agent Dart wandered around, feeling dejected. His cigarette dangled from his fingers, letting off a white trail of smoke. All he could picture was that amazing biatch running from the back of the pad to yell at him. He made the decision before he fully realized he had been considering it. He was going back to see Ms. Anais Nin.


Sep-19-2009 14:18

"Vulkie,I've made some breakfast for you. It's not much,just some eggs,some bacon,some toast and some orange juice. Here.." Heimlich said,as he entered the room with a whole platter of food and drinks. "There's also coffee if you want..." Heimlich said,with some fear in his voice. As if he was terrified that I would cry again.

"I'm fine Heimlich. I just needed to get rid of my "emotional" time. It's gone now..." I said and I began to eat. "Hmm,this is really tasting good Heim. You could be a gourmet chef if you want!" I said,complimenting Heimlich.

Heimlich began to smile. "That's good." he said. Just then,the phone began to ring.

"Yes,Vulkie's apartment. Heimlich here.." Heimlich said and he began to nod and answer and suddenly,his face turned white.

"Someone just shot Anais's window. It was an attempt to kill here. She's still in her apartment,but there's someone knocking on the door..." Heimlich said and I immediately got up,knocking over the juice and eggs.

"Never mind that mess,let's go.." I yelled and I stepped outside the door.

"Ehmm,Vulkie. You should get dressed up,you know..." Heimlich said,with a blush.

"Why you... YOU JUST WAIT IN THE CAR. GIVE ME 5 MINUTES!!" I yelled at Heimlich and he quickly ran downstairs.

As I was dressed,I picked up my colt .38 and began to walk to the car.

Within 5 minutes,we were at Anais's apartment...


Sep-19-2009 14:22

As Heimlich and I got out of the car,someone got knocked over and fell off the stairs. As I watched in his face,I saw it was Sean Dart. His eyes were blank.

"Heim... Is he dead?" I asked. "No,he's still living. But for how long,I don't know. He must get care,immediately!" Heimlich yelled and I ran upstairs.

The door was busted open,and I saw Anais and Josèe frightened in a corner,with a man staring at them with a gun.

"Freeze buddy!" I yelled and shot the man in the arm. He almost dropped his gun,but he quickly recovered and he took a shot at me. The bullet his in my body,going through and I fell on the floor.

"NO!" Anais yelled and Josèe began to cry.

Darkness came to me,while the man stared at me..

I could only hear a shot...

Was I dead? Or was I still alive. Is this real,or is this fake? I don't know... I really don't know...

****5 hours later****

I was slowly waking up,at a hospital. Sean Dart laid next to me,in a hospital bed.

"Where am I?" I said quietly and Sean replied : "You're in the hospital. You're gonna be alright..."

Just then,Heimlich came entering in,with Anais and Josèe with him...


Sep-20-2009 05:04

(just a small add. "The bullet his in my body,going through and I fell on the floor. " His=hit)

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Sep-20-2009 18:09

"Dart! Get out of Vulkie's bed and get back to your own!" Heimlich shouted.

Sean Dart let out a wicked smile, "Ah, but what better way to wake a beautiful angel than with a handsome devil?" He stood up and walked back over to his bed. As he climbed on and relaxed Heimlich pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed him to the bed. "Wha..What's this now?" Dart stuttered out.

Heimlich smiled at him, "Seems you have a little problem with blowing things up, or have you forgotten Mr. Dart? As we speak there is an officer from Maine on his way here with an extradition warrant. He wants to have a word with you about a certain house that you destroyed in an effort to get a witness to talk!"

Dart's eyes widened, "Now hold on! I saved Ms. Nin's life! I fought that man in the stairway and took a bullet! Why if I hadn't shown up she could be dead now!"

Heimlich laughed, "Be that as it may, you had no business being there. Be lucky we don't have you charged with trespassing! Now I would advise that you focus less on my friends and more on your own defense." With that he pulled the curtain over blocking Dart off from the rest of the group.

"What happened?" Vulkie spoke up, "What was Sean Dart doing there?"

Heimlich sighed, "This appears to be a series of unfortunate events that have all come to a head. The man in Anais' apartment was Louie Moran. My agency just had his brother Tony locked up for twenty years. An associate of his saw us leaving my agency and followed us here. He called Louie and told him where we were. However, in the time it took Louie to get over there, we had already left. When Louie arrived, he saw Sean heading into the apartment. Having been told by his associate that Sean was there earlier, he assumed he was the lookout and he had been spotted. He saw a figure int the window and, assuming it was me, fired, but missed. He charged in and attacked Sean who held him off just long enough to buy us some time."

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Sep-20-2009 18:23

Anais nodded, "The knocking was the struggle between the two. That's when I called you. A few minutes later I heard a gunshot and then he kicked the door down. He just pointed that gun at me and yelled, 'Where's VonVictor?' He was crazy. When he didn't find him there I thought for sure he would kill us, but then you two came in and you shot him and he shot you and I don't know what happened next!"

Heimlich chuckled, "Don't know Ms. Nin? She's being quite modest my dear. He fired at me next, but he was out of bullets. So I guess Mr. Dart really did take a bullet for me. When she heard the click, Anais picked up a vase from the end table and smashed it over his head, knocking him out cold! The brute is sitting down in a cell right now and has confessed to the whole affair. They have this unscrupulous Lieutenant by the name of Barnes who convinced him that pointing a gun at a child is a capital crime punishable by death! He gave a full confession and is begging for mercy as we speak!"

Vulkie felt the tears coming down her face, "Anais... I... I'm so sorry, I should have never..."

Anais shook her head, "It's not your fault. You couldn't have known that you would be followed. It's over now and you'll be out of here soon! No worries."

"I'm afraid that's not the case," Heimlich responded, "this is precisely what Vulkie and I were discussing. This type of life is quite dangerous for a child. Criminals don't care who they hurt to get to you. This time it was one of mine, but next time it could be one of yours. What then? What if you can't get to the phone? Anais I don't mean to scare you, but I want you to be aware of the consequences of the life you've chosen. Where is this child's mother right now? Didn't she have a lifestyle similar to yours?"

Anais cast a hurt glance at Heimlich, "Thank you for your opinion Mr. VonVictor. Come on Josèe, we're going to go downstairs for a little bit. Would you like to look at the new babies?"

Josèe smiled & nodded.


Sep-22-2009 15:21

"Heim,you shouldn't have said that" I said,with a glance at him. He was looking a bit depressed. "I'm... I'm sorry. But seeing you lie here and that rat next to ya... Well,it's been a bit hard for the time being..." Heimlich said,glancing at me.

"I mean,I almost died and your friend also... If it wasn't for your quick handling,she would be dead by now.. And I don't want to see such things. They give me nightmares" Heimlich added,shivering.

It also sent a shiver through my spine,to see Anais's dead,massacred body and "little Joseph" lying next to her.

"Heim,I want you to do something. Anais has forbidden it to me,but not to you. I... I want you to call Joseph..." I said and Heimlich looked shocked.

"No,I refuse it. I won't do it...." Heimlich said,with a trembling is his sentence.

"For god's sake Heimlich. Anais was almost dead.. Who would've taken care of Josèe then huh? Not Joseph,because he doesn't know anything yet. And I can't take her. It's too dangerous" I said,with a fierce stare and I pushed myself up from my bed.

"I want you to CALL HIM! NOW!" I yelled at him and Heimlich began to back up.

"Boy,you sure know how to convince..." Heimlich said.

"Do it,please... He needs to know...." I said to Heimlcih..


Just as Heimlich picked up the phone,we heard gunshots.

"God,no..." Heimlich said,pulling his gun.

"Heim,help me up. I'm coming with you!" I said and Heimlich pulled me up from my bed and I began to "walk" with Heimlich,holding my .38 Colt revolver and heading towards the babies...

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Sep-22-2009 19:44

On my way out of the hospital room, an Asian looking man stopped me. "Excuse me? Are you Miss Vulkie's sister?"

"No, but I'm the closest thing she has to a sister. I'm Anais
Nowicki, no. No, I'm Anais Nin. She lost her brother about the same time I lost my sister, and neither have any family left... Well, I do have my niece, here," I explained in a rush, willing the tears not to fall, "And I will do anything I have to to keep Josèe safe. Anything!" the declaration of the last word startled the man, but he seemed to accept it.

"Then, if you are the next of kin to Miss Vulkie, I need to speak with you. Can you come into my office? I'm her primary doctor," he saw me glance down at Josèe, and added, "Josèe is welcome to come along. I even have a lollipop you might like!" He said with a smile and a wink toward my niece.

He led the way down the hall, entering a small room full of papers and books. Josèe and I followed, shutting the door behind up. Sure enough, the doctor handed Josèe a cherry lollipop to suck on while we talked.

"I never did introduce myself, did I? I'm Dr. Hoo, and I am in charge of your friend's case. She is in bad shape. She has hallucinations, and imagines conversations. I need to keep her here for two days for observation at the very, very least, but probably more like five. Frankly, I'm not sure if she will pull through this."

The blood drained from my face. "Dr. Hoo? What are you telling me?"

"I need to keep her here, because if she is shot again before her body heals, both from this shot wound, and the old, half healed scar tissue, she will die. And," Dr. Hoo broke off, studying my face intensely, "Neither of you live what would be called a 'tame' life, do you? You have the eyes of a cop. She has the eyes of a detective. I'm willing to bet you have quite a bit of scar tissue, too."


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