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Another Scripted Mysteries ?: Hiding suspects

Helen Weber
Helen Weber

Apr-25-2009 01:26

I read on the Newbie boards that suspects can hide, but won't do so until impossibly hard cases or some such. I'm on an intermediate case, and a suspect's gone doggo. Admittedly, I'm getting a bit frustrated. I gather I'm supposed to just figure out where he is, but I've been to every location on the map and even looked for hidden links. Short of viewing the page source and searching the code for him, what else is left? Or do I just wait for him to appear when he feels like it?

Thanks again for any hints.

Oh, I'm getting a headache! [-(


Pinball Amateur

Apr-25-2009 01:55

I'm assuming you're dealing with a Scripted Mystery here? If so, refer to my other post about them. For Regular Mysteries, yes, Suspects can hide on you, starting at the Inc. Hard level, and you hafta go find them if you want to question/accuse them when they've disappeared. As for SCRIPTED/Featured Mysteries, unfortunately the guy/gal's not gonna come out from under his/her rock until you trip the right switch, so to speak. When you progress far enough along in the story, eventually, you will learn more about where the suspect has gone. He/she may come back, they may have disappeared permanently, or they may turn up dead somewhere (or any one of a thousand other possibilities that more creative minds than mine can come up with ;-). But if you can get far enough along in the story, you WILL find out what happens to your rabbit. Just (again) be patient. (I know, it's hard. FM's are ornery critters, aren't they? ;-)

Hope that helps!


Helen Weber
Helen Weber

Apr-25-2009 03:05

Thanks again for your responses. Guess I just have to accept the chaos at FMs. Or stick to regular mysteries.

Lolita Marinez
Lolita Marinez
Sleuth About Town

Apr-25-2009 06:39

LOL. Helen. I really don't appreciate Scripted Mysteries either. I get frustrated when I am able to ask someone about "the music" and music hasn't even been mentioned yet but 3 questions on I get the hint about the music from some strange place.

And I find they just jump all over the place with no rhyme nor reason. Why would I go visit the shoemaker when there has never ever been mention of shoes or footprints or anything like that in the script but all of a sudden the bloody shoemaker has the next clue! Grrrrrrrrrr.

Give me logical next step mysteries anyday!

Safety Officer

Apr-26-2009 16:50

lol there are a few SM's out there that do defy logic, and probably need to be looked at in the sense Loita speaks of ie that sometimes you can bypass a 'clue' altogether only to find it ages later when it doesn't matter :s I think that's a lot to do with writer's not playing their own mysteries through properly, only believing the path they have chosen is correct, and not what someone else might do. Usually these days a couple of editors play the Sm through trying to get different perspectives on how the mystery could be solved.

It is true, and Joseph Zeo asked me about this too, that SM's don't follow the normal convention of a regular Case. You may indeed have a guilty person without the usual False Alibi + PE, or WE + WE be the guilty person. You should let go of all your pre-conceived sleuth case ideas when playing SM's.

And yes, I do agree it's a bit of a pain when there is a clue at the shoemakers for no apparent reason. Usually the editors 'do' try and encourage writers to find a reason for that evidence being placed where it is. I'm not saying that always works out, what with writers being a fickle lot :D, but we try.

Helen Weber
Helen Weber

Apr-27-2009 09:32

I've got an idea that's probably crazy impossible to implement- yes? no? Letting people review FMs. That you can know that with a lower rated FM, you're taking your chances. More logical FMs with a more solid story would doubtless get high ratings. Or maybe just letting people make comments about FMs. Pipe dream?

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