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The Missing Mobsters
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Steve Adams
Steve Adams

Apr-10-2009 07:25

I couldn’t sleep. Memories of Jenny kept probing in my mind. I thought she was the one, beautiful, smart and most important she challenged me. So many of the broads out there just rolled over, but not Jenny, she would let you know how she felt and she would tell you when you were making a complete donkey of yourself. Man, I loved that. Heck, just two weeks ago I had even taken her to meet my old man, but when I came back from work today she was gone. No goodbye, no nothing.

I kept playing it over in my head. It didn’t make sense. What had I done? I know things had been tough lately. We weren’t exactly living in the towers, but Jenny knew going in that starting a detective company in this city was going to take some guts, and some hungry nights. She was okay with it, she even said she welcomed the chance to show the world how great I was. Well, I guess a girl can say a lot of things when the dream seems possible, but after three months we had only seen one case, a missing husband, John Jacobs, who turned out to be some mobsters lackey. Not exactly high priority and not something we wanted to get too involved in. The mob in this town was getting out of control. Benny Provenzo was no small potato. He came from Italy with money and smarts and he was changing the streets, in a bad way.

After another hour of tossing around the sheets, I jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes and hit the streets. I knew I wasn’t sleeping tonight thanks to Jenny, so I thought I would listen to the sounds of the city. There’s no place like the city at night. Lights, sounds, steam everywhere, it gives the impression that its alive and not too happy that you are!


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Apr-16-2009 23:41

Whispers turned off the engine in front of a small house somewhere by the town’s limit. We went in and found the place in a complete mess, as if someone torn everything inside out in search for something. Upon takin’ a stroll through the house we finally found also Homer…sitting on the toilet with a pair of scissors stuck in one of his eyes.

“Guess he ain’t in shape to tell us anything now…” I mumbled and then we left.

After about half an hour Whispers dropped me in front of my building. Considering our only ‘lead’ in this crazy story was dead, we decided to drop the subject and go on with our lives. Well…at least I did.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Apr-19-2009 08:52

The betting parlor was hidden behind the bakery on the 34th street within a nondescript building. I decided that I had enough confrontation for the night. The mayor and Shady all together took a toll on my psyche; I couldn't afford to go through another one within the day. Louie the bookkeeper had his office in the basement with a small window opening to the back alley. From the last time I was there, I remembered the window was broken by some local mischiefs, kids who had nothing better to do. I just hoped they haven't fixed it yet.

The night was chilly and there was not a soul on the street. I walked along in the shadows away from the orangey street lamp, went around to the back, and approached the small opening near the ground. Thank goodness the only change to it was the addition of a paper cardboard put up with few useless duck tapes, nothing that could block noise. I could hear an on going conversations leaking out through thin partition.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Apr-19-2009 09:15

"... took care of Homer and Byrnes?" A nasal voice said. I believe that was Louie, but I wasn't sure.

"Done. Everyone we need to remove are almost gone. Our mission is close to being accomplished." A young mirthless voice replied, a cold tone of calculation seeps through the air and reached my ears. "How is the street's taking in the train job treasure map story?"

"Oh it's spreading, don't you worry about it."

"It better be. We cannot afford any one poking in the 'right' direction..." The cold voice hesitated for a moment, then he added quietly, "Tell me, what will your plans be for tomorrow?"

"What you do mean for tomorrow? Oh, you mean for tomorrow... yeah, well, you know this small mouse of a guy I have always been trying to flush out?" Louie's voice was getting softer as well. I leaned closer to the window.

"What was his name?" The young man asked in a small voice.

Louie mumbled something, I stretched my ears to try to catch the name. Suddenly a blade pierced through the paper cardboard and cut pass my neck. The speed and intensity of the dagger left me no room to dodge; my blood splashed onto the cardboard. Immediately a hand punched through the opening and grabbed onto my head, pulling me right through the small window into the parlor office in one smooth merciless strike.

"Ah, we got our little mouse!" Louie snorted. I pressed onto my wound at the neck, blood was streaming through my fingers. My body was feeling colder. The tall strong figure of a young man turned toward the door. I didn't see his face.

"Patch the eavesdropper up. I need to find out who sent him." The cold man left the office. Louie looked at me with a sour grimace on his face.

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