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Weekly Pub Quiz
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Mar-15-2009 18:00

In an effort to liven up the boards again, some of us have decided to resuscitate the Daily pub quiz but we will be doing

it on a weekly basis. This is a tribute to the original founder, jstkdn. We have decided to take turns coming

up with the questions. The team consists of myself, Ms. Helen, nicnic and detectivehappy.

1. Each week we will post 10 questions.
2. Each Quiz runs exactly one week.
3. The first person that has all 10 questions right, wins. Or if no one has all questions right, the best one wins.
4. You can only post answers ONCE for the same quiz.
5. No cash involved. Just glory. :)


Bungalow Bill
Bungalow Bill
Old Shoe

Mar-23-2009 22:00

1.'Mickey Maloney ducked his head when a bucket of whiskey flew at him' - is a line from which traditional celtic song.

Finnegan's wake

2. What colour is Guinness?

black...don't tell me any differently. once it's settled it is black

3. What is used to make a TRUE Black Velvet?

half Guinness and half Champagne

4. What should you do when you visit the Blarney Stone?

lay down, duck your head under and kiss it

5. What does "Erin go bragh" mean?

Ireland forever

6. What type of meat goes into a traditional Irish stew?

Lamb/Beef-there has never been a clear cut answer here

7. Names the members of the Irish rock band U2?

Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr.

8. consists of Bono (vocals and guitar), The Edge (guitar, keyboards, and vocals), Adam Clayton (bass guitar) and Larry Mullen, Jr. (drums and percussion).

green/white and orange

9. What do the flag colours represent?

Green represents the Catholic/orange represents the Northern Irish seeded or planter group and the white represents the hope for peace between the green and orange

10. Before baking Irish soda bread, why is a cross traditionally slashed in the top of the loaf?

Legend states it is to scare away the Devil

Lucky Stiff

Mar-24-2009 04:28

Easy peasy!

1.'Mickey Maloney ducked his head when a bucket of whiskey flew at him' - is a line from which traditional celtic song.
-Come, I'll meet you in the pub after work.

2. What colour is Guinness?
-Black when it goes down, various colours when it comes up.

3. What is used to make a TRUE Black Velvet?
-Hair of the dog

4. What should you do when you visit the Blarney Stone?
-Buy the next round

5. What does "Erin go bragh" mean?
-Erin got lucky

6. What type of meat goes into a traditional Irish stew?
-Last night's leftovers

7. Names the members of the Irish rock band U2?
-Mickey Maloney, Niamh O'Neill, Father Ted

8. What are the colours of the Irish flag?
-Light green, dark green, yellow

9. What do the flag colours represent?
-A leprechaun sitting on the grass with a pot of gold

10. Before baking Irish soda bread, why is a cross traditionally slashed in the top of the loaf?
-It's easier than making a clover shape.

Con Artist

Mar-24-2009 10:56

Hmm... why do I have this uneasy feeling Ctown is going to win this week's pub quiz? :D

Pinball Amateur

Mar-25-2009 13:18

*more feverish mutterings....*

Oooh, Ireland!! God made beautiful countries all over the world, and then he finished off with Ireland. It can't be topped. ;-)

1. Not a clue. Sounds fun though!

2. About the deepest brown there is. Looks like somebody dumped coffee into it.

3. I always thought it was stout beer and vodka. Ick.

4. Lie down on a stone bench, say yer prayers, thank the guy (Thomas, I think his name was) for holding onto you while you take yer life in his hands, lean REALLLLLLY far back, kiss the stone, and then kiss yer butt goodbye. It's a helluva drop where they've put that thing!! ;-D

5. Erin (Ireland) forever! (sorry all you Aarons, they forgot about you. ;-)

6. Mutton or lamb according to my Murphy grandfather. ;-)

7. Think one of 'em's named Bono?? Not a clue for the rest of 'em.

8. White, green, and orange.

9. I've been told the white represents the Christian church, with the other two colors representing its two main divisions in Ireland, green for the Catholic side of the church, and orange for the Anglican.

10. Besides physically giving the bread room to rise, it was traditionally done to release any evil spirits that might have been inside the loaf.

Great quizzes you two!! Thank you!! Now back to sleep for me. ;-D

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Mar-29-2009 16:19

I'm glad you all seemed to like this weeks quiz. All the ummm unusual answers definatly deserve a special mention, I had a LOT of fun reading them :)

Ok so this weeks answers are:

1 - Finnegan's Wake

2 - Ruby Red (yes I'm expecting someone to disagree with me but tough luck) :)

3 - half Guinness half Champagne (the reason I asked for the true combination is that most people just use cider now instead of Champagne)

4 - kiss it

5 - Ireland Forever

6 - Lamb/Mutton

7 - Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr.

8 - Green, White, Orange

9 - green = roman catholics
orange = protestants
white = living together in peace

10 - to ward away the devil is the answer I was looking for
although I gave points for those who mentioned allowing the bread to rise or in Squirrels case 'foofing' as it is techincally unknown which was the original reasoning behind it.

Which means we have a tie between Makensie Brewer and Secret_Squirrel well done you two. I should also mention Bungalow Bill. Who would have also tied if he hadn't mentioned beef. Yes I'm mean so I took half a point off ;)

I think nicnic has this weeks question and I hear she has tried to make them ungoogleable so watch out :D

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Mar-29-2009 16:34

Thank you Ms Helen :)

Battered Shoe

Mar-29-2009 16:44

New Quiz. This week's theme is Mystery Writers.

1.Which American mystery writer was dishonorably discharged from the US Army?

2.Why did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle learn French as a teenager?

3.What British mystery writer had an illegitimate child due to religious beliefs deterring the use of contraceptives?

4.What mystery writer also invented a children’s bank system that was implemented across the US?

5.What publication did Dashiell Hammett’s first story appear in?

6.Why did Agatha Christie decide not to pursue a career as a musician even though she was an accomplished pianist?

7.What was Raymond Chandler’s first published story in England before moving back to the US?

8.What mystery author was fired as a teacher for being active in a union?

9.What famous modern mystery writer has Harriet Beecher Stowe as an ancestor?

10.What is Sara Paretsky's favorite professional sports team?

Hint: All of the authors referenced in these questions have something in common besides being mystery writers.

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Mar-31-2009 18:23

This is what I got! ;)

1. Edgar Allan Poe
2. He wanted to read Jules Verne in the original language
3. Dorothy L. Sayers, had an affair with Bill White, and had a son whom she named John Anthony. She then sent John to be fostered by her aunt and cousin, only telling her cousin of the child's parentage.
4. Rex Stout, invented in about 1916, and gave him money to travel Europe!
5. Black Mask (1923)
6. Stage fright and shyness prevented Agatha Christie from going on the stage.
7. The Rose-Leaf Romance
8. Elizabeth George, along with 10 other teachers, but got a job at a different high school and continued to teach for 13 and 1/2 years.
9. Patricia Cornwell
10. THE CUBBIES!!!!! Woot!


Mar-31-2009 18:36

1.Bud Abbott, him and Lou Costello wrote the Mystery "Who Done It?" Then later got kicked out of the ARmy in "Buck Privates Come Home"

2. Because he was trying to pick up a French maid.

3.Ozzy Osbourne

4.Edgar "Piggy Bank" Poe

5. Dashiell Hammett’s first story magazine

6.Because her band got mad at her and went on to form a group with a woman named Josie

7."The Top Ten Things ABout Living in The US"

8.Ulysses Grant. I bet you all didn't know he was a mystery writer as well as being a Genreal of the union

9.Hollywood screen actress Madeline Stowe.

10.The Cleveland Browns! Who Else?

Now as far as what the authors have in common? Thats simple. They are all people that I never met!

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Mar-31-2009 18:58

Yes nic I can safely say these are ungoogleable but great quiz all the same :)

1. Edgar Allen Poe?

2. So he could read 'Jules Verne' in the author's original language

3. Ellis Peters? I dunno I got really lost on that one :)

4. Rex Stout

5. Black Mask Magazine - (The road home?)

6. She was too shy and suffered stage fright.

7. The Rose-Leaf Romance?

8. Elizabeth George

9. Patricia Cornwell

10. Chicago cubs

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