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The Young Victoria Joseph Bane
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-13-2009 04:11

To know what happened previously in this story please review the following thread.

The Daughters of Miss Violet Parr:


Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Mar-27-2009 06:12

** A year later in New York City **

Clift was having lunch with Makensie and Cody.

Whilst eating with his family he was reading a scented letter written on purple paper.

“I guess we all know who it’s from.” Makensie chuckled. “How is Violet? And how is Isabella?”

Clift smiled. “They are both still residing in London. Isabella is now attending the private pre-school Violet attended as a girl. Miss Parr herself did not give much information about what she is up to, but somehow from the feel of this letter I get the feeling that she somehow made her peace with Victoria’s disappearance with Bane.”

“No mother can ever be at peace when her child is not with her.” Mak said.

“Remember Mak, what Patricia Crab told you about Victoria not being Violet’s real daughter? Well I have this theory that when Violet disappeared with Isabella that night we were out to dinner in London two years ago, she actually managed to find out what happened to Victoria… somehow, and ended up being fine with it.”

Makensie Brewer was a little confused. “I always wondered, Clift. If Victoria wasn’t Violet’s daughter, then whose child is she? Joseph Bane’s?”

“I guess we won’t ever know… we’ll just have to assume that she is.” Clift shrugged. “I guess I owe Bane one. I wouldn’t have been able to manage to three kids at once. Cody alone is a handful.”

“What daddy?” Cody looked up from his coloring book.

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Mar-27-2009 06:16

“Nothing champ. Just was telling mommy how beautiful she and you both are.”

Cody smiled and went back to drawing.

They all continued to eat quietly at the New York diner they were in. Clift started thinking about Violet Parr and all that he has been through eversince he met her. The love triangle with Mak, the case of Barry Grant, the pregnancy's, the attempted murders at the ship, the disappearance of Victoria and all else. Suddenly he was brought back into reality.

“Clift…” Makensie started. “What about Isabella, are you at peace with her being raised across the ocean in London?”

Clift held Mak’s hands and kissed them. Smiling gently he said. “My dearest Makensie... if Violet is fine with Victoria being Victoria Joseph Bane, how on earth could I possibly object to Isabella being Isabella Violet Parr?”

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-27-2009 10:25

** … Two Years Later... Shanghai... **

A pretty little child of about six, very expensively dressed, walked into her father’s main office.

The girl walked up to her dad, who was seemingly lost in thought. He pleasantly startled by her sudden appearance before him, before he could speak or react she revealed a purple envelope from the folds of her violet dress. “Father, this came for you earlier in the morning.” The girl spoke both politely and properly.

“Thank you, Victoria.” Joseph Bane smiled.

He felt the last four years had flown by. He spent a good deal of them investigating his past and his daughter's, and although he revealed everything he could about his, there seemed much to reveal about hers.

He was not sure anymore whose daughter she is.

Although many signs pointed to Miss Violet Parr as the mother, many unfounded rumours said otherwise. He was now lost in thought almost daily about the background of Victoria whom he loved so much.

She thought he was her one and only father but he knew now that this was biologically not true. Yet he had no evidence to support any of the many theories he had.

He looked to the purple envelope in his hand, and something struck him as slightly familiar about the flowery scent that this curious envelope emitted.

His curiosity led him to only one name and he was suddenly alert as he eagerly opened the sealed envelope and started to read the letter inside:

“My Dearest Mr. Joseph Bane,

I hope this letter finds you well.

As far as my knowledge goes, both you and Victoria are doing very well indeed.

I assure you of my own well-being and of my daughter Isabella’s.

I am currently giving painting classes at the Chelsea College of Arts. Isabella is attending Mrs. Peacock Preschool for Girls; a charm school I attended as a young girl. I have left my apartment and moved with Isabella into my brother Leopold’s manor house at Mayfair.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-27-2009 10:30

Clift Garrett has moved back to New York and came to terms with his beginnings. The last I heard, he retired from detective work to a quiet family life. He and Makensie seem to have come to terms with all their past differences and are jointly raising their son, Cody James Brewer-Garrett.

The last we physically met, or came close to meeting was in Brighton, four years ago. I did manage to track you down in Brighton, England through my creative talents in painting. Having painted your portrait, I managed to get information from Victoria Station about your whereabouts or at least where you were headed.

Once I arrived to Brighton my investigations led me to McKinley’s Brewer. I was there in time to witness the third round of your very violent boxing match and catch a glimpse of Victoria sitting by the bar with a woman I have never seen before. I soon was asked to leave by a gentleman who thought I was too properly dressed to stay. I assure you that I spent some time objecting, yet I lost sight of both you and Victoria that night.

I was not able to find out any information about your whereabouts up until I located Tombstone Enterprises in Shanghai and learned that both you and Victoria were safe and well. The woman who cared for Victoria, Anna, I felt was both strong and loyal: a good role model for Victoria. I kept you in mind and made periodical reviews to make sure you were fine. I was glad to note that you were the best person to raise Victoria after all she has been through.

I am aware that you have spent a lot of time and resources into uncovering Victoria’s past. For the longest time I thought it would be best if you simply never knew who Victoria’s parents were as that would ensure your mind is never burdened with any guilt or regret concerning your conscious/unconscious decision to raise her. With time I realised that it was unfair to make that assumption, for knowing the truth is always better than not.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-27-2009 10:38

Since I am the only surviving link to the truth, I feel it is my duty to provide it.

When Aisha was sixteen, she was an Arabian beauty unmatched in all of Arabia. Back then, Sir Albert Parr was a young English Officer of the Gentry serving under Her Majesty Queen Victoria's Army and living in the British Protectorate of Bahrain where he was stationed.

It was there where he met Aisha and immediately fell in love with her "apparently she had that effect on men in her younger years.

As you know, she soon became pregnant with me. Sir Albert Parr, out of fear for her life, took Aisha with him away from Arabia and their strict cultural customs towards extra-marital sex to New York.

Soon after she gave birth to me in New York, Aisha met and fell in love with Frank Georges and decided to marry him.

Frank was a neurotic man and went mad with jealousy when he discovered that Aisha had a daughter from another man. This prompted Aisha to give me away to Sir Albert Parr "whom was already married to Lady Madhuri Parr at the time and had six boys.

As fate would have it, I lived and grew up with my father, Sir Albert Parr and my adoptive mother, Lady Madhuri Parr. I grew up to be a lawyer which prompted me to travel to New York and then take on detective work soon afterwards.

From this time on, I met Frank Georges on many of my cases as he was a notorious criminal linked with much of the city’s criminal activity and I had to interview him several times as a witness or suspect. He soon discovered who I was and decided, perhaps out of spite, to make several attempts on my life. My biological mother, Aisha Georges who knew about all this, made a frightening show of indifference towards these vile attempts.

I discovered all this after kidnapping Aisha Georges with my trusted colleague Christopher Keller.

I later decided to go into hiding ignoring both Frank and Aisha Georges completely, which seemed to have ensured my safety for a long time.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-27-2009 10:42

This was the last I have ever heard of Frank and Aisha Georges up until the time of my pregnancy with Clift Garrett’s child, during which I learned of some very interesting information.

When Aisha Georges was forty six, she was reunited with Frank Georges and after a thirty year barren marriage, she became pregnant by him. I did not expect a middle-aged pregnancy to come through, but it did and Aisha Georges gave birth to a daughter: Victoria Eugenia, my half sister.

Aisha Georges did not want the child, but Frank insisted that they keep it. However, a month after Victoria’s birth, Frank Georges was killed by one of his own ‘employees’ and Aisha decided she would remarry her lawyer, Mr. Watson and give Victoria away.

Of course, unbeknownst to them, I immediately made the anonymous bid for a closed adoption. Once the adoption was processed, I took Victoria with me to France where I gave birth to Isabella four months later. You may be interested to know that Isabella and Victoria were born approximately 6 months apart, yet I decided to maintain that they were non-identical twins.

This was the reason for my decision to tell Clift Garrett only about Isabella. After all, she was the only one of the two that was his daughter. Which was why when Clift got upset about me not telling him about Victoria, it was impossible for me to explain without telling him the whole story.

Aisha Georges was then diagnosed with a very serious illness and was given months to live. During this time she found out that it was me who adopted Victoria. This stirred some feelings of anger and resentment as well as undoubtedly some other sentiments towards her recently born child. She decided that she wanted Victoria back and Watson was willing to help her.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-27-2009 10:47

Mr. Watson’s letter addressed to Mr. Esam, which you found back when you were in London, was written and designed by both Mr. Watson and Mrs. Aisha Georges to be misleading.

Mr. Esam was the best detective in the region of Arabia and he was hired through this letter seemingly to protect me and warn me about Isabella and the danger she was supposedly in, but the truth of the matter is that he was hired and tracked purely in order to find me.

Mr. Esam was a seasoned, well-travelled detective, but one with integrity. He only took criminal cases upon himself to do good to society and would never accept a case to locate me without knowing why. This is why Aisha Georges devised a plan with Mr. Watson to compel him to act. Aisha Georges was the kidnapper herself and she intended to kidnap Victoria, not Isabella, the very minute she was found.

Once Esam found me, which meant they did, he was killed before he could contact me, and Aisha Georges gave her orders to Bergen and his gang "whom she hired beforehand- to kidnap Victoria. Luckily for us, you were there to interfere with all their plans and cut the link between Aisha and Victoria forever.

You may be interested to know that Aisha Georges died that same week.

Victoria is now the heiress to Frank Georges’ fortune, currently claimed by the State. Whether you choose to make an official claim for it or not I will leave up to you. I will advise not to and rather to work to dissociate Victoria from her father’s past in any way possible.

What I find ironic about all of this is that it repeats the story of my life, and since I always wanted to know the truth, I take it Victoria one day will too. It is truly funny how life gives you all the answers, but only once you are ready to accept them as answers.

I should hope you will let Victoria know the truth but only when the time is right, so that she may be able to handle it as I once had to.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-27-2009 10:50

I thank you, Joseph Bane, deeply for all that you have done and continue to do for my only sister and wish you both nothing but all of the love, light and joy life has to offer.

Yours ever so truly,

Miss Violet Parr”


Joseph Bane breathed heavily after finishing the sixth and last page of the letter.

He sighed, then smiled looking at Victoria who was having her breakfast in the lounge of his office. He now knew why she looked so much like Violet... they were sisters with strong Arabic genes from their mother...

... and though Joseph Bane felt that this was the last letter he would ever receive from Miss Violet Parr, he was very happy to get it all the same.

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