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The Young Victoria Joseph Bane
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-13-2009 04:11

To know what happened previously in this story please review the following thread.

The Daughters of Miss Violet Parr:


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-24-2009 15:53

*2 hours later*

Bane’s body was now full of cuts and bruises from the beating. His face was blooded and…remodeled beyond recognition. He had passed out a couple of times and was brought back into the now painful reality with a bucket of water. The fact that he stuck with his story did not seem to be any help. The problem was that, obviously, he didn’t have another one to tell.

Noticing that he was about to lose his consciousness again, McCabe…the real one…picked up the bucket once again and splashed cold water on his face. Bane shook his head and spit blood, cursing. McCabe looked at him disappointed.

Just as he raised his hand to hit again, Anna’s voice interrupted him.

“Hey, Mike…I’ve never seen any man capable to last so long to your interrogation methods up to now. I’m thinking…maybe…he’s telling the truth. I’m also thinking he won’t make it through the next half hour so…”

McCabe stopped and let drop the hand holding the iron bar. “You may be right…” he answered thinking. “There’s one thing though I haven’t tried: his daughter. Where is she?”

Joey’s eyes widened upon hearing this. Anna the answered in a startled voice: “She’s here…but what are you…NO! I’m not letting you touch her, Mike!”

McCabe pushed her away with fury and then picked up the child from somewhere in the shadows. He brought her up in front of Bane and then took out a switch blade, pressing it on her neck.

“Alright, tough guy…you may have enough strength and guts in order to resist to torture, but let’s see how you feel about her throat getting wide open by my hand…” He grinned. His eyes showed clearly he was not joking.

Bane shook his body wildly in an attempt to free himself by force…to no avail, obviously. He growld then: “You son of a…”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-24-2009 15:55

“Mike, hold it!” interrupted ‘mouse face’, who then stepped in the middle of the room holding a paper in his hand. “Look here…Joseph Bane. It kinda’ looks like him, don’t it? Says here he’s a suspect in murder. Three bodies in a blown up house…all three Ville brothers, it appears.”

McCabe stopped and quickly grabbed the newspaper. “I never liked the Villes. You say they’re dead? Where did you get this paper, anyway?”

“London. I was there this morning. I do remember also that Tom from the pub near the train station told me a little strange story about some American he fixed a job for and then he appeared next morning with a little girl dressed in purple. Kinda’ fits this guy’s description, doesn’t it?”

McCabe thoroughly read the article and then studied the portrait on the side. “Doesn’t say anything about a little girl and…this picture doesn’t seem to look like him…”

“I don’t think even ‘he’ looks like himself after your methods of interrogation” came Anna’s voice from the behind. “Let me see that…hmmm…yeah, it could be him.”

“You sure about this, woman?”

“I’m positive, yeah” confirmed Anna. “So…Mike…I’m thinking…we may use this guy…”

McCabe didn’t appear to be very convinced, but he decided to listen to her.

“Okay. Speak up. Let’s hear it then!”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-24-2009 15:56

“Well now…” she started “…this here…” pointed at the paper “…shows that he may not be indeed a cop. Even more, it shows that the police would be more than happy to get their hands on him, with or without your name.”

McCabe was not a patient man. “Where are you getting at with this?”

“You’ve been so much away on sea that nobody remembers how you look. If this guy is indeed amnesic, we might present him to the cops as you. They link him to the London murder and they’ll just assume he used a different name before he lost his memory.”

“Ok…I like this girl. Good thinking!” McCabe turned then towards Bane, grinning. “And what I like more is that we can present him also as a stiff.”

“Don’t be in such a rush to kill him. There’s more that we could do with him.”

Michael now turned towards the woman with an annoyed look in his eyes. “What more? Stop messing with my temper!”

“Well…” she continued “…we still have a problem. The cops may know about your shipment, so I say…why not let him do it? He could deliver the ‘goods’ for us and bring back the dough while we keep his daughter an insurance. If the deal will prove to be a trap, they’ll bust him thinking he’s you and we’re out in the blue.”

McCabe thought for a moment. “That’s mighty good plan. You never seize to amaze me, gal.”

He turned then towards Joey. “Ok now Mister…” checks the paper “…Bane. We’ll have a little job together. But until then…” he raised his hand to strike again “…LIGHTS OUT!”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-24-2009 15:57


Bane woke up feeling something cold being pressed on his forehead. He opened his eyes slowly and saw Anna. He slowly blinked as he gathered his thoughts and regained all his memories of the past days…still just until the moment he woke up at the house on fire.

“You lousy…”

“Shut up, Bane.” She pushed him back as he tried to get up. “You’re not exactly in any condition to move right now…and to be frank, not to throw accusations either. Remember I’m the one who saved your arse back there.”

“I suppose I should be thanking you for that?” he mumbled reaching his head with his hand. “My daughter…What happened to her?”

“She’s fine, don’t worry. I’ve been taking good care of her. She’s camped up in my cabin.”

“Your cabin? Where are we?” He realized the room was swinging.

“We’re on a ship. Relax. You need some rest. We’ll reach our destination tonight. You’ll need to gather up your strength for what we’re asking you to do.”

“Tonight? How many hours have I been unconscious?”

“Ours? You’ve been out 2 days. It’s still a wonder you woke up at all. How much do you remember from the basement?”

Bane started thinking. “I seem to recall…you wanted me to make some kind of delivery or something…and bring you back the cash…”

“That’s right, Bane. But…I think that you should rest for now. We’ll fill you in a little later. Eat up and get some sleep…you really do look like you need it.”

Bane grabbed a few bites and took her advice. He felt indeed like a train crash survivor.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Mar-24-2009 17:22

Meanwhile, back in London.....24:00

Two hours later, from the time they sat down for dinner, Makensie sat back in her chair, with a loud sigh.

"My goodness, I am so full", she said, blowing out air, and resting her hand on her stomache.

Clift smiled, wiping his mouth with a napkin, and said, kiddingly, "Well, I should say so. Did you see the amount of food that was on your plate? You ate every single bite, plus the crumbs. I thought the plate was next"

She tossed her napkin at him, and said, "You should talk, Mr Garrett" They laughed, as she took a sip of her wine.

He looks at her, and said, "How about a midnight stroll through the park?"

"Absolutely! I need to walk off all this food, or I will LOOK like I am pregnant again", she said, as she pushed her chair back from the table.

Clift stood up, putting a generous tip on the table, and helped Makensie from her seat.

They made their way out of the restaurant, and went on their way to the park.

An hour and a half later, they were walking slowly, Makensie's arm looped through Clift's.

"Goodness! Do you realize that it is nearly 2am?", Makensie said, looking at the town clock.

"Are you going to turn into a pumpkin?", Clift said, with humor in his voice.

"I might"

They laughed, as they continued their walk.

Makensie looked up toward the sky, and said, "Such a beautiful night, isn't it?"

"Not as beautiful as you, Mak", Clift said, as he stopped walking, and turned toward her.

"Oh stop it! It must be the moon. It's just hitting me in the right way. Now, come is late, and besides, parks give me the chills at night time.", Makensie said.

Clift sighed, and said, "Always in a rush these days, and why do parks scare you?" I wouldn't let anything happen to you, Mak"

She chuckled, and said, "Oh, I know. I just have a strange feeling. Come on, lets go back to Violet's apartment, and I will fix us some coffee"


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Mar-24-2009 17:33

Practically pulling him along, they headed to Violet's apartment.

"What is wrong with you? You are never this skittish, and I've never known you to be scared of the park at night time. Now, why have you changed?", he said, pulling back a bit.

Makensie stops, rolls her eyes, and said, "I've ALWAYS hated parks at night time. You've never seen me near these things when it's dark, have you?"

"Not that I can recall. Come on Mak....parks can be fun", he said, with a mischievious smile.

"How well I know, Clift Garrett!! How do you think Cody James came along?", she said, then smiled a bit.

"Thank goodness for parks", he said, with a chuckle.

As they laughed, and started walking again, a gentleman walked up from behind.

"Clift Garrett", the man said.

They turned, as Clift gently placed Makensie behind him, as he said, "That's me. Who might you be?"

The man was standing in a shadow, so he couldn't be seen clearly, but the voice sounded familiar to Makensie, although she couldn't place it.

"I will give introductions in a bit. Hello, Makensie Brewer. So we meet again", he said.

Makensie frowns a bit, and in a voice that only Clift could hear, she said, "I TOLD you we should've got out of here when I said to"

She stood up beside Clift, and with her chin up, and looking the man straight in the eye, even though she couldn't really see him, she said, "Who are you, and what do you want? It is late, and there is no time for nonsense"

Clift squeezed her hand, in a gesture to tell her to calm down. The man let out a raspy laugh, and said, "You havent changed a bit, I see"

Clift locked his jaws, then said, "If you don't have anything of importance to say, we will be on our way"

The man said, "Oh, nothing important. Just saying hello to some old friends in the park"

The man turned and walked away.

Makensie looks at Clift and said, "You know, I know that voice. I've heard it somewhere but I can't quite remember where"


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Mar-24-2009 17:36

"Same here. Oh well...just a weirdo in the park", he said.

Squeezing her hand, and clasping his to hers, he said, "Come on. Lets go babe"

They continued walking, and Makensie turned to look behind her, and that man could just barely be seen standing under a tree, watching them walk away.

She shivered, and turned her head back around.

Makensie wasn't one to be spooked easily, but, with the latest happenings with Victoria, she couldn't help to feel uneasy.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-25-2009 15:11

*evening, on Joey Bane’s floating prison*

Bane woke up from a hard slap on his face.

“Get up, you lazy cur…and put these on!” McCabe threw him a bunch of clothes.

“Is it already evening?” Bane inquired.

“It is. Stop asking questions and get dressed. We’re running late already here.”

With this Mike headed for the door and knocked in a particular sequence. The lock was set off from the outside and Anna stepped into its frame. McCabe looked in her eyes and shortly tilted his eyebrows, in an inquiring expression. She nodded. He then turned his eyes back towards Joey.

“Ok, now…Bane…you will have the pleasure of being me once again. You do this right and I will let your daughter live. You don’t come back for any reason…” He mimed a throat slash with his hand. “I trust that I made myself clear. Anna will fill you on the details.”

He left. Anna came to Bane’s bed.

“Don’t worry, boy. I don’t think anything will happen. It’ll just be a plain exchange. You just make sure you make it back.”

“I’ll handle it…” answered Bane dressing slowly. “What are you selling anyway?”

“Well…” She stopped here, looking at her feet.

“Well…what?” repeated Bane his question.

Anna opened the door and tilted her head to the other room. Joey looked outside.

“What the…?” His face was now astonished while looking at a bunch of Asian people, all strapped in chains. “What is this? You are all…slave trades? How in the world can you do this?”

“Well…” started Anna looking troubled “…it wasn’t always like this, Bane.” She showed she wasn’t happy either with the situation and she was somehow trying to find an excuse. “You see…we started selling guns…to anyone who needed them…wherever they would need them. Then Mike thought that we should…diversify the goods. ‘For higher profit’ he said. He was getting more greedy every day, so at last we kinda’…ended up doing this.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-25-2009 15:12

She was still looking down as Bane was searching for her eyes. Upon a couple of moments she finally lifted her head and posed a more confident face.

“Well, anyway…this is my last. I’m getting out after this. And I don’t think you are in the position of judging me…Joseph Bane. I do remember you the matter of the 3 bodies that you left behind.”

Bane fixed the collar of his coat and pulled his hat a bit over his eyes. “Well…if you say so, woman...I’m having though some trouble to believe your ‘good friend’ Mike will take your leave that easy.”

She eyed him narrowing her eyes and then decided to finish the talk. “It’s time. Let’s go up on the bridge. I’ll tell you what you have to do.”

Apparently they were positioned on an island, a satellite of the Great Britain. The ship that carried them was large ferry, yet small enough to be maneuvered by two men. They anchored somewhere inside a secluded bay and left McCabe, Victoria and Anna on shore, where Bane could see and old and obsolete small shack.

The deal was simple. He was just supposed to drive the ferry to a certain point, meet with the buyers and pick up the cash. ‘Mouse face’ knew the meeting place, so he was sent along with Bane. Joey knew that no matter what would happen, he needed to get back if he still wanted to see Victoria alive.

In half an hour ‘mouse face’ and Joey dropped anchor near a small pier. A ship apparently was already waiting for them. A man shaking a lantern on its bridge gave them a signal with the light. ‘Mouse face’ signaled back at him. It was apparently a code that both have understood and thus 4 men came from the pier on Bane’s ship, as ‘mouse face’ opened the hatch and led them down below.

Joey lighted a cigarette and leaned himself onto a rail as all the prisoners were moved onto the pier and then onto the other ship.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-25-2009 15:13

When everything was done ‘mouse face’ nodded at him to proceed. Bane stood straight up stepping towards 2 men that have remained onto his ship to finalize the business. Strangely enough, they were carrying nothing looking like a suitcase or anything that could contain a pile of cash.

“Ok…” Bane said “…you have the merchandize. I want my cash so I’ll be on my way.”

One of the men untied slowly his jacket. Seeing his move, ‘mouse face’ armed the large shotgun that he was holding.

“Easy now, mate” settled him Joey, then turned his eyes back to his ‘business partners’. “You see, my little friend here’s a little jumpy. I would advise you to restrain from sudden moves. But please do hurry with my dough. I ain’t planning on spending the night here.”

“Don’t worry now, McCabe…we got your dough. We got it all right…HERE!”

With this the man fully opened his jacket and flashed a badge towards Bane and his partner. “Mouse face’ pointed the gun at him, but then a sound of a bunch of weapons being armed cut through the silence of the night. A lot of lights were lit up suddenly on the other ship and pointed towards them. ‘Mouse face’ realized the situation and raised his hands. Bane was just standing still looking at them.

“There is no way you can get out of this, McCabe” said the man with the badge. “End of the line for you, sailor. We got you covered from all sides. No point to try anything. Now be a good lad and come peaceful. I promise that you’ll have a fair trial.”

Bane still stood there looking in his eyes, thinking he needed to get back. He pondered his thoughts for a while, thinking of how he could find a way to step out of this whole situation. He didn’t hold any cards in his sleeve and thus decided that the only thing to do was try a bluff. He lifted his chin up and spoke in a calm voice.

“There are more where these came from…inspector, I assume?”

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