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The Young Victoria Joseph Bane
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-13-2009 04:11

To know what happened previously in this story please review the following thread.

The Daughters of Miss Violet Parr:


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-18-2009 16:19

They made a large order and stuffed up. During their long meal McCabe kept following the waitress with his eyes. She smiled at him from time to time somehow conspicuously, but that was not what was bothering him.

He noticed just upon taking the order, she whispered something in the tender’s ear that made him look into their direction. He shortly disappeared in the back and then in a couple of minutes a strange man had made his appearance. He was a big bald guy in a sailor outfit and even though he seemed to just have a few drinks, he gave Mike the impression that he was watching them.

Upon finishing their meal, McCabe asked for directions, exchanged a last smile with the waitress and left to search the city for his home.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-21-2009 04:59

Following Anna’s directions, it was a matter of about 20 minutes till Mike and his companions found the address.

“I wish I would’ve also found a key…” mumbled Mike noticing the door was obviously locked. “Stay here, hid” he said then to Victoria, who looked at him and then pointed her attention fully towards the dog. She picked a flower from the grass and then sat on the sidewalk’s edge, giving it to Pierre to smell it.

Mike smiled and went to take a stroll around the house, hoping he might be able to find his way in somehow. He noticed that the grass had not been cut a long time now and also, as he took a look inside through a ground floor window, he saw the furniture was covered with white sheets.

“Hmmm…” mumbled him “…it looks as if I’ve been away for quite a while.”

Making his way towards the back he saw a door that had apparently been blocked with wooden boards nailed from the outside. Looking around he noticed a pile of rusted metal bars…a thrown away fence. He picked one up and used it as a crowbar to get in and thus he found himself in the kitchen.

A strange and somehow intoxicating smell was floating around. It felt like the odor of an old and long uninhabited house mixed with…something dead? Mike covered his mouth with a handkerchief and went ahead to search the rooms, pulling aside the spider webs covering everything.

Advancing in he noticed that one of smells was getting stronger and seemed to come from somewhere in the staircase. He stepped inside and found his way down towards the basement.

Popping the door aside he felt the smell becoming overwhelming. Whatever was producing it was definitely in the basement. He picked a gas lamp from near the door, lit it up and started his search.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-21-2009 05:00

The light was throwing somehow scary shadows on the walls. Mike was sure that he noticed basement windows on the outside, but no natural light was coming in. He went to check the walls and found out that the windows were all blocked with wooden boards and rags. It looked as if someone wanted to keep the place away from any curious eye.

Taking a couple of steps more, something right in the middle of the room attracted his attention. He lifted the lamp up and…”What the hell?!?”

A corpse of a dead man was hanging from the ceiling. He seemed to have been hung down by his hands and showed serious marks of torture.

Mike looked around to make sure the place was otherwise empty and then took a step closer to the body to check it up. It seemed as if the man was dead for few days…maybe a week. The body had just started to disintegrate but he was still in one piece though.

Mike searched his clothes but came up with nothing. No clue about who the man might be. Just as he was about to leave, a shoe fell off one of the body’s feet. Mike noticed something that seemed glued on it on the inside. He picked it up and saw that it was an ID. He moved the lamp a little closer and…

“Damn!” he exclaimed out loud. “This fellow here was a cop!” He shook his head. “This thing smells bad…”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-21-2009 05:01

Mike made his way up from the basement and searched the house in the hope of finding a clue about him, his past…or anything in relation to the strange situation he was in. Unfortunately all his efforts proved to be useless.

“Strange thing…” he said then to himself. “It looks as if I wasn’t actually connected to this place…as if I never stayed here at all, or…maybe I just cleaned up pretty good.”

Considering the body in the basement, Mike took the obvious decision not to stay. He thus went out, picked the little girl and aimed to find a hotel or something.

After about half an hour he entered the front door of a motel down by the ocean. It wasn’t looking really good but it was all he could afford after paying for lunch.

“McCabe. Michael McCabe” he said to the motel clerk checking his reaction. He didn’t show any though and this made Mike feel just a little safer.

He paid up for a double room for 2 nights and then went inside. Victoria crouched in the bed and quickly fell asleep.

“It seems to me this kid might’ve been through a lot lately…”

He took then a look at her dress. It was just then he realized she was a in a night suit and she had in her feet just a pair of socks.

“Damn!” mumbled him “…how could I be so blind!”

He covered her and then went out, locking the door behind him. He realized he needed to get her some clothes, but didn’t have any more cash. He started thus to walk the streets in search of an idea.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-21-2009 05:01

‘McKinley’s Brewery " Prize Fights’ the sign in front of him said in large letters. Mike leaned a little on a side and took a look at himself in a window. He noticed that he was quite a big fellow.

“Well now…it seems to me that I might just be strong enough to handle myself in a fight. Ain’t like I got a lot of options anyway.”

So he stepped in and had a short chat with the manager. He set a fight for later in the evening and even got a down payment for it. He rushed then out to a clothes store and bought Victoria a dress and a pair of shoes. He didn’t know what color she would like, so he went for the same that she was wearing on her night robe: purple…or…was it violet?

Mike made his way fast back to the motel and noticed happily the child was still sleeping. He took a quick shower and decided to take a nap himself also.


Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-22-2009 04:51

Miss Violet Parr sat on a stool next to her daughter Isabella in Holland Park.

Miss Parr had always felt that Holland Park, as a district and a public park in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, was one of the most romantic parks in west central London.

Since nature and greenery were becoming more and more scarce in a City like London, Miss Parr held this pretty little English Park in the highest regard, due to its abundant wildlife and secluded hideaways.

Miss Parr was painting today in a secluded area of the park.

Her oil paints were spread on a colourful pallet before her as she commanded the various strokes and splurges of colour upon the canvas. Her daughter, Isabella, lay on her stomach across the greenery of the grass with some pencil colours and some paper drawing what seemed to be a corpse in some funeral.

Violet, having decided the time was not appropriate to delve into her daughter’s psychology, focused her efforts into her current painting.

The painting, that was consuming all her artistic talent and capability, was that of a portrait. Though painting and art were not Miss Parr’s strongest talent, they were not her weakest by far.

“The artists the Metropolitan Police decide to hire these days...” Violet muttered to herself in defiance. “Laughable, just laughable talent... Why that portrait looked more like Pierre than Mr. Bane himself!”


Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-22-2009 04:53

An hour passed by before Miss Parr's brush shrunk back and a content smile appeared upon her face.

“Now there is the Joseph Bane we know and love...” She turned to Isabella. “What a charming little drawing Isabella, but pray tell mother, who is that woman laying in that yellow coffin?”

“C’est toi maman!”

“Heavens...” Miss Parr reflected for a moment on Sigmund Freud’s theories and teachings. She then shook her head and showed Isabella the portrait she just completed. “And who is this?”

Isabella stared blankly at the portrait for a moment before turning her head with a toss. “Monsieur Fléau de Joseph.”

Miss Parr bypassed her daughter’s rudeness and looked to her artwork with a deeply satisfied smile. "Well done Violet!"


Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-22-2009 05:11

Miss Parr relied on whatever information she managed to retrieve from her conversations with her brother, Leopold.

She knew Mr. Bane’s temporary residence was upon the Embankment Pier and she had decided to exhaust all modes of transport available to Mr. Bane within the radius of Embankment.

She had, quite sensibly decided to start with railway travel, and since Victoria Station was the closest, most convenient station with wide national routes, she had made up her mind to fish for any sightings of him in and around Victoria Station.

To her surprise, the third man she spoke to gave her some interesting information when she flashed the portrait before him. “Oh yes… I remember him... a common old bum… cunning one at that, tried to con a free ride on my watch.”

“Did he manage to?” was Violet’s first question.

“Of course not! Not on my watch he wouldn’t. I threw him and his dog out of my train.”

“Where was the training heading, Sir?” Violet’s voice grew impatient.

“Now that’s none of your business is it Miss?” The conductor was starting to get gruff.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-22-2009 05:14

Violet smiled.

She firmly believed that charming people was the best way to get anywhere with them. “I truly, apologise, kind Sir. You were very kind to help me and I shall be forever in your debt."

She pulled the painting away from his sight and adjusted her large purple hat as she continued. "I am a private detective, and a barrister with various connections and acquaintances in and around London. If I could be of any future help then please…”

She handed him her business card and immediately turned on her heels and started walking away.

Just then, she heard the staggering response she anticipated. “Wait… Miss… the train was ‘eading to Brighton.”

Violet turned and immediately asked. “…and where did you have the gentleman disembark?”

“’Scuse me?”

“You said you had him and his dog immediately off the train…” Violet’s voice grew impatient again. “Where do you ‘throw’ them off the train?”

“…well… Brighton…” said the man sheepishly.

“I see,” Violet rolled her eyes. “Was there a little girl with him?”

The man’s eyes widened suddenly realising the resemblance between the woman standing before him and the girl he saw with the man. “That man did not kidnap your girl did ‘e ma’am?”

Violet’s answer was sharp when it came. “He most definitely did not.”

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Mar-22-2009 09:54

Meanwhile, Makensie was in the guest room of Violet's apartment, while Cody sat on the floor playing with his toys.

"Mommy, you look so pretty", Cody cooed.

"Well, thank you, my dear son", Makensie said, smiling.

She was getting ready to go out for dinner with Clift, and was just finishing up her hair.

"Oh, you look just beautiful, Ms Brewer", Ms Cevasco said from the doorway.

Makensie chuckles, and said, "Since when am I MS Brewer to you?"

"Just playing around", Ms Cevasco, said laughing.

Makensie was nervous for some reason, and was babbling on, "I do not know why I get so nervous when I go on a date with that man. This isnt like it is our first date"

"OBBBBviously not", Ms Cevasco said, as she glances over at Cody.

They chuckled, as Makensie said, "You are rotten", and threw a napkin at her, as she walked past her.

At that time, Clift walks in, and said, "You ready?"

"Sure am! Just let me get my shoes on", Makensie said, rushing into her room to grab them.

Ms Cevasco walks out, and said, "A woman is never ready on time, are they Mr Garrett?"

"SHE isn't anyway, and what is with the lastname calling?", he said, smiling.

"I HEARD THAT", Makensie yelled from the bedroom.

Ms Cevasco laughs, then said, "I'm practicing this nanny talk"

Clift smiled, and said, "Nanny talk? What is that?"

"Oh you know.....I'm like Mak's maid/babysitter/nanny/housekeeper/butler/cook all in one so, I'm just talking the role too", she said, chuckling.

Clift laughs, then said, "Makensieeee, dearrr, come on, we must get going!"

Walking out quickly, Makensie said, "I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Cody comes flying out of the room ...

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddyyyyyy!", he said, smiling, as he flew in his Dad's arms.

Clift scoops him up, swinging him around, and said, "Hey there sport! How's my boy doing?"

"Doing good Daddy! Doesn't Mommy look pretty?", Cody said, smiling.

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