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The Morning Whiskey - contest
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Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-1-2009 16:21

Ok, now here’s another contest for the unsubbes that have granted us all the pleasure of sharing their thoughts with us. This is though a one time event and it will last for only one week…patience is not one of my qualities…amongst others that I am missing.

Now here’s how it works: have you ever had a cranky morning? Have you ever woke up on the right side of the bed, hugging and kissing a hairy thing that turned out to be the neighbor’s dog? Have you ever had a morning when you felt like running everyone on with your car? An forth…and back…and back forth…hehehe

Well…tell me about such a morning. The bitterer, the better!


#1 Keep your descriptions within the length allowed by a post.
#2 This contest starts now and ends next week at the same time.
#3 If what you are describing is happening as you speak and you find yourself in danger of death by heart attack, ignore rule #1

The prize is obviously a 1 month subscription. The winner will be…the one who makes us all feel better about ourselves by seeing someone bitter than us…hehehe. The others…I guess they’ll have to remain bitter. Note that the shape of the posts will be a decisional factor too…as we are on the stage, after all.

The judges will be…me and my parallel personality.


Although this is contest for unsubbes, the thread is open to anyone and everyone who might wish to share his/her crankyness with us. So don’t be shy.

Alright. Let’s roll.


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-2-2009 15:28

Am I to belive we're living in a wonderful world here and I'm just an abnormal anomaly?...Nahhh

Abdur Rahman Ahmad
Abdur Rahman Ahmad

Mar-4-2009 10:54

((Note: Note that I am not Mr. ABC.))
Mr. ABC had a very important business overseas. He bought a ticket for New York and went home.
*Next morning*
Mr. ABC went to work and returned home at three in the noon. He was going to travel today in the night at eight. He pulled the quilt and fell asleep. He was very tired and did not hear the alarm clock ring. He woke up at seven thirty and on realizing that he was late, he hurried and prepared for his journey in fifteen minutes.
Next minute, he was sitting in his car with his bag in the back seat. It was raining heavily outside. He sped towards the docks but unfortunately, the car’s left front tire went flat half way through.
“What the…” he said in frustration
He searched for a cab but the cabmen were afraid of coming out in such heavy rain with their horses. ABC was left with no other choice but to walk all the way to the docks. He was wearing a thick coat and a rain hat and therefore was not afraid of catching a cold.
With all the difficulties, he reached the docks but for his surprise, the ship had left in the morning. It turned out that the clerk who gave the ticket typed wrong and wrote pm instead of am.
“What the…” said ABC, annoyed
He did not dare to go all the way back on foot and so went into a cafeteria nearby. He ordered for a coffee and sat on a chair. Next thing he knew was that he was lying down on the ground. Apparently, the chair he sat on was broken and the waiter was going to warn him about it but ABC was fast enough to listen to such warnings.
All the customers at the cafeteria laughed at him as he stood up from the ground.
He wanted to curse himself but he knew that if he would do that, he would face more difficult situations.
ABC gained control over himself after two minutes and sat on another chair but before that, he made sure that that chair was not broken.
The waiter gave him the coffee he ordered. As he took the first sip, he spat it on the ground and because of this, his body was jerked forward. As a result, the coffee in the cup splashed all over his cloth

Abdur Rahman Ahmad
Abdur Rahman Ahmad

Mar-4-2009 10:54

ABC went to the washroom to change clothes. His bag was with him.
As he entered the washroom, he exclaimed in great irritation. That was obvious as the water level in the washroom was high enough for an eight year kid to swim in.
ABC had no choice left. He went to the hall again and asked the counter clerk if there was a hotel nearby. The clerk told him that there was one, thirteen streets across. ABC headed towards the hotel but before he could reach there, two men in black clothes robbed him on gun-point. He cursed them and thanked God that he had some hundred bucks left in his secret pocket. He continued his journey and somehow after about half an hour, he could see the lights from the hotel.
He walked briskly but then…all went black/blank.
ABC woke up at seven am next morning and found himself lying on the ground under a large tree. He remembered the events of last day and wanted to cry loudly but could not.
As he stood up, two blood hounds started barking and running behind him. He ran for his life and somehow entered the hotel. The dogs were taken care of by the guards and ABC could now relax after some wonderful events which he did not even ever want to remember.
((Note: I believe the story has gone too long but still, it was fun writing such a story.))

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-8-2009 05:14

Well seems I'm livin' in a world of tea drinkers! Good! More whiskey for me then...hehehehe.

Now, since Zeo was not in the contest, I didn't actually have a hard time to pick a winer.

Subscription already sent. Enjoy it, Abdur!

SS, time to do your thing.

Lolita Marinez
Lolita Marinez
Sleuth About Town

Mar-9-2009 01:20

Congratulations Abdur. I did try to write for this one but it never seemed to come out right. :-(

Safety Officer

Mar-9-2009 21:04


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