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The Daughters of Miss Violet Parr
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-25-2009 03:59

Leopold Parr walked as fast as he possibly could in and around Victoria Station. The young officer had anticipated the arrival of his younger sister with great trepidation. He finally saw her waiting for him in a mauve overcoat and a large purple hat through the window of one of the station’s waiting rooms.

When Miss Violet Parr got up and walked out of the waiting room, Leopold’s walk turned into a sprint as he finally reached Violet and hugged her tightly in a collision of joy.

Violet pushed hard against his force not to fall on her back. She kissed him on the cheek and whispered. “Really Leopold, this show of affection can do with some self-restraint!”

“Two years in France…” Leopold replied, “…haven’t changed you a bit!”

“I know better than to let the French freely mold me to their pleasing!” Violet Parr huffed in a mock of indignation. Then she turned her gaze to a young girl standing next to her looking curiously and cautiously at Leopold. “…but I am afraid I can’t say the same about young Isabella.”

Leopold looked at his young niece in utter astonishment: Isabella was a pretty little thing with curiously mixed features. At such a young age, her skin looked like a yellowish tanned shade of ivory. She had long light brown hair, hazel eyes and a serious look of disapproval on her face.


Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-25-2009 04:16

Leopold fell to his knees and leaned into Isabella's face to give her a kiss and to his shock and dismay she leaned back.

“Try saying something to her.” Violet encouraged with a knowing smile.
Leopold looked to his sister and then smiled to his niece. “Why hello there little Isabella, what brings you to London today?”

Isabella looked dismissively at Leopold then looked up to her mother.

“…in French.” Violet said with a defeated look upon her face.

Leopold’s eyes widened. “If father ever hears of this…” he spoke under his breath, then aloud he addressed Isabella once more. “Bonjour, petite fille.”

Isabella smiled. “Je voudrais des bonbons!” She cheered.

Leopold was elated.

Violet was horrified and turned her gaze immediately on Isabella who sheepishly added. “…s'il vous plait…”

Leopold spoke “She’s a darling! Two years well-spent Vi…”

Violet’s face flushed. “I was pregnant before setting foot in France, Leopold! Besides, all you will need is a few more minutes with Isabella to take that statement back.”

Leopold smiled. “I want to give her candy, do you have some?”

“No…” Miss Parr looked down at Leopold: he was so taken by Isabella that he forgot to honour the presence of her other precious gem. She caught his eyes and nodded to her side.

Leopold was yet again pleasantly astonished.

Grabbing the purple folds of Violet’s dress was another pretty young girl. She must have been around the same age and height as Isabella. However, this one had darker hair and a light olive complexion. She actually looked much like Violet herself with long dark hair, deep dark eyes and soft yet chiseled features.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-25-2009 04:19

Leopold looked to Violet.

She was quick to respond. “Victoria…”

“Do not tell me she communicates in French as well!”

“No,” Violet assured. “She does not speak yet.”

“Not a word?” Leopold looked at the girl hidden behind her mother’s overcoat.

Violet shook her head. “Isabella does all the talking for her…” and with a sigh she added. “…and for me at times.”

“Hello, there Victoria.” Leopold whispered to his second niece.

Victoria looked to her mother and, when Violet nodded in assurance, she looked to Leopold and then suddenly nodded politely.

Leopold’s heart melted. “Aw… That was adorable Vi…”

Isabella then suddenly pulled Leopold’s hat from over his head and that made Victoria giggle hysterically.

Violet was horrified. She quickly grabbed Leopold’s hat and returned it to her brother. “Isabella,” she reprimanded her daughter, “We spoke before about these kinds of manners.”

Leopold looked at Violet inquiringly.

Violet spoke dismissively. “Oh, she definitely takes after her father’s side of the family.”


Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-25-2009 04:23

The four sat together at a café nearby.

Victoria sat next to her mother obediently drinking milk from her baby cup, whilst Isabella was tugging hard at Leopold’s tie in an effort to pull it off.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Leopold.” Violet covered her face. “It’s the Champs-Elyeese incident all over again!”

Leopold laughed. Between his chokes he asked. “I take it Clift knows about his daughters.”

“Daughter.” Violet corrected.

“What?!” Leopold’s shock startled Isabella, and Victoria started giggling merrily again.

“They are both his daughters, yes… But I could not bring myself to tell him I had twins and non-identical twins at that! They look nothing like one another. It was the biggest shock to me and I could not imagine what it would have been to him.”

“He has not seen them yet?”

“I sent him a picture of Isabella. The daughter he knows about.”

“Why not Victoria?” Leopold wondered with a choke.

“Victoria was a never a worry to anyone.” Miss Parr shrugged, then looked to her choking brother and the child tugging at his necktie. “But I’d rather he knew about Isabella well in advance.”

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-25-2009 04:32

Leopold now had Isabella on his lap. He hugged her tightly to restrain her now wild movements. “I do recall you acting in a very similar manner during your own childhood, Violet.”

Miss Parr looked indignant. “Leopold let the matter to rest. Such vulgarity does not become you.”

Leopold chuckled merrily as he playfully tried holding Isabella in place. He finally took off his tie and gave it to the young girl in admittance of his defeat. Turning to face his sister once more, he suddenly looked serious. “Clift must know of his daughters, you cannot withhold this knowledge from him.”

“It is all agreed in advance, a civil marriage in name to be annulled as soon as the child... well children were born. I disembarked in Paris, he left back to America, and I do not owe him any further information or explanation. Should he be interested, he can always find me.”

Leopold arched an eyebrow. “You never were the easiest of persons to get in touch with Violet. All my letters to you we returned. Why, you must have changed address in France more than five times.”

“I will do whatever it takes to feel safe.” Violet spoke as she stroke her daughter Victoria’s hair.

“Well you are back in London now, and you are safe here. I shall get in touch with the Yard tomorrow morning.” Leopold smiled at his youngest and only sister. “You are to be afforded the very best of security services our legal system offers.”


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Feb-25-2009 11:26

((( Im joining this particular storyline because previous stories relating to this, I was a big part in so, for that and because I enjoy RP'ing with my dear friend,Violet, I am posting...not for the contest or any other reason, other than the just the pure enjoyment of roleplaying )))

***New York***

Makensie sat at the small diner, eating some lunch, in between cases. Her sister ,Makayla Brewer, sat across from her, talking in her usual loud manner. She took too much after their cousin, Reese Withers.

"Don't ever act like your Aunt Makayla, Mr Man", Makensie said, leaning down toward her son, who obviously grew bored with his food, and was making faces in his potatoes.

She called him 'Mr Man', but his name was Cody James Brewer-Garrett. He had dark brown hair like Makensie, and had her beautiful eyes but everything else was his father, Clift Garrett. He was a handsome little guy, and very smart, and sharp.

"Aunt Makky, look at my smiley face", Cody said, with a proud smile.

Makayla smiled with love, as she drew something that a small child shouldnt see, as he looks up at his mom, and said, "Whats that?"

"I dont think your Aunt knows, darling, now, quit playing with your food, and act like a little gentleman. Drink your milk", Makensie said, with a gentle smile.

"Boy, has being a Mommy sure turned YOU soft", Makayla said, grinning.

She shook her head, as the diner door opened.

Clift Garret came walking in, as Makensie's eyes fell on his.

"You still have the hots for him doncha?", Makayla said, as she got up to leave.

Makensie shook her head, as Clift approached.

He greeted Makayla, as she walked off, then kissed Makensie's cheek as he sat down across from her, and their son.

"Hey there little guy. Hows my boy doing?", Clift said smiling.

"Look what Aunt Makky drew, Daddy!", Cody said.

Clift looked at Makensie, and she said, "Dont ask"

He shrugs, then says, "Have you heard from Violet?"


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Feb-25-2009 11:37

She took a drink of her coffee, then said, "No, I haven't heard from her in awhile. Why?"

"Just was wondering",he said, ordering a cup of coffee to go.

"How is Isabella?", Makensie asks.

Clift said, "Doing well, I hear. I wish I could be around her more"

Makensie smiled, and said, "Im will all work out, it always does"

He smiled, then said, "I have to leave for a few days, Makensie"

"Off on another adventure, are we?", she said, frowning.

"It will only be for a few days, and I will be back", he said.

"Of isnt like we together anyway. Its just nice knowing that you are close by, feel more safe", Makensie said,then added, "BUT, Ive always been tough, and I will manage"

"Daddy, do I get to come with you on your trip?", Cody asks.

"No sorry, little man but I will be back before you know it, and we will all go to the weekend festival. How about that?", Clift said, looking at almost the spitting image of himself.

"Yeah!!", Cody said, all excited.

The waitress comes up, hands their bill to them, as Clift takes Makensie's bill with his, and goes to pay it.

The waitress was talking to Cody, as he buries his face in his Mom's arm with shyness.

"Give him a couple years, he wont know the meaning of the word", the waitress said, smiling as she walked off.

Makensie stood up, as Cody scooted out behind her. She stood back,and let him walk ahead of her, as Clift came out behind them.

"Where are you taking him now? You still working?", Clift said.

"Yes, he is with me at the agency today. He is having fun with all the triffids, and such", Makensie said, smiling.

"Be careful, Mak. Our jobs are cruel sometimes, I just dont like him being that close.He needs to be home with Ms Cevasco, your room-mate",Clift said, with concern.

Makensie said, "I know how to take care of our son,Clift. Ive been doing it for some time now. Dont worry, and YOU be careful on your adventure you are going on"

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Feb-25-2009 11:46

"it isnt an adventure, unless you consider chasing villains around the world an adventure. Its more of a pain in the butt,if you ask me", he said.

She laughed, and said, "Well, we are off. Cody say bye to your Dad, we must get going"

Clift knelt down to his son, kisses his nose, and hugged him, and said, "You take care of of Mommy, and be good, and I will be back before you know it"

"I will Daddy", he said, as he kisses his Dad cheek,and his little arms hugged him.

Makensie melted everytime she saw that, and discreetly wiped a tear from corner of her eye.

Clift stood up, and hugged Makensie, and kisses her cheek, and said, "I will be back soon. I will keep in touch with you, and if you need me, you know how to get ahold of me"

She nods, as he walked off.

"Come on Cody, back to the agency we go", Makensie said.

She planned on contacting her dear friend Violet, when she got back. Its been awhile they've talked, and she would love to see how her dear friend is doing...and ask when Clift gets to know of his other daughter, Victoria.

Violet mentioned to Makensie that he only knew of Isabella, and being the good friend she was, ofcourse she would never tell Clift, per Violet's wishes, but, she mentioned Isabella, as a test, to see if Clift knew of both yet, and he doesn't.

'I hope Violet knows what she is doing', she said to herself.

Cody looks up at her, and said, "What u say,Mommy?"

She smiled, ruffled his hair, then picked him up in her arms, and said, "Nothing, Mr Man, just Mom talking to herself as usual"

"You do that alot", he said, with such serious eyes.

She chuckled throwing her head back,as they walked off, and she said, "Yes I do, Cody, yes, I do"

As they walked off, a scruffy looking man came out from the corner of a building,and lit a cigarette, as he watched them walk off.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-25-2009 16:23

*Somewhere in England, on a country road*

It was a drizzle rain that evening, the kind that would sneak the cold deep down into anyone’s bones. Joey was beat. He had been driving for several hours now. The road was empty…not a soul on it. While thinking back, Bane realized he had not seen a human being since he left the last town. Not even one car passed him by into the opposite direction. “Damn! I hate England!” mumbled him, taking a sip of whiskey from his flask while holding the steering wheel with the other. He leaned a bit ahead checking the sky. He couldn’t tell what time it was, so he resigned and let himself fall back into his seat. Memories of the last events started to feebly flash before his eyes…

‘…You need to leave the city, Bane! You’ve stuck your nose in all this too deep. The cops don’t like you. Neither does the mob. You need to let things cool down by themselves…’ Mancuso’s words were still ringing hard in his ears. He was commissioner now, yet a friend…as much as one can be a friend in that position. The whole police was crocked…top to bottom. They were just soldiers to the mob. Bane knew he didn’t have a choice. He had already received warnings. Nosing too much in the mob’s business can get a man killed just like that. And he had passed that red line long ago. It was a wonder that he was still breathing. That last case was the drop that filled the glass though. He knew he shouldn’t touch it, yet he did. “I wonder what the hell was in my head?!?” he mumbled. Two years have passed by since he last came back to New York. And now he had to leave again...

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-25-2009 16:24

“Damn rain!” he said raising the flask up to his lips again. A sudden screeching noise made him drop the small bottle. It sounded as if something had broke inside the engine. He then felt that the steering wheel had gotten stuck into his hand. He hit the brakes in an attempt to stop. “Wrong move!” He lost complete control over the car. A slide…Bane looked ahead and realized an imminent collision to a tree. He covered his eyes with his hand in a last futile gesture of protection. His life got one more flashback in his eyes before he crashed…and everything turned black.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-26-2009 04:01

**London, 7:36 p.m. that evening**

Miss Violet Parr absent-mindedly took a spoonful from Isabella’s plate at dinner and attempted feeding her daughter yet another spoonful. To her slight dismay she was met with a tightly shut mouth and a single word. “Non!”

Miss Parr was a loving but impatient mother. “Oh come now Isabella, it’s sweet potato and carrot... It can’t possibly be that bad.”

Isabella turned her face up to the side in defiance. “Laissez-moi tranquille!”

“We don’t speak French in England, Isabella.” Violet reprimanded. “Now repeat after me: Leave… Me… Alone…” Miss Parr then disoriented, shrugged. “Oh what am I doing… I’m teaching her how to talk back to me!” She then absent-mindedly ate the spoonful of sweet potato and carrot mush herself. “Oh, that’s horrid!”

“Horrid!” A sound came from the other side of the table where Victoria sat eating her own dinner.

“Oh dear God,” Violet went pale. “Please do not let that be her first word.”

“Horrid!” Victoria repeated.

Isabella giggled then spoke in French. “Horrible!”

Violet rolled her eyes but was too exhausted to lecture or respond. She had anticipated caring for only one child. Having two at once was a lot, she discovered, for a first time mother. Nevertheless, she figured she will have plenty of time in the future to instill some much needed manners in Isabella especially.

She picked up Victoria in one arm and Isabella in the other. She walked across to her bedroom. The two girls were already dressed in miniature night gowns, Isabella in mustard and Victoria in plum. She set each girl in a matching colour coded crib and gave them each a bottle of warm milk. “Good night my darlings…” She ringed.

As she walked out of the bedroom she heard two shouts of a “Bonne nuit maman,” and another “Horrid!”

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