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Sara Lou
Sara Lou

Feb-24-2009 15:17

"Sweetheart, come back here! You're too close to the street," I called.

My three-year-old smiled her father's smile at me. " 'kay, Momma."

I felt my heart swell as I smiled and ruffled her long, dark blond hair. She inherited that from her daddy, too. "Decadence, baby, I've got to go to work now. You be good for Ms. Martinez, okay?"

"Yes, Momma." Deca turned and smiled at our neighbor, Ms. Martinez, before turning back to me. "Is it a bad case, Momma?"

I laughed. It's amazing how fast kids pick up on their surroundings. "No, hon, just paperwork." I gave her one last hug and kiss, then slid into my car. I watched her wave good-bye in my review until I could see her no more.

"Geez, they grow up so fast," I muttered as my cell phone trilled. "Yeah?" I answered.

"There's not much time left," a woman shrieked.

My assistant, Nancy. "Nancy, what are you talking about?"

"Someone slipped a letter under the door. It had your name on it but I opened it anyway; if it was a secret they would've mailed it, right? 'There's not much time left; soon you won't see her,' it says. Oh, Sara, they're going to kill me!" Nancy cried.

"Oh, cut it, Nancy. Why would they kill you? They'd get more of a response if they were threatening..."

"Decadence," we said together.


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-27-2009 14:08

Not to my surprise, I could say, I found a woman. “So this is my back seat moaning cat…” Her hands were tied up to her back and also her legs. She was gagged. I shook her off for a bit to see if she was still conscious. She opened her eyes and gave me a frown look. She seemed though to somehow dizzy. An open cut over one of her eyebrows was dropping a few stains of blood.

“Ok, little lady…now who the hell are you supposed to be and what the hell are you doing inside my package?” I asked. She tried to say something and I realized she was still gagged. Her eyes now got even more frown. I lowered the rag that was used to cover her mouth.

“Damn it, Bane! Where the hell did you learn to drive?!? You almost had me killed back here! Now what are you waiting for? Untie me!”

“Listen here, lady…I ain’t got no clue who you are, but you see…in my line of business women tend to be kinda’…dangerous. I feel more comfortable with you tied up over here, so I sugg…”

“BANE! Untie me now, or I swear I will m…” I pulled up the gag back over her mouth, cutting the rest of her words.

“What the hell is wrong with you women? The moment that someone lets your mouth go free you all start shouting and cursing at me!?! Now shut up and listen. I’ll give you my standing in this. See…I assume those guys back at the station were not exactly planning to take you to a picnic. Now…I don’t know how important you actually are to them, but I tend to believe that by delivering you back or just leaving you here along with the merchandize, I might just be able to find a middle ground with these fellows and live on my life as if nothing has happened. Ok…I’m going to take off your gag now, but if you start shouting again I might just do what I said, you hear me?”

She struggled a bit more, but then she nodded at me in submission. She was still giving me an angry eye though.

“Ok…” I said taking again her gag off. “Now you’d better tell me an interesting story. I’m listening, gal.”

Lolita Marinez
Lolita Marinez
Sleuth About Town

Feb-27-2009 16:31

With my arms and legs tied my kicking on the wall of the truck was more like a weak tap than a thump. I couldn't believe how much my head hurt when I moved my feet! "Owwwwww"

Suddenly I heard movement outside the truck and the engine started up again. I could barely make out the voices but I did hear one loud shout "Bane..........." I remembered what I had heard before I blacked out. Something about Bane coming. Was it Joey out there?

I didn't have time to contemplate any longer. The truck started moving in reverse and crashed into something and then was slammed into forward motion and I was thrown around against the walls and the crates. I lost consciousness again.

The next thing I knew the truck was stopped. It took me a minute to get my bearings and then I heard the back of the truck being opened. I could see a light entering the back...."Here we go again" I thought

Eventually the light found me and squinting I recognized Joey "Bulldog" Bane. I don't think I had ever seen a more beautiful sight than that broken nosed, busted up old boxer. "I'm saved" I thought.

Lolita Marinez
Lolita Marinez
Sleuth About Town

Feb-27-2009 16:39

Well some rescue this turned out to be. Bane wouldn't even untie me. And he GAGGED ME AGAIN! My happiness about being saved was fast turning to anger.

“Now you’d better tell me an interesting story. I’m listening, gal.” Joey said to me.

I told him about Decadence and Sara and how his package must be connected to the same guys that kidnapped Deca and me.

"Do you know who these guys are?" I asked him

He shook his head "I don't ask questions, I'm just a delivery boy"

"We need to get back to the Cat's Eye club and find out who Mr Big is. He knows who shot Riley and he has Decadence" I told Joey. "Oh and we might be able to find out why they wanted you dead too" I added as an afterthought.

Sara Lou
Sara Lou

Feb-27-2009 21:10

I sighed. This was getting ridiculous. First Deca and Lolita were kidnapped; now I was tied up in what I assumed to be MY basement. I couldn't remember be hauled to any kind of vehicle, no could I remember riding in one, but judging by the rope indentations on my wrists, I'd been unconciously resisting my bonds. They weren't uncomfortably tight; just tight enough to keep me here. My ankles were tied as well, yet, miraculously, I hadn't been gagged. I sat up as best as I could (which wasn't very well), and surveyed the room. Yep, my basement.

I could see a few of Deca's old toys in one corner, my boxes of sentimental stuff in another. What kind of heartless bastard would lock me up with all my sentimental crap?

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-28-2009 03:29

I just stayed there for a bit, thinking of everything she had told me. Indeed I would’ve been better off just leaving her there, tied up in the truck. I didn’t give much of a damn lately about nearly anything. I was also never what some people call ‘a church door’ during my life, but…throwing an innocent to the wolves was a line that I could actually bring myself to step over.

I finally decided to untie her and then I hopped up in the cabin. She got up into the truck on my right. I took a long look at her with the corner of my eye. Even under the bruises, the cuts and the dirt I noticed she was a fine woman. That thought was though now the last thing onto my mind. I started the engine.

“Ok, Bane…” she said. “Now where do we go first?”

I looked at her thinking, my eyes fixing a point somewhere behind her head. Upon a few seconds I focused on her. “Now…’WE’ ain’t going nowhere together, lady! ‘I’ am going to drop you wherever you want and then ‘I’ am going to get the hell out of this city. And I’ll stay out there until this thing gets settled, one way or another. I’m not a part of all this and frankly I do not intend to become one. You hear me?”

“You’re wrong, Bane…” she answered. “You’re already mixed up in this mess. They’ve already attempted to kill you, remember?”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-28-2009 03:29

“They did…yet I’m not seeing myself as a part of YOUR mess. You see…these apes ain’t too bright. There’s a good chance those guys back at the station just wanted a cut of my cash. I’m just the delivery boy, as I said, and that makes me simply…expendable. There’s also a second option regarding their reasons to waste me…maybe…they wanted to tie up the loose ends in this kidnapping matter in which you came out to be just some ‘extra luggage’. Now, as I said, I don’t think these goons are smart enough to conceive a bright plan. They’re only a bunch of dumb animals. I thus just tend to believe they were just hired to do the dirty work. Maybe not even the ‘boss’ you said you saw is not the man you are looking for, but indeed he would be a good place to start.”

I lit myself one of those Cubans and then continued. “Well…as I see it, in either one of the cases I have described I don’t see myself to be important enough to be searched for if I was to disappear. Since trouble’s the last thing I want now, that’s just what I’ll do. Now…I can drop you off back at the club, but I would strongly suggest you take a shower and put yourself together a bit before. I doubt barging onto the head of these guys like a mad dog would do the trick. You might end up in the same position you were when I found you.”

She opened her mouth to say something, but then she appeared to have decided against it. ‘Damn coward…’ she said to herself and then out loud: “Ok, Bane…just drive ourselves out of here.”


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-28-2009 03:30

I dropped her in front of a house downtown. She said that it was her friend’s…the mother of the kidnapped child. “Something doesn’t add up in your story…” I said to her before leaving. “If they would’ve wanted your friend off her husband’s murder case, why not just kill her? Why bother kidnapping her baby? I figure that either they want something more from her or maybe…they have other reasons.”

She looked along the road as I was driving away and then I saw her heading for the entrance. I headed on home, ditching the truck on the way. I packed up a few things, grabbed me some dough and took the fastest road out of town. The city had disappeared in a thick coud of dust already behind me when the sun made his entrance again.

Lolita Marinez
Lolita Marinez
Sleuth About Town

Feb-28-2009 05:05

So Bane had dumped me on the street and run. I had thought there might be something good in him that would make him want to help us but I guess I was wrong. Oh well, us girls could probably do a better job without him. I watched the truck drive away and turned to walk up the path to Sara's house. I got to the bottom step and stopped in my tracks.

The front door was swinging wide open and I could see the hall rug was rumpled like something had been dragged along it. I stepped up one step and I could see blood drops on the threshold of the doorway!

"This doesn't look good" I thought to myself. Cautiously I stepped sideways off the footpath and moved around the side of the house. I made my way up to the dining room window and peered in. "Damn" I swore under my breath. A mean looking man was sitting there drinking coffee and he didn't look like the type of man Sara would socialize with. I decided to check the rest of the house. Peering into windows I couldn't seem to see anyone else. It appeared that one fellow was there on his own.

Suddenly I had a brainwave. Sara kept some weapons in the basement. They were kept up out of reach of Decadence. Sneaking around the back I found the basement window close to the ground and was lucky enough to find it open. As quietly as I could I wriggled through and dropped into the basement. I waited a moment for my eyes to adjust then dropped into a crouch when I heard movement near the stairs. Squinting in the dark I finally recognized Sara. She was tied up and there was blood coming from the back of her head. Amazingly she was conscious.

"Quick" she whispered as I untied her. I helped her up and as quietly as we could we retrieved the hidden weapons. I told her about the one guy in the dining room and we started to make a plan........

Sara Lou
Sara Lou

Feb-28-2009 10:56

I couldn't believe it when Lolita dropped in. I thought the beast who'd attacked me had called for backup, but then it occurred to me that he wouldn't call a woman for help.

"Quick," I whispered. She quickly untied me and I told her what I'd been doing. I'd been crying; so many memories down here. I was sure I looked awful; at some point I'd realized I was bleeding. I smelled the blood and felt a little woozy.

Lolita gave me a smile. "I'm afraid they separated me and Decadence at some point."

I nodded. "Makes sense. How many guys are up there?"

"Just one. He was drinking coffee in the kitchen." Lolita shivered, though I couldn't tell if it was from fright or the cold, damp air.

"Damn! Not my imported French coffee! Riley bought me that the day we found out I was pregnant. I only have coffee on special occassions, and that stuff just doen't go bad." I felt near tears again. I normally didn't cry; I must have lost a lot of blood.

"All right," I whispered. "I think Riley's service revolvers are in the box under the box labeled "Wedding". I can't look though. Would you do it?" The look on my face must have made Lolita realize how hard this was for me.

"Yes." She nodded, then started rooting through boxes.

"I think I've got pepper spray and maybe a couple smoke bombs, too. I put them over here..." I trailed off as I began going through a different stack of boxes.

"Got 'em!" Lolita called, holding up a .38, a .44, and a .45. "There's ammo here, too. We're set."

"Great. I've got some rope, which could be handy, six smoke bombs, and a can of mace. A couple pocket knives, too."

Lolita smiled. "Sweet. I'll go back out the window and get him from upstairs; you creep back up the stairs, and we'll have a little surprise party."

"If you can, don't kill him. He might be able to help us." I rolled my shoulders. "Let's roll."

Sara Lou
Sara Lou

Feb-28-2009 11:09

Lolita went back to the window and slithered out. Poking her head back in, she said, "Count to fifteen to give me time to get around front. I'll give two short whistles, then one long, and you'll go up." She smiled. "Good luck, kiddo."

"You, too, babe." I returned the smile and she disappeared.

I started counting down in my head. I reached one just as two short whistles floated through the still-open window. Then one long, shrill sound and I crept up the stairs. I took hold of the doorknob; it turned easily in my hand. That was bad planning. The first thing you learn when kidnapping is ALWAYS lock the door in case the captive gets free of their bonds. And always secure the windows...

Something was wrong here; or maybe I just had an overactive imagination. It almost seemed as if Beast wanted me to escape. I cautiously opened the door. Lolita stood to my left, waiting for me. She nodded, and I nodded in return. Together we slinked to the kitchen doorway, each armed with a pistol. Beast was sleeping. I smiled.

Pulling the rope from the pockey on my duster, I held it up and mouthed, "To the chair."

Lolita nodded her understanding. We split; she went along the left side of the table and I went right. We reached Beast who was still asleep. I moved to tie him to the chair, but then I caught the scent of blood; and it wasn't me own. Beast's throat was slit, blood pooled on the floor.

Lolita and I looked at each other, eyes wide.

"Oh, shit."

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