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Sara Lou
Sara Lou

Feb-24-2009 15:17

"Sweetheart, come back here! You're too close to the street," I called.

My three-year-old smiled her father's smile at me. " 'kay, Momma."

I felt my heart swell as I smiled and ruffled her long, dark blond hair. She inherited that from her daddy, too. "Decadence, baby, I've got to go to work now. You be good for Ms. Martinez, okay?"

"Yes, Momma." Deca turned and smiled at our neighbor, Ms. Martinez, before turning back to me. "Is it a bad case, Momma?"

I laughed. It's amazing how fast kids pick up on their surroundings. "No, hon, just paperwork." I gave her one last hug and kiss, then slid into my car. I watched her wave good-bye in my review until I could see her no more.

"Geez, they grow up so fast," I muttered as my cell phone trilled. "Yeah?" I answered.

"There's not much time left," a woman shrieked.

My assistant, Nancy. "Nancy, what are you talking about?"

"Someone slipped a letter under the door. It had your name on it but I opened it anyway; if it was a secret they would've mailed it, right? 'There's not much time left; soon you won't see her,' it says. Oh, Sara, they're going to kill me!" Nancy cried.

"Oh, cut it, Nancy. Why would they kill you? They'd get more of a response if they were threatening..."

"Decadence," we said together.



Feb-24-2009 15:37

"Deca!" Sara bounded up the steps to her home. She ran inside, screaming for Decadence the whole time.

Mrs. Martinez retreated out of the kitchen, Decadence in one arm, spatula in the other. "What is all the screaming about?"

Sara ignored the question and grabbed her baby. "Oh, Deca!" She hugged her, thankful she was okay.

Sara then explained to Mrs. Martinez what had happened. She called her assistant back, telling her that Deca was okay, but that they should watch her. They decided to keep someone up night and day, making sure nothing bad happened.


Ace Masters and his sister, Scarlett, had just left their house, on the way a business dinner.

"Ace, why do I have to go? Their your friends!"
"Scarlett, do you want to be a detective?"
"Well, yes, but..."
"Well, then," Ace interrupted, "You have to make contacts. Tonight, we're gonna see if they'll let you into our agency. Then you'll be all set."
"Ace look! You missed the turn!"
"Oops." Ace regretted.
"Turn around, will you?"

Suddenly an outbreak happened in a house down the street.

"Scarlett, I think we're gonna have to do something here." Ace told her as he watched the house. A woman was fighting with two men, while a third man was fighting with a screaming kid. They hauled the two into a Chrysler and were off, leaving third screaming woman, shouting from her doorstep.



Feb-24-2009 15:44

Ace spun his Ford around, giving a low-speed chase through the city. Scarlett fired out the window at the car's tire, actually managing to hit the back left. However, the car managed to get away through the speeding traffic.

Ace turned the car around, heading back to the house where it all started. Scarlett took down the plates, so, assuming that the woman called the police, they'd be caught soon.

Ace pulled up, flashing a badge. Scarlett flashed hers, too, but she botched it, and it flew on the ground. She fumbled as she picked it up. Ace was already talking with an officer.

"We couldn't get anything out of that woman. We know her names Sara Lou, but other than that..."
"Well, what did she say?" Ace asked the man.
"She just kept screaming, 'They took Decadence!' over and over again."
"Maybe I should talk with her?"
"No, She'd probably do better with a woman." The officer replied, "What about your friend?" He pointed. Scarlett tripped over the curb, and was trying to get back on her feet.
"That's my sister..." Ace thought aloud, "Maybe she could do it."

Scarlett was briefed, and she went to sit on the stoop with the woman in the robe.

Sara Lou
Sara Lou

Feb-24-2009 19:57

I ran my fingers through my hair. Terrible habit, but it has to be done. "Little, little, Deca. My poor baby. Oh, Riley, I'm sorry. God rest your soul." I sighed.

I sensed movement to my right. "Go away. She's gone. Just go."

The woman patted my shoulder. "We'll get her back."

"Oh, come on. You'll do a search, run the plates, search for the car, search for the men. Can't you see? I pissed someone off. I put the wrong person away and now I have to pay. Riley never would have screwed up like this..."

The woman ducked her head to catch my eyes. "Riley?"

"My husband." I sighed. "Riley Jenkins. Wonderful cop. We married, had a baby, and he got shot breaking up a bar fight the night Deca was born." I sniffled. "I'm not crying, ya know."

She nodded. "I know."

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-25-2009 06:02

“You dare steal from ME, girl!?! I’ll teach you a lesson! I’ll show you what it means to bite the hand that feeds you!” A punch…a cracking sound…she was down. A few more kicks followed. “UNGRATEFUL! You were NOTHING until I put you on the streets!” She spit blood. It was not her lucky day.

The noise in the back alley had made me finally open my eyes. The large pendulum on the wall was showing it was almost evening. ‘Damn booze’ I mumbled getting up. I looked out on the window. ‘Dumb pimp… he’s damaging the merchandize…bad business.’

I looked around searching for the cigarettes. A half full bottle of Jameson was laying on the floor aside the bed. I picked it up and took a thirsty gulp. ‘Just one more for the road’ I thought. I had a small ‘delivery’ to make that night.

“Hey, Bane!”…came Ava’s voice out of the other room. “Are you finally up? You need to go!”

“Yeah, yeah…I’m up…Now hold your horses! Let me gather my thoughts a bit. What’s the rush, anyway?”

A footsteps noise and she appeared in the doorframe, holding a lipstick in one hand and a small mirror in the other. “Bane, I’m not running a bed & breakfast here, you know? Be glad I’ve even let you sleep till now!”

“Cool down, babe. You don’t work the day and I did pay for a full night, now didn’t I?”

She pointed her lipstick hand at me and went on clearly annoyed: “That was LAST night, Bane! YESTERDAY! Now get your stuff and hit the road. I have another client on his way!”

“Okay! Just give me a couple of minutes…”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-25-2009 06:03


I stepped out on the sidewalk still searching for my cigarettes. Upon thoroughly turning out my pockets, I finally decided I had none. ‘Cat’s Eye’ said a big sign across the street, glancing slightly into the evening light. A woman’s silhouette was drawn, wearing nothing but a top hat and a cane. ‘I guess it’s a good place to look’ I mumbled, taking a step into the street.

Breaks screeching! I had to jump back, or it would’ve hit me for sure. The car took a tight left and stopped in front of a large gate, just besides the club’s entrance. I opened up my mouth to curse, but as the car was waiting for the gate to open, I noticed something strange inside: 3 goons appeared to be struggling in order to hold down a woman and a little girl. The car then disappeared fast inside and the door slammed behind it. ‘Rough neighborhood’ I grumbled slowly. ‘None of my business, anyway.’ I finally managed to cross the street and got inside the club.

Lolita Marinez
Lolita Marinez
Sleuth About Town

Feb-26-2009 07:03

"Stupid" is what was running through my head as the car pulled into the yard behind the club. "How could I be so stupid?" I was in a right mess now. Sara had called me and asked me to help watch Decadence after she had received the threatening note. "Fat lot of help I turned out to be" I thought to myself. Not only had I let Decadence get kidnapped I had got myself kidnapped as well.

Sara and I were friends from way back. Riley had bought the house next to my mother years ago and we had become neighbours and good friends as well. I had dropped the 't' from my name when I became a P.I so now I was just Marinez. And a dumb Marinez at that. What was I going to do now!

Decadence was screaming and one of the fat goons was practically sitting on top of me. I could barely breathe. Suddenly something caught my eye. "No" I thought "It couldn't be.........was that really Bulldog...........Bulldog Bane that I had seen as we pulled into the gateway" We had never met but I knew him by reputation. A hard drinking, hard fighting, detective with attitude.

"Think woman" I told myself..........there had to be some way to get his attention. "Noooooo!" my heart sank as he turned away and started walking into the club. Oh well........I had to know that a drunk like him would never be my knight in shining armour.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-26-2009 14:43

A couple of hours later I was still sitting at the bar. Like any other action I took lately, ‘buying a pack of cigarettes’ also turned into ‘almost finishing a bottle of whiskey’. Looking up at the clock on the wall I noticed I was already half hour late to my delivery’s pick-up. “Keep the change, lad!” I said to the tender upon throwing him a couple of coins and then I heavily lifted my body up from the stool. “You just made me rich, Mister!”…his answer came, mocking my ‘generosity’ from behind.

Midnight was close. The street was now empty. A couple of railroad lanterns were left outside on the sidewalk, spreading around a faded red light. I took a deep breath inhaling the chill of the night. My mind was foggy…my vision the same. ‘I guess I shouldn’t have had that last glass’…I said to myself. I did realize though that my point of start was just two blocks away. In order to clear my head I decided to walk.

After about ten minutes I finally made it. I entered what looked like an old factory yard. A couple of men were standing in front of a truck that was parked facing the entrance. Its back was though fit through a large loading gate that went inside a big storage. It looked as if they had tried to put something in, without anyone seeing what it was. Upon noticing my arrival, one of the men leaned on a side to see in the storage and waved his hand shortly. A third character came out of there and walked towards me. The two followed closely. Approaching the one in the front, I recognized Jimmy.

“You’re late, Bane!” he barked. “Now what do you think this is? A playground? You were supposed to be here 45 minutes ago!”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-26-2009 14:43

Jimmy was no more than a regular mob goon, but given the fact that his IQ was just slightly higher than a frozen potato, he was in charge.

“Well…I’m here now. Where is my package?”

“Inside the truck.” He threw me the keys. “Take it down to the old railway station. Dock 5. Now get moving! They’re already waiting for you.”

“My cash?”

He pulled out a thin envelope from his coat and threw it to me. “Here you go. Half now and half at delivery. Move it!”

I opened it up and counted the bills. He sighed in contempt: “It’s all there, Bane. Stop wasting the time!” I finally climbed behind the steering wheel and turned on the engine. He walked along the side of the truck as I was heading to the exit. “Hey, Bane…I heard at some point that you turned detective. That true?” He stood now right in front of the truck.

I gave him a bored eye. “Yeah, Jimmy…it’s true.”

“So how come you’re doing this job for us?”

“Ain’t paying so good to be a detective. Now…if you ain’t planning to wear tire tracks on your suit, I suggest you move out of my way. I’m late, remember?” I smiled. He moved on the side and gave me the finger in the rearview mirror.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-26-2009 14:44

The old railway station was all the way on the other side of the city. Since they made the new one, it was abandoned. Its storage area was now a good place to hide contraband merchandise and in fact to also burry or simply lose anything you wouldn’t want someone to find. In order to avoid any possible problems like…running into cops, I decided to take the outer ring of the city. It took me about one hour to get there, but everything went smooth.

I drove slowly around and stopped in front of a large rusted door. The writing on it was barely visible, but I was pretty sure it said ‘DOCK 5’. In front of it there was passing the old railway used for pulling the wagons into position. Upon crossing it over, the truck took a hard shock. The strangest thing happened then: somehow it seemed to me that I heard a moan coming from the back…it sounded like the voice of a woman. I turned off the engine listening closely. No sound. Just crickets. I turned it back on and horned at the door. ‘I guess all that booze is finally starting to mess up my mind’ I mumbled. I also knew better than trying to open the package or even ask who I was doing this for. Trouble was the last thing I wanted.

In a couple of minutes the gate had been opened and I drove inside. A single man came up to my door. “It’s fine, Bane. I’ll take it from here. You just head on home now.”

“Ok. Now…my greens?”

“You’ll get it from Jimmy tomorrow.”

“Now hold on, lad”…I replied. “This ain’t the deal that I made. I’m here, the package is here so my dough should be here. You ain’t touching this steering wheel until I receive what’s becoming to me, you hear?”

He stopped for a minute to think and then said. “Alright, just stay put. I’ll go to the back and see what we can do about it.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-26-2009 14:44

I stayed in the truck and lit up a cigarette to make time pass faster. The whole situation didn’t smell right. “Dumb bastards”…I grumbled. “I’ll teach you a lesson for trying to cheat me out of my dough, if that’s what this is!” I reached with my hand for my ankle in order to pull out my stubnose and keep it at hand just in case. “To hell!” I exclaimed out loud. “It’s not here!” I started to search in the cabin to see if I dropped it somehow. A flashback then came in my eyes…”Last night…she was playing with it…I left it Ava’s!”

Things were not looking good. My instincts were telling me I was close to a dangerous situation and I didn’t have anything to defend myself with. I opened the door and then let it shut back, but just enough for the hook not to catch. This way I could make a quick exit if needed. I stayed in the truck and decided to wait.

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