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The Heist
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Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-11-2009 11:40

November 5, 1934 - New York - The Tricky Mister - close to midnight

“You want me to rob a bank?!?” said Joey in surprise, suddenly realizing his voice was a little louder than he would’ve wanted to. He quickly scouted the room and was relieved to see no one seemed to have heard him. The Tricky Mister wasn’t really crowded on that late week night.

His interlocutor though didn’t seem to bother much about this situation. He was a middle age slim man in a dark pin striped suit, sitting relaxed across the table with both hands crossed in front of him. His tie was straight, his jacket fully buttoned up, his hair posed a clean arrangement on a side. A short and perfectly cut mustache was framing a slightly prankish smile, as his eyes were thoroughly scouting Bane’s reactions. Although his attitude was loose, he seemed to be the kind of man who always likes to keep himself sharp.

After a short moment of silence he slowly lowered his look, shaking his head in an almost imperceptible move, miming a disappointment gesture. “Mr. Bane” he continued in a low voice “that is…’come si dice’…” snaps his fingers “ILLEGAL!” He rose back up his eyes. “We are not asking you to do anything against the law, but only to acquire the possession of some documents that actually regard US. It just happens that these papers are currently stored in a safe deposit box inside the National Bank and since we have already attained this piece of information, we believed it would be helpful to pass it on to you, in order to make your work easier. However you will decide to retrieve these documents, it is entirely up to you.” He stopped, straightened up his back and took a sip out of the wine glass he had ordered. “Exquisite flavor, Mr. Bane, you should give it a try.”

“Ya, well…I’m more the whiskey type of man. Now…Mr…”



Feb-23-2009 03:21

Rose felt someone shaking her awake and heard Maria babbling in the distance. Something about Mona needing to know something. Opening her eyes groggily she saw standing above her a fairy. That’s the only thing it could possibly be, the woman was so beautiful the only explanation was that she was a fairy out of one of the stories she had heard. Shaking her head, the world stopped spinning and the fuzzy edges straightened themselves out. With a jump she realised who the woman standing above her was, it was Mona, Joey’s friend.

Attempting to sit herself up, she found Mona assisting her, being more kind and gentle than she ever expected from a bad guy. Suddenly she heard a soft musical voice speaking, it took her a while to realise it was coming from Mona. Some of her words slurred together, but she heard her mention Barressi, and something about policemen. There was a short silence before Rose realised she had stopped talking.


Feb-23-2009 03:21

“I… don’t understand. What do you want to know” she murmured, her words braking up.
“I just want to know if you heard Barressi say anything while you were…well, being held.” The musical voice replied.
Rose tried to think back but her mind was covered by a thick veil of fog. The only thing that could come to her was a snippet of a conversation she remembered hearing.
“I think I heard him say something about a relative. Someone connected to him who worked inside the bank.” She heard herself saying. “Someone who would ensure that everything went to plan.”
“A contact, well… I guess that’s helpful.” Mona said heavily. “So we’re looking for some sort of man that resembles Barressi.” She paused. “Thanks for your help kid, you’ve done great.”
Rose couldn’t help but feel like she’d failed somehow, like there was something important she hadn’t picked up. But as hard as she tried, everything was covered in fog.
She felt a movement beside her and realised that Mona was leaving. Muttering a goodbye she fell back on the pillows, trying to ignore the pounding in her head. Just as she heard the door close a name came to her
“Ruby…Ruby, she’s the one! Ruby works at the bank” but her feeble cries couldn’t reach Monas ears, who was now hurrying away from the building.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Feb-23-2009 07:47

“There’s nothing in here!” The skinny cop with a pimple-scarred face said to the other two policemen in the interrogation room. He had flipped it over three times, cut the inlay open, and ripped the whole suitcase apart. Of course, the three cops had searched JC thoroughly many times over. Both of JC’s wrists were now handcuffed to the arms and his ankles tied to the legs of the hard chair he was sitting in. The door was locked.

“And you’ve searched his safety box?” The fat one asked while gobbling down another donut.

“Yeah, Ruby was there too. It’s basically empty.”

“And she said he’s been to the bathroom?”

“I’ve been there too. Nothing.” Pimple-scar said. JC smiled to himself.

The fat one was finishing his last donut while he walked over to JC. “So, Mr. Tombstone, you better start talking.” JC could still see bits of chocolate in the fat guy’s mouth while he chewed.

“I thought my identification clearly stated my name as Eugene Smithson Jr.” JC probed. All three cops laughed. JC was beginning to piece the story together.

‘So, this was one of Barresi’s tactic.’ JC thought. He knew Barresi would make several backup plans of his own; Joey the chaperone being one of the many. ‘The bastard thought he could get his cops to arrest me for the bank job, pocket the documents in the process, and put all the blame on my head. Even that flirty Ruby was his pawn. Good that they mistaken that I’ve already got it done. What, they think I'm some kind of magician?’

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Feb-23-2009 07:48

Suddenly the dark cop who’s been quiet all day slapped JC in the face. “Where is it?” The fat one growled.

“You know you cannot keep me here forever.” JC’s face burned red where the dark cop touched him. “I came out of the bank with nothing on me, not even a pocket knife. You will need to let me go soon.”

“Not until we’re through questioning you!”

He knew what ‘questioning’ was all about. He had been through more police interrogations than three life times of dentist visits. He was immune to the pain. He just hoped they’d leave him healthy enough to finish the heist tonight.

Scarface held a thick phone book on top of JC’s chest while the dark cop took out a hammer. It’s an old trick. The cops can damage their victim as much as they wanted without leaving a single mark on him. No bruise, no scar, no external evidence.

‘Well, Barresi, I guess I ain’t gonna play nice to you either.’ JC thought. The dark cop held the hammer up and was about to strike. JC braced for what was to come next.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-23-2009 14:59

Joey took a few moments to moan, and then decided it was time to do something a little more constructive. He felt his leg, noticing that the bullet was still in. He managed to get up with difficulty and started thoroughly searching through drawers. He took out a roll of thin wire and a small pair of scissors. He headed then into the bathroom trying to find a couple of bandages. Upon coming back into the room he laid everything down on the table. “Now…for the anesthesia…” he mumbled, as his eyes fell upon a small bar displaying several kinds of booze. He picked up two bottles of Jameson and set them also on table. “I also need something to tie my leg with…” added him in the end, looking around. His eyes stopped upon Franco’s body, noticing the string Whispers used to tie him up. “I guess restraining him now ain’t no use…” Upon untying the chord, he had to pull hard to make it let go. This move rolled over Franco’s dead corpse, unveiling one more time his nakedness. “Damn…this was the one thing that Whispers was right about: this is indeed a freaking ugly picture!”

Bane took a seat then in front of the table and dismantled the scissors. Using the wire, he tied them back up, turning them into something resembling a forceps. He then tied up the string tight, right above the wound. He grabbed the first bottle of whisky, brought it up to his mouth and didn’t let go until he had managed to empty half of it. He groaned while feeling all his body burning from inside out, and then poured the rest of the bottle over the wound. A long and powerful shout followed as he kept digging in his leg attempting to find the bullet. He managed in the end to take it out and then fell back into the chair, seeming to be just half awake from all the effort and pain he had endured.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-23-2009 15:00

As his eye vision was slowly starting to fade, Bane was completely astounished by the image of…”Whispers?!?” He suddenly rose up into a sitting position. His eyes were closed, his neck straight and his arms were just hanging down. He seemed to resemble a zombie. “I think I’m starting to hallucinate…Did you just wake up, mate? Are you really alive?”

“Well…if the devil doesn’t look like you, I would say…yeah…I think I am” finally answered Whispers, his hand reaching up for his head. “She shot me!” he exclaimed as his memory seemed to come back. “I can’t believe this! She really shot me with that scrawny gun!” He started feeling off his body. Upon a few seconds he noticed the blood coming from his chest. He felt his wound. “It’s just a scratch. The bullet went out to the back, passing between my arm and chest.”

“So then…how come you passed out, big guy?”

“I don’t know…must’ve hit my head during the fall.” He stood up looking out on the window. “Where’s the car, Bane? What happened?”

“I guess she must’ve took it…I don’t know. She shot me too and I was lying on the floor when she took off. You see by chance another set of wheels around, Whispers?”

“No. Damn! How will we ever get back into town?!?”

“I don’t know…walk, I guess…or steal a car.”

“Steal it from where, Bane? You forgot we’re in the middle of freaking nowhere?”

“I DON’T KNOW WHISPERS! I don’t know…but what the hell is the rush anyway?”

“I’M HUNGRY, Bane! I told you.”

“Oh…yeah…well…try your luck into the kitchen.”

“Right! I forgot about this. Now let’s see…” Whispers rushed inside and upon a few moments of search he exclaimed: “Praise Mother Theresa and all of her brats! WE GOT DUCK! I tell you, Bane, it’s a full roasted duck! Alleluia!”

“Well, help yourself” yelled Joey back at him. “And don’t bother to save any for me. I ain’t feeling like eating right now.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-23-2009 15:02

As his conversation with Whispers appeared to have helped him focus better, he started arranging his bandages, mumbling slowly for himself: “I never knew Mona could cook anything more than boiling a man’s heart…”

A couple of minutes later Whispers came back into the room, holding the roasted duck under one arm and a leg in the other, biting out of it as if he wouldn’t have eaten in a month. He took a few steps saying something with his mouth full of food. Bane didn’t understand, but he decided not to ask. Whispers stopped near Barresi’s corpse, looking at it as if he was looking at a picture in a magazine. Again he mumbled something that only he understood.

As Joey managed to finally finish with his bandages while passing over Whispers’s unintelligible grumbles, he suddenly heard his voice loud and clear: “Now what the hell is this smell, Bane?” He lifted his eyes in interrogation to see the big guy disgusted while smelling the air. Bane then was astonished to notice…a man! He was standing right in the door frame, staring at them. None of them realized the door was wide open.

Whispers kept turning around sniffing the air until finally ended up facing this man. He looked like a farmer, wearing a dirty overall suit. Whispers slowly stretched his neck towards him, taking another sniff. “I’ll be damned, Joey! This guy smells like pigs!”

The man just stood there astonished, his eyes jumping quickly in rounds, from Whispers to Bane and then to the body. Whispers was checking him out slowly, head to toe and again, just as a dog would check out a tree before raising his leg. He then realized a strong engine sound was coming from the outside. Checking the window he noticed a truck…full of pigs.

“Now who the hell are you supposed to be?” inquired Bane looking at him.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-23-2009 15:03

The man opened his mouth to probably start giving an answer, but right at that moment Whispers had strongly applied him a punch. His fist hit the man straight in the face. A cracking sound marked the burst of his blood out through this broken nose. His eyes became suddenly empty. Upon staggering for moment he fell on his face like a sack of potatoes. Whispers turned towards Bane a face full of grease and meat pieces up to the ears. “Well now, Bane…we have a ride!”

Joey tried to say something, astonished again by Whispers behavior, but after a moment decided against the idea. He was in no mood to see the big guy raising his shoulders again or giving him one of his lame explanations. He thus limited himself down to saying: “Ok…I guess a pig truck will do.” With this he stood up and aimed for the exit.

“So what do we do with this guy?” Whispers asked.

“Don’t know” Joey said…”leave him here.”

“So…what if he talks to the cops? He must’ve come here drawn in by the shots. He saw our faces and also the body. I say we waste him.”

“NO! I don’t want him too on my conscience.”

“I’ll…take him on mine if you want.” Whispers smiled.

“Look here, big guy: I figure…a couple of traces of blood won’t mean nothing. No body, no problem. Just pick up Barresi and…throw him in the back of the truck. We’ll see what we do with him later.”

“You wanna feed him to the pigs?” Whispers was again smiling wide.

“Now how do you thing we would look driving around through the city with a truck full of pigs eating up from a stiff? NO! Just wrap him up a bit better and put him somewhere in a corner so no one will see him. Let’s move!”

“Right then. Hold this!” By saying this Whispers tossed Joey the duck.

“Damn!” exclaimed Bane. “Not only I was full of blood, but now you’ve filled up my suit also with grease!”

“Don’t drop it, I warn you!”

“Don’t worry. I WON’T”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-23-2009 15:05

About two hours later they found their selves driving in front of the bank. Noticing the animosity of the crowd they pulled over.

“Hey, kid” shouted Bane to a child on the street. “What’s wrong here? Something happened? What’s with all these people?”

“Police caught a bank robber” answered the boy. “They took him downtown at the station for questioning now.”

At this point a blue suit approached their truck. “Hey, pig people, move it! There’s nothing to see!”

“I’m moving, chief…moving right now!” Whispers saluted the cop using the hand in which he still held the duck leg.

They first made a stop at Maria’s, checking on Rose. She still needed care, so Joey decided to let her stay there. Maria informed them about both Mona’s visit and Ruby. Bane started thinking: ‘So Ruby was Franco’s contact inside the bank. That doesn’t help much at this point, but maybe…maybe she knows about his police contact. I’ll have to meet her. I still want Mona set free from the mob, so basically I need those books. If J.C. got caught, it means that Barresi’s plan worked and his ‘associate’ might be now in possession of them. Strange thing though…J.C. getting caught just like that. And also…since when did he start braking banks in the afternoon? There’s something fishy here…I’ll have to track down his moves.’

Upon stepping out in the street, Bane turned to Whispers and said: “Mate, I really have to admit we both need a shower and also clean suits. So I say…you drive me home, go get cleaned up and meet me in a couple of hours downtown. Well take it from there.”

“Agreed. I’ll also take care of the truck in the meantime.”

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Feb-24-2009 00:30

“You’re late! Again.” Ronnie said. Those get away drivers were always so keen on time.

JC sighed. His internal organs still felt like liquid, and he had trouble keeping his mind focused. “I had a little run in with the ‘authorities’ earlier this evening.”

“What? Are we still on then?”

“Yes, yes.” JC replied. Secretly JC was glad about the arrest. Now he knew what was up Barresi’s sleeves. “Ronnie, this is Djordji.” The two eyed each other a couple of seconds and nodded. JC deemed the two really didn’t need to know each other that well. The more separated his accomplices are, the better off he would be as the mastermind.

JC ran over the simple plan again, with a few minor adjustments in case the cops show up. Both boys listened intently. Ronnie made coffee and everyone double-checked all their gears for the last time. JC checked both his revolvers, as well as his blade.

“Are you sure the alarm will not sound?” Ronnie asked nervously while he put on his driving gloves.

“It won’t.” JC simply stated. He looked at the watch and drained the rest of his coffee. It made him feel better. “It’s time. Let’s move.”

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