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The Heist
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Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-11-2009 11:40

November 5, 1934 - New York - The Tricky Mister - close to midnight

“You want me to rob a bank?!?” said Joey in surprise, suddenly realizing his voice was a little louder than he would’ve wanted to. He quickly scouted the room and was relieved to see no one seemed to have heard him. The Tricky Mister wasn’t really crowded on that late week night.

His interlocutor though didn’t seem to bother much about this situation. He was a middle age slim man in a dark pin striped suit, sitting relaxed across the table with both hands crossed in front of him. His tie was straight, his jacket fully buttoned up, his hair posed a clean arrangement on a side. A short and perfectly cut mustache was framing a slightly prankish smile, as his eyes were thoroughly scouting Bane’s reactions. Although his attitude was loose, he seemed to be the kind of man who always likes to keep himself sharp.

After a short moment of silence he slowly lowered his look, shaking his head in an almost imperceptible move, miming a disappointment gesture. “Mr. Bane” he continued in a low voice “that is…’come si dice’…” snaps his fingers “ILLEGAL!” He rose back up his eyes. “We are not asking you to do anything against the law, but only to acquire the possession of some documents that actually regard US. It just happens that these papers are currently stored in a safe deposit box inside the National Bank and since we have already attained this piece of information, we believed it would be helpful to pass it on to you, in order to make your work easier. However you will decide to retrieve these documents, it is entirely up to you.” He stopped, straightened up his back and took a sip out of the wine glass he had ordered. “Exquisite flavor, Mr. Bane, you should give it a try.”

“Ya, well…I’m more the whiskey type of man. Now…Mr…”


Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Feb-21-2009 10:39

“You’re late! You’re supposed to be here before noon.”

“Don’t state the obvious, Ronnie. I don’t have much time. Is everything ready for tonight?” JC asked while he lifted the hood of the Lincoln very carefully -- he couldn’t risk ruining his suit, he didn’t have time to change again. Damn that whiskey.

“Don’t worry, I polished this baby inside out. Petrol, motor oil, breaks… all in top tier condition. You know this Model L has strong acceleration and the engine is capable of reaching a top speed of 90 miles per hour?”

“I’m not expecting a chase tonight, but it’s comforting to know. Thanks.” JC closed the hood, “See you tonight at 10:30, Ronnie.” Off he sped towards the Restaurant.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-21-2009 15:48

Upon finishing up questioning Barresi, Bane stepped out on the porch attempting to gather his mind. He wasn’t worried about being noticed as they were practically in the middle of nowhere. Franco had given him a lot of input, so he had a hard time digesting all of it in order to establish his next move. He took another gulp. ‘Let’s see now…’

It turned out that Mona had come back to the city about a year before. Indeed her carrier went sour, so she ended up giving ‘private performances’ to the city officials and…basically anyone who could afford her. She didn’t come cheap though and she had ‘protection’ from a guy who went by the nickname of ‘Smiley’. Giuseppe ‘Smiley’ Bellini, by his full name, was nothing but a former pimp, turned recently into a ‘businessman’. Apparently he hadn’t throw away all his old ‘habits’, but just improved his ‘view on business’. While pimping Mona for good cash he also made sure to take pictures of her customers. From time to time, while being in need of a ‘favor’ or just of a ‘humble donation’, he would present his art to the person in question and settle his desired ‘arrangement’.

At some point, a couple of month ago, Smiley got greedy. Now Mona had access into the houses of some of her ‘regulars’. One of them had attracted Smiley’s attention. He was a mob’s bookie and so our poor pimp believed that he might also be holding large amounts of cash, locked somewhere inside a safe. He had Mona rob him and it proved he was right. Indeed she came out with a big load of money, but also she picked up a couple of books from his safe. These books were containing ’transactions’…the kind that could get many people locked deeply behind black bars. Realizing what he was holding, Smiley came up with another idea: he tried to negotiate with the mob. That was the end of Giuseppe Bellini. He went to a meeting and never came back. “He’s probably feeding the fishes by now.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-21-2009 15:49

Now…even though he made foolish choices, Smiley had enough brains not to bring over the books when he went. He stashed then inside a safety deposit box at the bank, along with his usual pictures. The mob obviously learned about their location by torturing Smiley, but getting their hands on them was a totally different matter. Upon pulling some strings, they’ve managed to get to the mayor and thus they ‘convinced’ him to make them somehow fall onto their lap. He was indeed due to be back in the city in 2 days from now and open the vault, but not for the reason Barresi initially stated.

Mona was now in a hell of a jam. Smiley was gone and even though she did have his money, her deed would not go unpunished no matter what. Although she considered running away, she did realize it was not a solution. She knew very well how wide the mob stretched and that they would find her sooner or later. They never forget and never forgive. Her only chance of surviving was to get hold of the books and try using them as a life insurance. The problem was that she also didn’t have access to the safety deposit box. At this point she came to Franco.

Barresi was also one of her regular clients, but one that was foolish enough in order to fall for her. It was strange for a lawyer and even more for one that was serving the mob, but nevertheless he indeed was in love with her. Obviously he had agreed to help her. Upon learning about the contents of the safety deposit box, he started to think even further. He realized holding that information would put both the mob AND the city officials right into his pocket. He would practically be king in New York. So thus he hid Mona and hired J.C. for the job. Not being a stranger to J.C.’s habits of handling business his own way, he rolled in Bane exactly for the reason that he was suspecting: to get maybe an edge over J.C. in case it would prove necessary. He used the threat on Mona’s life just as a bluff to interest Joey in the job.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-21-2009 15:50

“Yo, mate…you fell asleep out here?” Whispers voice roughly interrupted Bane’s chain of thoughts while coming out of the house. “We gonna stay here all day? I’m kinda hungry…and this guy doesn’t have anything around.”

“Nah…” replied Joey still a bit lost. “He did give us Mona’s location, so I say…let’s pay her a visit.”

“And what about eating, Bane? I’M HUNGRY!...and it’s already past noon!”

“I don’t know, Whispers…smoke some grass or something!” He stopped for a bit to think. “On second thought…I reckon that since Mona has been living there for a while, she must have something to eat in the house.”

“Good thinking!” Whispers smiled. “And what about Barresi? Can I shoot him?”

“NO! Again…what the hell is wrong with you?!? Just pack him up and throw him in the trunk. We’ll take him with us.”

“But…he’s moving. What if he shouts and someone hears him?”

“Well…knock him out again.” He took another thirsty gulp watching Whispers disappear inside. “And DO NOT use the hammer, you hear me? I need him still breathing in case he’s been lying to us!”…he shouted just to make sure.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-21-2009 16:21

10 minutes later they were on the road. Bane looked outside on the window thinking. ‘If this bank job is nothing but Barresi’s one man show, it means not many people know about it. Certainly not the mob. I do have to make sure about this though. Mona might be of help in this direction. If they’re the only ones who know, it might be easier than I thought to keep my name out of this story. I just…have to come back in good terms with Barresi. I don’t know how though…well…we’ll see. This ain’t the main of my concerns right now. The one thing that I’m sure of though is that those books have to reach the mob one way or another. J.C. obviously doesn’t know what he’s stealing. I have to warn him…or stop him. I have to get in touch with him somehow…before or after the job. I guess I’ll take a nap at Mona’s to get my strength up and at midnight I’ll head over to the bank. Something tells me that tonight is the night.’

He looked ahead as they were pulling over in front of Mona’s current ‘place’. It was, as expected, a remote and secluded location just a few miles from the city.

“Wait here!” Joey said as he was stepping out of the car.

“Can I…?”

“NO! Do NOT shoot him! And do NOT ask me that question again!” He slammed the door and stepped onto the entrance alley.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Feb-21-2009 16:40

JC knew someone was watching him, but they wouldn’t act until JC come out of the bank, whoever they were. JC went inside.

“Hello again, Mr. Smithson,” Ruby the teller leaned her chest forward and fluttered her lids. JC wanted to poke her eyes out. “Why, that’s a nice little suit case you’ve got there.”

JC faked the smile and waved at his suitcase causally, “Yes, I’ve a business meeting in Chicago tomorrow. I have to board a train very soon, but I need a few things from my safe.” He pretended to look at his watch.

“Certainly, dear.” Ruby led JC down to the vault. He checked the pathway for the last time; he did not like surprises. Nothing had changed, including the daytime security guard. Good. He opened his decoy safety box, took out the few dollars he had in it, and returned to Ruby, thanking her.

Casually JC asked, “I believe the men’s room is down this way?”

“Down and to your left.”

“Thank you. You know how train station toilets are like.” JC faked a look of disgust. Ruby giggled like a little girl.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Feb-21-2009 16:40

JC headed for the washroom, passing the backdoor on his way. He checked that it was simply bolted from the inside, as usual. JC went into a toilet stall and laid the suitcase on the water closet. He opened it and took out the inner case. Knocking on the smaller suitcase 3 times, in a predetermined rhythm, JC received 4 knocks of a similar pattern as a reply. The little Thai seemed all right.

JC opened the cleaner's closet within the washroom. It was near the closing hour, and JC believed that the caretaker again would not get that broken lock fixed today. Anyhow, JC had equipped Anastasia with hammers and wrenches in case anything happens; he had given it to her earlier on along with the wire cutters. He placed the smaller case near the back of the closet and partially covered it with a dirty cloth, making sure there was enough room for the girl to get out. The case now looked non-descript, like the rest of the junks and brooms in the closet. JC picked up the now empty larger case, waved at Penny and slowly walked out of the bank, as if the case was still heavy.

As soon as JC was three steps outside the bank, three guns were pointing at him. Cops. JC smiled.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-22-2009 15:23

While heading towards the front entrance, Joey checked out with his eyes the visible side of the house. “She’s here!” said him satisfied upon noticing a thin smoke was coming out of one of the chimneys. He walked up to the door and knocked. He didn’t want to startle Mona. No answer came back so he knocked again. The door remained shut but he heard a small noise coming from inside the house. He decided to go for the handle. He pressed it slowly and the door swung open. “Strange…” mumbled him stepping inside. The front door went directly into the living room. He took a few steps looking around with caution.

“Hold it right there, Bane! Stay where you are!”

He turned his eyes to see where the voice came from, but had to cover them with his hand in order to avoid the powerful sunlight coming through the windows. Mona had used the light and shadow contrasts to hide herself in plain sight right inside the room. She stepped out for Joey to see her, holding a small Derringer in her hand.

“Now that’s not really what I usually call a warm welcome, Mona” said Joey looking at the gun.

“You’re not exactly welcome here, Bane. I also do believe the purpose of your unexpected visit is not just plain and simple courtesy. Sit down.” She pointed towards the couch.

Bane complied fast with her demand as actually he was barely standing. His wound was staring bugging him again. He raised his eyes at her and fell into a chain of memory flashbacks. She was as beautiful as ever. Her red locks were enchantingly boarding her clear and elegant face lines, crowned by the most beautiful green eyes that he has ever seen. His memories were highly vivid, making him feel as it all happened yesterday: their first words, the time together…the tender moments they have spent alone…

“Wake up, Bane!” said her sharply, snapping him back into reality. “Now I assume you didn’t come here in order just to take a short nap on my couch. Speak up! What do you want?”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-22-2009 15:24

“Well now…” Bane spoke…”I see there is no point in bringing up the past. I’m under the impression you don’t like me as much as you used to.”

“Right” she replied. “Now please get to the point!”

He lit himself up a cigar and continued. “I’ve also heard that you have changed…professions. What happened to you, girl?”

“Life happened, Joey. Life. Now tell me…how exactly did you find me? The only one who knew where I was is…”

“Barresi?” Bane smiled. “I heard that you two are in love.”

“He is. For me…it’s just…a convenient love.” She sighed. “I got myself in trouble, you see…”

“I know. He just told me.”

“Barresi? How come?”

“Well…I did have to use a little rougher persuasion methods, but he came clear in the end.”

“To hell! What did you do with him?”

“What do you care? You don’t need him. J.C.’s breaking the safe tonight. I’m sure we can work out something with him…for old time’s sake. It’s just a matter of locating him.”

“NO! You don’t understand! I need Barresi!”

“What for? What good can he do now? He set everything up and now things are in motion.”

“Not quite” she said dropping down on a chair. “You see…he had a different plan.”

“A different plan, you say? Let’s hear it.” Bane’s eyes showed curiosity.

“He tipped the cops. J.C. will be arrested.”

“But…I don’t understand. Why? For what purpose?”

“Franco has a contact inside. The documents are due to end up in his hands.”

“Ok…that makes sense. Who’s his contact?”

“I don’t know, he’s the only one who does.”

“Well then…let’s bring him in” said Joey with a smile.

“He’s here?” replied Mona in surprise.

“Yeah…I just gave him a free ride in my trunk.” He rose up and shouted with power. “Yo, Whispers! Bring him in, big guy!”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-22-2009 15:26

A couple of moments later Whispers came through the door carrying Franco on his shoulder. “Where do I put him, Bane? He’s heavy.”

“Just toss him somewhere, big guy.”

Whispers dropped him hard on the floor. Mona let out a small shout of surprise upon seeing him wrapped up in the drape that was now soaked in blood around his legs. “What did you do, Joey? Killed him?”

“No, I just had to convince him into being more…open to communication.” Bane grinned. “Wake him up, mate!”

Suddenly Whispers posed a puzzled face. His hand reached up and started scratching the back of his head. “Emmm…wake him up, you say? Well…I can try, but…I don’t think he will.”

Bane stood up looking clearly concerned. “Now why would that be, mate? What did you do?”

“I…kinda…strangled him…about five minutes ago.”

“WHAT? WHY?” Bane was astonished.

“Well now…you did say not to shoot him, so…” Again he raised both his shoulders, palms pointed ahead.

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