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The Heist
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Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-11-2009 11:40

November 5, 1934 - New York - The Tricky Mister - close to midnight

“You want me to rob a bank?!?” said Joey in surprise, suddenly realizing his voice was a little louder than he would’ve wanted to. He quickly scouted the room and was relieved to see no one seemed to have heard him. The Tricky Mister wasn’t really crowded on that late week night.

His interlocutor though didn’t seem to bother much about this situation. He was a middle age slim man in a dark pin striped suit, sitting relaxed across the table with both hands crossed in front of him. His tie was straight, his jacket fully buttoned up, his hair posed a clean arrangement on a side. A short and perfectly cut mustache was framing a slightly prankish smile, as his eyes were thoroughly scouting Bane’s reactions. Although his attitude was loose, he seemed to be the kind of man who always likes to keep himself sharp.

After a short moment of silence he slowly lowered his look, shaking his head in an almost imperceptible move, miming a disappointment gesture. “Mr. Bane” he continued in a low voice “that is…’come si dice’…” snaps his fingers “ILLEGAL!” He rose back up his eyes. “We are not asking you to do anything against the law, but only to acquire the possession of some documents that actually regard US. It just happens that these papers are currently stored in a safe deposit box inside the National Bank and since we have already attained this piece of information, we believed it would be helpful to pass it on to you, in order to make your work easier. However you will decide to retrieve these documents, it is entirely up to you.” He stopped, straightened up his back and took a sip out of the wine glass he had ordered. “Exquisite flavor, Mr. Bane, you should give it a try.”

“Ya, well…I’m more the whiskey type of man. Now…Mr…”


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-18-2009 15:44

“Ok now…kill the lights” said Bane as they were passing through a side gate of the docks. “Pull over near those crates. And keep your distance from the lamps.” Joey pointed his attention towards a building in the back. “All windows dark…no movement” mumbled him. “Maybe it’s a dead end, let’s…WAIT! What’s that?” He noticed somewhere on the side there was car parked in the shadows. Taking a better look he recognized Franco Barresi’s Lincoln. “I think we hit the jackpot, mate. It’s good this guy likes flashy cars.” He smiled. “Let’s stick around here for a bit…maybe something will happen.”

They didn’t have to wait long. After a few minutes the door creaked open and a man in a fancy suit stepped out. He was accompanied by a woman. They remained in front of the building talking, as if they were waiting for something. The woman murmured a few words, then put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. It was no doubt a lover’s kiss.

“Ain’t that Barresi? Who’s the broad?”

“Sure looks like him…and…no idea” answered Whispers.

A moon ray glanced onto the woman’s face. “MONA!”…Joey exclaimed in a complete surprise. “Now what the hell…?”

“The only danger she seems to be in is getting knocked up, if you ask me” grinned Whispers with an evil look.

“I ain’t amused, mate” eyed him Bane.

“I’m sorry Joey. I remember you have a history together.”

“It seems she had a change of taste though” answered him in a bitter voice. “Let’s…HOLD! We have company!”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-18-2009 15:44

A second car rolled in and stopped right in front of the building. It was a black four door sedan, the kind low rank mob goons usually use for dirty jobs. Two men got out of it and exchanged a few words with Barresi. They stepped inside then and came out after a few moments, one of them carrying on his shoulder what seemed to be a body. They threw it on the back seat.

“Is that a stiff?” asked Bane shrinking his eyes.

“I don’t know…it ain’t moving…maybe. I’d use the trunk though for a stiff. Hmm…I can though tell you it’s a woman with a long brown hair.”

“Rose!” exclaimed Joey. “Damn! I shouldn’t have sent her here.”

Upon exchanging a couple of words with the goons, Mona and Franco got into his ride and the two men in theirs. Then both cars left, each into a different direction.

“What now, Joey? Who do we follow?”

“The girl. She may still be alive. We’ll handle our love birds later. Get moving. Also, keep your distance. Let’s hope they will not notice us.”

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Feb-19-2009 01:41

JC promised himself that this would be his last drink before hitting home. He’d need all the concentration and energy he could muster for tomorrow.

Djordji was cleaning and greasing all his tools. He had to make sure everything would work properly tomorrow. When he was almost finished, JC said, “Do it one more time. I don’t want this to fail because the picks are too clean or too greasy.”

“Va.” Djordji agreed in Romani. He respected people who were even more thorough than he was. Djordji blindfolded himself, and with the hand of a musician he directed the picks into the keyholes of the mock safe. He bought his ear close to the safe, as if he was tuning a guitar. After a few seconds the thin Gypsy smiled. ‘Click’. The mock safe was opened.

JC patted Djordi on the back, and poured him a drink. “Pachave tut.” Djordi said, thanking him. JC liked to work with minorities. They appreciate every little gesture you do for them, and they don’t talk much, not that they had many people to talk to, to begin with.

“Naj pala soste!” JC replied. He only knew three words in the Gypsy language: yes, no and you’re welcome, but Djordji knew enough English to understand him. JC poured himself another drink; he promised that this would be his last before hitting home.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-19-2009 08:48

Whispers and Bane followed the goons up to an old boat house. It wasn’t far from where they’ve left, but it was placed in secluded bay. ‘The perfect place to ditch a corpse’ Bane thought, watching them carrying Rose’s body inside. “Hey, Whispers…looks like we don’t have much time. If she’s alive now, she won’t be for long. These guys must be setting her for a swim.”

“No worry, partner, I’ll take care of this.” Whispers got out heading towards the back entrance. Bane stayed behind in the car, lighting a cigarette to make the time pass faster, thinking…’If Mona and Barresi are together, it may mean all his threats were just dust in my eyes. You never know though with these guys…Anyway, Rose must’ve heard something…I hope. I wonder…”

Three shots were heard then, coming from inside the house. “Damn!” Joey jumped out of the car and ducked behind it as he pulled out his revolver. He waited there a few moments, hidden. No sound. He leaned a little on a side to see if there was any movement. A silhouette came out through the door. It seemed to be a man carrying something on his shoulder. He felt relieved upon recognizing Whispers. “Is she alive?” asked him while rising up.

“Yeah, she’s ok. Just passed out, but she’s still breathing.”

“The goons?”


“Both of them?”



“What did you want?” said Whispers eyeing him annoyed as he was carefully placing Rose in the back. “I tried asking them nicely…didn’t work!”

“I just don’t want to leave a trace of bodies” replied Bane. “Well…anyway, you sure they’re dead?”

Whispers’s hand reached upon his lower back and pulled out a…machete. “You wanna make sure? Be my guest. Bring me a souvenir while you’re at it…I was in hurry and forgot.” Hi posed again his usual sadistic grin.

“Damn, mate! You’re giving me the chills. Remind me from time to time not to get on your bad side. Now put that thing away and hump in. Time is short.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-19-2009 08:49


“Ok, where to now?” Whispers asked climbing behind the wheel.

“Maria’s. She’ll look after Rose and in the meanwhile we can figure out what our next step’s gonna be.”

With this the car went off again, leaving behind a thick cloud of dust.


Feb-20-2009 03:03

*earlier that day (sorry, I would've posted this before but I got sidetracked and didn't have time to write... sorry)*

Rose skipped along, arriving at the docks in no time flat. Once there she stopped skipping, she would have to be very serious now, she had to prove to Joey that she could work in situations like this. She saw a couple of warehouses with beefy looking guys standing outside. That looked like somewhere she needed to be heading. She calmly walked along; looking like it was perfectly natural for a young girl to be walking along a dock surrounded by men in dark suits.

Arriving at one of the warehouses, she peered into one of the windows that weren’t completely covered in mesh wiring. She squinted, attempting to make out the dark shapes in the room. She could just see a lady, wearing some sort of robe. She was sitting on a stool talking to a man who had is back to the window. Rose noticed something familiar about the woman’s face, but she didn’t know what it was. Reaching into her pocket, she grabbed out the picture of the woman she was meant to be finding. Looking up, she saw an exact replica of the face in the photo. ‘Mona’ she realised. But what was Mona doing in their, casually talking to that man? Wasn’t she meant to be a prisoner?


Feb-20-2009 03:03

Part of their conversation came floating out of the window, Rose could distinguish the mans voice,
“…So the police are on standby, JC, Bane, whichever of them is ready will bust into the bank, where the police are waiting. They’ll caught and, hey presto, face a hefty time behind bars. Getting rid of them will leave the city free to us!”
Rose couldn’t make out the woman’s reply, for at that moment a pair of beefy hands came slamming down on her shoulders.
“Doing a bit of sleuthing” came a rough voice from above her. “Now, usual procedure would be to present you to the boss, but he’s a little preoccupied at the moment, so I guess I’ll have to deal with you myself”
Next thing she knew, there was a loud thud and she felt her head hit the ground, then it all went black.


Feb-20-2009 03:03

Rose felt herself drifting in and out of consciousness. She remembered being driven around, and being passed from someone’s shoulder, back to the car, then on the ground, but by the time she fully regained consciousness, she was lying in a comfortable bed with the smell of cigarettes hovering near her bedside. Her eyes fluttered open and she heard an exclamation from near her head.
“Praise the little baby Jesus, she’s alive, she’s alive I tell you!”
Rose was thankful to realise that the voice praising the Lord was one she recognised, Maria. She felt something stick up on her forehead and realised that must have been where she bumped it.
She finally remembered what had happened to her, and what she had heard.
Clearing her throat, she attempted to make the words come out, her voice sounded a lot feebler than she remembered them
“Maria… help… we have to tell… have to warn… Joey”
then she fell into the blackness again.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-20-2009 06:11

Upon delivering Rose to Maria’s, Bane had decided not to wait. ‘That bump on her forehead doesn’t look good. It might take her a while to wake up. Let’s get back on the streets, big guy. We’ll catch up with her later on.’ He exited the door trying to duck the heavy fire of Maria’s words, ‘blessing’ him for the situation he had put the young child into.

About half an hour later Whispers pulled over on the side on an earth road, somewhere into the city outskirts. “What are we doing here, Bane?” asked him while turning off the engine.

“Paying a visit to Barresi” replied Joey. “This here is his summer crib.” He looked up. It was cracking dawn. “We should move while it is still dark.”

“What do you plan to do? Shoot him?” Whispers took out of his coat what seemed to have been a revolver once, but now had an extended barrel up to about 15 inches or so.

“Wohow! Now what the hell is that? What are you doing with that cannon, man?”

“My…revolver you mean?”

“Revolver?!? That’s a freaking rifle! Put that away…and DON’T SHOOT ANYBODY FROM NOW ON! You hear me?”

“Loud and clear, Bane…” He posed a disappointed face.

“Ok, let’s go in now. Come on.”

“How do you even know he’s here?”

“I don’t. I’m just testing the waters. Come!”

“So what if he’s not?”

“WHISPERS!!!” Joey barked clearly annoyed. “We AIN’T GOT TIME for crappy questions! Now move your arse! You take the back door. I’ll knock on the front. Make sure you ain’t gonna lose this one also.”

They finally stepped out of the car, each heading for his designated spot.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-20-2009 07:42

Humping slowly towards the house, Bane’s ear caught what seemed to be a flowing water sound. He noticed a small bathroom window half open on the ground floor. He threw a careful eye inside. ‘Damn. I’m in luck!’ he thought. Barresi was indeed in there, apparently taking a shower. Thus, Bane decided against knocking, in favor of picking the door. He made his way in silence trough the house and ended up right in front of the bathroom. As he was reaching for the handle, the door suddenly opened rendering him face to face with a…naked Barresi!

“BANE?!?” said him startled facing Joey. And that was all he got to say before heavily dropping on the floor. Blood started dripping slowly from his broken nose as he just lay there inertly.

Whispers appeared in the hallway rushing, noticing Joey bending over Franco’s body. “What happened?” he inquired Bane. “What was that cracking sound? Is he dead?”

“Nah…just passed out. It appears my old left hook is still alive.” Bane smiled as he was shaking off his hand in pain. “Damn! I forgot how much it hurts to knock out someone without a glove!” He pointed his eyes to Whispers. “Why are you standing there? Search for Mona!”

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