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Strange case
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Winston Wolf
Winston Wolf

Feb-10-2009 11:05

I just finished quite a strange case. I don't know the title of the case but i'll tel what i know:
Hard case
People in the case:
Zoe Watson
Karl Driscall
Kelvin Giron
Spencer Allen
Madalyn Barwarth
Silvanus Andrews
Alexander Emry
Tobias Amezcua
I had foot print (but it was a false leed) and hand writing (right hand person).
Zoe Watson (ded)
Tobias Amezcua (client) alibi: ?? (waitres didnt tel-I didnt pay), right hand
Silvanus Andrews no alibi, right hand.
everybody else left hand or confirmed alibi, and Alexander Emry (reserch). The banker confirmed that handwriting matches to Tobias Amezcu. But.. wrong the killer was left hand Madalyn Barwarth.
Is it even posible?? How could it hapen?? I was sure. Everything matched.


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-11-2009 00:55

Winston, regarding the case you described in the thread opening: hard cases can have 2 OR 3 suspects, not counting the one you rull out with research. So basically, you were left with 1 dead suspect (Zoe), one sure suspect (Silvanus - no alibi) and one possible suspect (Tobias - you did not know). So, you already had met the minimum suspects number (Zoe and Silvanus) and you should've checked for the 3rd alibi. You would've found out that it was real. This means that you had a 3rd piece of evidence that you didn't find becouse you were missing the skill for it. This also answers Dredd's question: hard cases can have 2 OR 3 pieces of evidence.

So, Winston, your case was basically simple: 2 suspects and 3 pieces of evidence. You just didn't have enough skill for all the evidence and also you didn't have clear the possible suspects/evidence combinations for the hard difficulty.

As for the formulas of determining the killer, ctown is right. Read the newbie thread. As far as I know it's like this:
- 2 WE - guilty (no need to know alibi)
- 1 WE + fake/no alibi - guilty
- 1 PE + fake/no alibi - guilty
Also...I guess if you have all evidence skills (which makes you sure you found all of them) and you matched all but one pieces of evidence to real alibies suspects, the last one will point to the guilty one.

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