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New 'High Scores' category
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Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Nov-7-2008 12:32

I was a little bored earlier and was taking a look at the high scores board. Isn't it about time we had a another category added for the older detectives now? There's so many out there who are...well lets say getting on a bit ;)

I know it's not exactly a major change and probably not such a big deal to most people but I don't know, it just seems fitting that as more and more people are hitting 600+ days now (and quite a few people are well over a 1000 days) that we have some new categories to the high scores boards.

Any thoughts?


Freedom Fighter

Nov-7-2008 23:02

Oh Ctown, my Dawg "Clueless" could teach you the secret handshake. You just have to get close enough for her to do a few skills for you and she'll teach you no sweat! However..... she's on a mission these days, I think for some unknown faction.. ?

Old Shoe

Nov-7-2008 23:34

Careful what you wish for ctown. There are some "old" players who can't even attempt a "secret handshake" without a fistful of vaseline and a crappy baseline.

That said, I like the spirit of the thought. There are a lot of people who have played the game and made an impact, but whose achievements or contributions seem less important or impressive now, simply because the game has aged, and in doing so, has collected more people willing to post more impressive numbers.

Here's what I'm saying: Like music? Hey, me too! Think about the Rolling Stones.

Are you?

Okay good.

Now. From a technical perspective, nothing the Rolling Stones ever did was particularly impressive by current standards. Keith Richards' guitar playing sounds like what it was: a chimp beating a cat to death on an infants' change table. The baselines sound like they were sampled from a soup commercial. And watching Mick strut around the stage like an epileptic ostrich is enough to make any caring person want to strap a bicycle helmet on their grandfather before he falls asleep. And yet they remain part of rock iconography.


Because no matter how mundane, derivative and clichee their act appears today, the fact remains that they were the first to do it and that makes them special.

How special?

Hall of fame special!

So this is me proposing a Sleuth hall of fame. You could get in under any number of categories -- e.g.

best one hit wonder
oldest player to still play at least 30 cases/ week
fastest newbie to hit 1 000 000 exp
outstanding achievement in the field of burning an idiot
player most likely to play bass for the red hot chili peppers
first to find secret #1
best name ever
best post history
best hijack

and so on. What I'm envisioning is a nomination system in which a player could make the list in any category, provided they had at least x number of nominees recommending them as hall-o-fame worthy in that category.

Sleuth sugar, how come you taste so good?

Tireless Tiger

Nov-8-2008 20:30

I was actually thinking of this today and what I'd like to see is an agency high score board similar to the one for players, that goes by age of the agency.

While I don't really care much about personal high scores, I like to see my agency move up the boards as that shows the effort of teamwork for all the agents involved. I'd also like to see something where we can build a resume that shows all teh agencies we've been in. I know sometimes we jsut agency jump to deliver or pick up items. I dont know how others have worked but everytime I've visited to pick up or drop off, I've at least left a mark by leaving some cases for them or doing some contact work. Although I suppose this is something that agencies can put up on their websites if they see fit, but there is nowhere to show that I was once a part of one the best agencies to play the game even though it's dissolved now, I'm speaking of Black Swan

Old Shoe

Nov-8-2008 22:20

For a guy that doesnt even know the secret hand shake you really have been around and left your mark in a lot of agencies ctown


Nov-8-2008 23:25

Yeah, apparently dawgs pee on a lot of trees... :-D

So, back on subject, perhaps the "agency resume" idea would work better if there were parameters that only used agencies you were in for more than a certain amount of days. That would weed out the "item delivery" type of agency hop.

Old Shoe

Nov-16-2008 18:05

Or how about: 1st detective to dislocate their wrist while trying the secret handshake category...

erm - that'll be me.

Ctown - I'll happily show you, but you'll have to wait til the plaster comes off....

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