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Investigating the Elusive Barry Grant
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Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Oct-28-2008 02:14


“He’s just gone!”

“What do you mean gone?”

“I mean gone, detective, disappeared without a trace.”

“Barry Grant? Gone?”


“And what do you expect out of me?”

“What should I expect out of you?”


Huglover's Assistant
Huglover's Assistant

Dec-3-2008 01:56

Rebecca looks at Huglover's Assistant, as she can not really figure out what this could be, or what man it could be... - but her visitor seems nice enough...

Huglover's Assistant looks at Rebecca, and says that he can understand that this is new for her, and that she will need some time to think it over...

I have brought you three pieces of paper and a pen and some ink. Now, if you come to think of anything that we can tell Galant Baily to help him find the sins that he need to confess and repent from, I would like you to write this on one sheet of paper. Then, due to your situation, I guess there are things that you would like to confess to make it right with God as well, and I would like you to write this on the second sheet of paper. The third sheet of paper are if there are someone else you would want to bring a message to, and then you will have to put the name and the message there, and we will see if we can bring the message for you. The prison guard knows how to get in contact with us, so when you have written something on all the sheets and want me handle them further, just tell the prison guard, and he will get hold of me.

Huglover's Assistant smiled to Rebecca. She was still so confused that she could hardly speak... Who was this Galant Baily that he was talking about???

The gruff voice reappeared and said towards Rebecca: "Visitation over, now come with me"

Huglover's Assistant smiled once more, and said: Hope to talk to you again soon Mrs. Lebekka Flanks...

Suddenly it appeared to Rebecca... and she said "you are talking about Barry Grant???"

"May be? I..." Huglover's Assistant answered before she was to far away to hear anything more of what he said.

Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Dec-3-2008 09:56

Rebecca Franks scratched her head. She was completely confused by the latest visit made to her and wondered if it was just a mistake. After all, the man got her name wrong....

Becky laid back onto her bed and closed her eyes once more. She was still tired and desperately needed more sleep. However, that was not meant to be.

"Mrs. Franks! You have another rather insistent visitor."

Becky sighed, opened her eyes and sat up to face the cell door. Through it she saw two gentlemen: her lawyer and a young man she never met before.

"Mrs. Franks," said Becky's lawyer, Marshall Cambridge, "I've come with news."

Becky rolled her eyes at him, "Mr. Cambridge, I thought I made myself perfectly clear. I do not want to reopen this case and risk landing Barry in jail. It's the least I can do for him."

"Mrs. Franks," Marshall turned towards the younger man, "Please let me introduce to you Mr. Leopold Parr. He brings news that I think will change your mind."

"Oh?" Becky was skeptical. How could such a young man know anything about her or her case or even Barry for that matter.

"Mrs. Franks," began Leopold, "I have recently come into some information that may change your mind..."

Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Dec-3-2008 10:55

Meanwhile in a very nondescript part of town, Barry, whose hands and feet were still bound started to come to after a much disturbed sleep. He was achy all over, tired, and feeling very agitated. He didn't know he was tied up but soon found out when he tried to get up.

Seeing the ropes binding his hands he immediately started trying to untie himself with his teeth. The exertion that the effort required made him nauseated and he immediately rolled to his side and vomited.

"Ugh!" he said aloud. Then to himself, "Where am I? What the hell is going on?" He rolled away from the result of his last expulsion and onto some rocks. One of which jabbed him in the back pretty sharply.

Barry rolled away some more and looked back at the rock that so rudely poked him and realized it might be used to cut through his ropes. He gathered the very little strength he had, ignored his muscle pain, dragged himself back to the pointy rock and began running the ropes that bound his hands together over it.

He had to take frequent breaks but eventually cut through enough of the rope that it finally fell away. With his now free hands he untied his feet, stood up and looked around. He did not know where he was and the aches and pains in his muscles and the flips his stomach was doing was not helping him get his bearings.

"Well," he thought to himself, "I might as well pick a direction and see where it leads." Barry looked around and went in the direction that seemed the most promising to lead him back to civilization.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Dec-3-2008 13:04


“Mrs. Franks,” Leopold Parr started, “I bring you information that will shed new light on your case and the way you will hopefully decide to handle it.”

Rebecca Franks eyed Mr. Leopold Parr suspiciously but decided not to speak.

Leopold turned to Rebecca’s lawyer who nodded to him in return, prompting him to continue. “Perhaps you will agree to sit with us, Mrs. Franks, to hear information of great sensitivity, the magnitude of which may affect your decision of Mr. Marshall Cambridge reopening your case.”

Rebecca was still quite discouraged from speaking with the mysterious Mr. Parr: He looked pretty young, insistent and somewhat nervous… not a combination she felt able to stomach at the moment. Nonetheless, and against her better judgment, she agreed.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Dec-3-2008 13:07


They sat together and the gruff prison warden afforded them some extra time together due to the fact that it was Becky’s lawyer who was visiting her. Becky addressed both her Mr. Cambridge and Mr. Parr: “Gentlemen, I only agreed to meeting with you out of common courtesy. I have no intention whatsoever of reopening my case or discussing any of its legal aspects.”

Leopold eagerly, but decisively replied. His words fell into place perfectly and he spoke as if prompted. “Allow me to introduce myself to you first of all Mrs. Franks, I am Leopold Parr, my sister is Miss Violet Parr, you may not know her -or may know of her- but she is a very close friend of Barry’s.”

Becky winced at the mention of Mr. Grant. ‘Her feelings for him obviously go very deep for her to react this way to the mention of his name…’ Leopold thought. He continued out loud. “After a very mystifying dinner encounter with an underworld faction operative, my sister and I came across certain information that may prove absolutely that Barry Grant was and continues to be a target of certain factions of the City’s underworld.”

“Mr. Parr, there is no use of discussing this topic further. Barry has always been a target,” Becky fought back her tears. “I do not wish to see him continuing to be a target, and that is what will happen if you reopen this old file. I know Miss Parr, when have never met, but Barry mentioned her to me more than once. I realize you mean well, but no. You are no match to the people you speak of, not you, not your sister and not anyone else for that matter including Barry.”

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Dec-3-2008 13:11

“Mrs. Franks,” Mr. Cambridge intervened. “Mr. Parr believes he has information of material importance to your situations and to Mr. Grant’s. The least you can do is listen to him.”

Becky resigned, and nodded in agreement.

Leopold pressed on. “Violet was approached by the Eastern Triads. They requested that she undertakes a ‘little job’ for them and work as their operative for a very handsome sum of money and other promises.” Leopold swallowed, this was more difficult than Violet had promised him it would be. “You may or may not know that Barry Grant went missing shortly after your incarceration. He was recently found in a very dire state as per my sister’s last telegram.”

Becky’s attention was suddenly aroused but she made no interruption.

“The Eastern Triads have requested that Violet ensures that Barry Grant stays missing in whatever way possible and have requested her to burn down both Barry Grant Associates' Head Quarters in Shanghai as well as Barry’s apartment-”

“But that’s preposterous! Why beat Barry when he is already down and incapable of doing any harm to anyone. Please tell me she refused!”

“Mrs. Franks please. Let us hear out Mr. Parr for now.” Marshall turned to Leopold. “Please continue, Leopold.”

“On the contrary, Violet, in a very dangerous -and in my opinion reckless- move on her part agreed to the Eastern Triads proposal. I trusted her judgment and did not comment until we were alone. Violet plans to use the money and resources she was given by the Triads to turn things around and save both Barry and yourself from this very unfortunate situation.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Dec-3-2008 13:13

“Violet is not sure of this but she believes that Barry could be in possession of several incriminating documents that would harm the Eastern Triads, the Green Hand and possibly the Circle of Light. The documentation he has may include detailed information about HYDRA and other factions. This would include names, numbers, locations and even bank statements and maps. She believes that it was one or a combination of these factions that have caused the sudden pile up of the criminal charges against Barry in Shanghai, which you took the blame for and managed to prove your guilt of to the police authorities.

“Violet was also instructed to end the career -or life- of a new up and coming detective by the name of Clift Garrett. Apparently he is an American private detective working as rookie for Obelisk Inc. His extreme curiousity and interest in Barry Grant, as well as the fact that he knows Betty’s husband, prompted him to begin an investigation in Barry’s past. Violet made her way to New York in order to meet up with Clift and convince him to come with her to save Barry.

“She plans to find Barry and take him to safety and then work on proving his innocence and prove that all the charges that were brought against him initially -which you took the blame and prison time for- were purely fabricated. There was no material evidence of Barry Grant or yourself committing these charges of theft, fraud, assault or larceny. The whole case was based on witness evidence and eventually your own admission of guilt.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Dec-3-2008 13:15

Becky remained silent for a moment, taking in the magnitude of all these new revelations. “Mr. Parr I beg of you to speak to Violet and convince her to leave the matter to rest. If the dust unsettles, Barry might be harmed. I am sure if he remains out of sight, they will not think of harming him. Violet is putting both Barry’s life and her own in grave danger. From what I hear about them, the Triads do not respond nicely especially if taken for fools and neither does the Circle of Light nor the Green Hand.”

“Mrs. Franks,” Leopold spoke firmly. “The deed is now done. Violet knows what she is doing: she is a Lawyer and knows how to work the Shanghai authorities and most definitely the London Metropolitan Police. I myself have worked at the New Scotland Yard and have a legal degree and a good background in English and Welsh common law.

“We have now double crossed three of the strongest, most dangerous underworld factions and must see this through. You can either help us in proving Barry’s innocence and yours. Or remain idle while we help you in spite of your own free will.”

Becky could not reply to Leopold’s last few sentences.

Marshall finally turned to Leopold. “Vi will be careful not to alarm anyone to her true intentions towards Barry Grant?”

Leopold sighed. “We are beyond choice now... She will have to be.”

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-5-2008 13:36


Makensie was so glad to be back in her own office. She isn't used to such drama.

She flopped down in her chair, taking a much needed rest, and she began thinking of Clift Garrett. The kiss...then what he said afterwards. It really did hurt her, to think he was playing her all this time. Drinking or not, there was no excuse for his behavior.

As she kicked off her shoes, Dawg Pound's agency clerk, Barnabas Gravelle walked in. She sighed in exhaustion, knowing that the only time he ever came in was when there was some kind of news, and she wasn't ready for anything but peace and quiet.

Barnabas walks in, tapping on the door as he did, and says, "Ms Brewer, I know you are tired..." "YES, actually...I AM! Can this wait until tomorrow?", she snapped. He was a sweet man, and she felt bad for being so bitey with him, so she quickly said, "I'm sorry Barnabas. I am just so tired, and the cruise was hell" He nods, and says, "I understand Ms Brewer., I just thought you might like these"

He handed her a bouquet of red roses, and a note, along with it. Plus, another note, which was separate from that.

She took the flowers, and read the note. Her heart flip flopped a bit, as she thinks, "Great! Now he wants to be NICE" She looked at the beautiful flower arrangement, and sat them on her desk, and put the note aside. She'd deal with it later.

Reading the second note, she frowned:

Makensie STOP

I have a message STOP
for Clift Garrett STOP
Will you tell him STOP

She didnt read anymore. Ripping the note up, and tossing it in the garbage, she says, out loud, "Damn you Reese! I will not deliver anymore messages to Clift Garrett!!" She was going to tell her so too.

Writing a note, she said:

Reese STOP
I will not STOP
deliver anymore STOP
messages for you STOP
to Clift Garrett STOP

Makensie STOP

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-5-2008 13:38

She folded it, and handed it to Barnabas, saying, "Here! Send this out to Reese right away" He nods, and says, "Right away"

When Barnabas left, she got up, walked to her bar, and poured herself a glass of Bourbon on the rocks. Drinking all in the glass in one swallow, she poured another, and sat down on her sofa.

"To hell with love", she says, raising her glass in a mock toast.

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