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Got Darn Power Failures

Frank Dobson
Frank Dobson

Oct-8-2008 20:05

Bloody effin' Hell.
The power just came back on about 30minutes ago. That's the third time in less than 24hours the power has gone out. Worthless Electric Company didn't even know what the problem was. Anybody else having trouble with their utilities this week?

-Frank Dobson


Ima Vagabond
Ima Vagabond

Oct-20-2008 12:54

Oh my god, I know right, like my car had a power failure the other day and I was all like, "Grrrrr...stupid electric company don't want me to get to work to pay my bills," but then I realized that I just forgot to fill the car up with gas. My bad.

Security Lane
Security Lane

Oct-22-2008 16:07

Yeah, I take offense with y'all bad mothing the Electric Company. That was one of my favorite TV shows when I was a little kid.

The Electric Companeeee Yeah Yeah

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