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Detective Biography

Not much is known about Frank Dobson except that he just appeared one day in the City, shortly after his 3oth birthday. Known for his intelligence and wit, Frank is quite the charming ladies man. Dobson is skilled at the art of fisticuffs, but prefers to use mind over might, although he does agree with the old phrase "You can get further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone."

Solving cases takes up most of his time but when he does get a reprieve, he plays bass in a local jazz trio known as The Dockets. Although he enjoys the art and literature worlds where he frequents the museum and the opera as much as the library, he seems happiest at dimly lit dive bars when he has a cigarette in one hand and a glass of bourbon in the other.

There have been rumors of a dark past, in which there are sins and debts Mr. Dobson has yet to pay for, but these rumors have yet to be proven and seem to just be the jealous talk of other detectives and the bitter talk of criminals Frank Dobson has put away.
But then again...

17-5-1922: After a long, undisclosed absence, Dobson has returned to the city.

21-9-1921: it was recently discovered that Frank Dobson is somehow related to Frank Marlowe.

1-10-1921: Clamming suspects cost Dobson a case. All evidence pointed towards Tobias but because he was unable to get a motive, he couldn't accuse him. Only after quitting the case, was his theory confirmed. Motive is nothing when there is damning evidence.

8-10-1921: Again with the clamming suspects! Dobson had every last shred of evidence pointing at Rudolph but again, because motive could not be established, Rudy got to walk free and kill more people. If citizens can be convicted on circumstantial evidence alone, then surely an arrest can be made without first establishing motive.


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