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I Remember When....
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Reese Withers
Reese Withers

Jul-16-2008 00:41

someone suggested i make this thread, since ,according to them, i was going off topic. This is for all the "oldies" who remember what it was like for them, when they first started playing. Or new ones, whichever. Whatever your fondest memory is....list it here.

Here is what I remember...of my very first detective...Makensie Brewer....Joining Behind Closed Doors, thanks to the legendary Dr Falcon Maltese...and him showing me the ropes. That was a great time in that agency. I was so full of enthusiasm, and hard work. Wanting to make a name for myself. Wantng to learn everything.

After showing me the ropes, another detective came along..Ms Cevasco. Another dedicated worker, like I was. I havent seen her a long while but she was a dear friend, and i still consider her that to this day. Falco left the agency to her and I....we became the Directors of Behind Closed Doors, and we made a great team. Then she left, and I was the only Directer. I enjoyed it....and it was successful but guess it got too hard running it by myself sooo....I met another detective, who also became a dear friend...R Anstett. He took me in under his wing of the agency he was in, and I never left his side lol Where he went, I went.

Those were the days where everything in this game was alive, and going strong. Everyone was competitive in the hunts, and just so much passion in the community. I also enjoyed helping the new ones joining.

I met alot of wonderful people .....people I will never forget!

So what are your fond memories of back then? The good ol' days :)


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jul-18-2008 09:23

ROFL Crunch, I remember much of those times too. Werber was the days and as Biggie would say "*eats werber for breakfast*" I remember everyone agonising over the AV Hunts how how the clues were so confusing etc...also getting lost with the doors in Shangri-La...ahhh yes as well the directors lounge. Also like you the retirement, and unretirement crap with Leddie and me, and the Chronestrian stuff as well as the Barry drama. BOBO!! He was just awesome, and of course who could forget Nikkie's sleuthchat witht he SGGW where you and Squirrel, and yes even SUNNy was known to mosy on in and participate in some of the greatest stories and conversations EVER!!!

Holy Carp, those were them days when pretty much everyone got along with everyone and I'm so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be around for all of this and meet and keep some of the greatest friends I will ever have in my life..

Thanks for the flood of Memories Crunch...oh and before I forget, thanks for the PM this morning, I laughed my tootsie off :D

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jul-18-2008 09:24

Oh also forgot to mention....Fiddler's Green and his OAR and his memorial and ALZ!!!!

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Jul-18-2008 09:25

Oh there's so much to remember. I remember everything Crunchy said (upset that I wasn't mentioned :p) and a ton more.

The first time I ever spoke to someone on Sleuth thank you Leddie. I blame Crunch, Leddie and Biggie solely for turning me into a terror on the boards.

Joining eye spy and Ken and Carrie taking me under their wing.

Jas PMing me one day not long after she started panicking because she had been made the sole director of Blue Pagoda and didn't have a clue what to do :)

Pulling all nighters to get a hunt finished because Hitchhikers and SMRT were catching up to us with with ungodly speed.

The ridiculous antics in the bar and on Sleuthchat

SGGW (sleuth girls gone wild) need I say more.

The first time I met some Sleuthers in Chicago where Crunch apparently sent us a package (whatever happened to it)

The all nighter in sleuth chat when Ben kept delaying the start of villain hunts, Cairo etc. And when someone decided to make a voodoo doll of Ben because he was tormenting us with the wait.

The day the first unhijackable thread was made (Biggie was so proud)

Crunch's red thong, CFM's sharpies and Biggie's Birkensporks.

The first time I was modded and lost my nice clean record.

The Sleuth romances that formed and the first Sleuthy baby.

The day the code of conduct was made :)

I'll probably think of more but those are the ones off the top of my head :)

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jul-18-2008 09:31

Thanks for adding in those Helen, forgot about some of those myself. Also the Launch of Arch Villian league and all the Beta that was done....Serges, I miss you!!!!!

Biggie winning Prom Queen :D

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jul-18-2008 09:41

You all will thank me for this one but ....... BECKY Fingers :D :D :D :D

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Jul-18-2008 11:47

Told ya I'd come up with some more so here goes.

Twerbs/tweens/drewbies nuff said

Crunch's very own sleuth matchmaker

Avatar beauty contest (we should have another one of them sometime)

Along the lines of Jas's 'becky fingers' can't forget cellphones, backstabbers and 'Regis Philman'

Jojo's constant request for a flashing pink neon sign saying 'you must be subscribe dinorder to join an agency'

Oh and finally a classic that some may have forgotten. I know I'd forgotten this until I looked back on my post history. The day Ben finally tried to shut Jojo up by adding a 'NO JOJO'S ALLOWED' PAGE' :)

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jul-18-2008 14:01


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jul-18-2008 14:27

I found this ooooolld post that Secret Squirrel I'm gonna copy and paste it here for him!

*Secret Squirrel posts on Jan 27th 2008 in the Nostalgia thread*

I remember ...

... when I thought yoyo was a girl and jasNmushu was a boy
... sleuthchat... not not barchat... sleuthchat... and sharpies, I remember sharpies.
... pub trivia quiz's every day
... winning on 3 legged joe at the track
... Ben continually opening up new content every time I started an AVL match
... all the old battles and the combatants, and how people could 'really' get into it
... a great post about the Pope jojo put up (way before I was a mod or even before I was posting I reckon) that was probably one of the most heated threads ever.
... the first avatar batch I did had people like Serges, Andrea X, Bill Oakes, Clara Dark and Piccolo in it.
... my first act as mod was to steal back the random mystery intro I wrote from some Drewbie that plagarised it.
... my first post deleted was by Calalta which co-incided with my Sleuth birthday :p
... ^ it had something to do with monkeys

lol I remember lots.

miss snopes
miss snopes
Special Deliverance

Jul-18-2008 17:26

Wow! I wasn't around for any of the moments listed so far but I still feel a little warm and fuzzy reading them. This is such a great community! Keep the memories coming.

Tireless Tiger

Jul-18-2008 19:26

These are great, I actually wasn't around for all of this fun stuff you all are talking about. Was on hiatus from the game at teh time, but I do have some memories:

The very first Agency I was in, Pretty Sweet Investigations. I was recruited by two pretty sweet ladies, PrettyHaha and SweetBaby. I still remember how happy we were when we got our first Treasure Hunt.

I also remember when we only got 8 cases per day and were ecstatic when Admin raised it to 10. Hey, 4 years and now we got 4 more cases a day, coincidence?

This was a great idea for a thread Reese, perhaps if some of you are obliged, I can make it a segment for the radio show that I will be planning. You can see those details in Sleuth Talk under the Coming Soon Announcement thread. Could make for a fun segment.

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