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Equipement problem - not adding stats


Jul-1-2008 05:23

Hey there. I was truin' to find an answer here but no luck so id be greatful if anyone could help.

Im having beret and 2 jade bracelets (both from favors) and it seems like one of the bracelets does not add to my bonuses (had +4 before I got the other one). Is there some kind of bonus cap or maybe having 2 items of the same kind does not work?

Any help appriciated (probably gonna sell one of the jade bracelets tho)


Lucky Stiff

Jul-1-2008 08:54

I think the problem is that you can't gain a bonus from two of the same item. (In fact, I was under the impression that you can't actually wear two of the same item, but I may be wrong about that.)

Old Shoe

Jul-1-2008 16:09

You cannot put on two of the same item, but if you get them for favors, it is possible to have two of the same. And yes, if you have two of the same item, then you only get the bonus for one of them.


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