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faction warehouses
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hannah blue
hannah blue

Jun-5-2008 07:14

...i think that factions should have storage could rent a storage space for an item at perhaps $50.00 a day...this would be for detectives who do not wish to be in an agency, detectives in a small agency who need an extra storage locker, and or a detective who does not want or cannot afford an apartment or a largr should only be able to rent a warehouse from one faction at a time and or the faction that you obtained in the city that you are in....


Safety Officer

Jun-5-2008 17:05

I may have misunderstood but...

Ok you rent a Whiskey Cellar Agency for $100 a day. You want to spend $50 a day on storage? Why not rent a Garage giving you an extra 8 storage spaces? Or even a Tiny Office for $150 a day and get an extra 3 storage spaces and an extra 2 case files.

It would seem to me that Ben created the next two tiers of Agencies sizes to cater to your previously stated needs.

I DO like the faction / risk / numbers racket / lottery ideas. AND I certainly think Sleuth has room for something like that besides the Shanghai Racetrack. I think with so many Factions and nefarious ill-doers about, that a little more organised crime would seem to fit hand-in-glove with Sleuthville.

I think maybe this idea is a bit like trying to reinvent the wheel. But by all means persuade me otherwise.

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