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CONTEST: Nursery Sleuth!
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May-19-2008 16:27

It's beyond that time, isn't it? I kinda think so.

The Premise: Take an existing nursery rhyme, and make it Sleuthy.

The Rules:

* Each person can put in as many entries as they like, but each person can only do one entry per nursery rhyme - no doing "Little Boy Blue" twice.

* PLEASE use the title of the original nursery rhyme, even if it is not mentioned in your new "Sleuthery Rhyme". Hehe...I coined a phrase!

* And, remember: spell check is your friend!

The Example:

Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary (a.k.a. Mary, Mary, etc.)

Mistress Mary, quite contrary,
Why did you kill your bro?
Not for his money, as you think -
He missed two birthdays in a row!

The Prizes:

First Prize - 100,000 Sleuth dollars if you are subbed, OR
1 month sub and 50,000 Sleuth dollars if you are not subbed

Second Prize - 50,000 Sleuth dollars if you are subbed, OR
1 month sub and 25,000 Sleuth dollars if you are not subbed

Third Prize - 25,000 Sleuth dollars if you are subbed, OR
1 month sub and 10,000 Sleuth dollars if you are not subbed

The Time Period: Contest starts... well, now. That's right, as soon as you read this post, you can start figuring out ways to give your toddlers nightmares. :-D Entries must be posted by 11:59PM SERVER TIME, May 31, 2008. Any entries posted after the deadline will be enjoyed by all, but not considered part of the contest. Winners will be posted after the judges have a chance to judge, and when I have a chance to post.

For anyone who needs to refresh their nursery rhyme memories, try this site:



Jun-3-2008 19:50

Also, I'd like to take a moment to thank my co-judges, Ctown and Secret Squirrel.

Another thank you to Ctown, for the Sleuthery Rhyme idea (although he didn't call it that), and for the example used in the original post.

And a big AAARRRGGH!!!! to Secret Squirrel for making me snarf. Again. Dangit.


Jun-3-2008 20:16

Great entrys everyone, these were fun to read. I had to read most of them about 10 times cuz I couldn't make up my mind.

And yet another thnak you to Ani for running another wonderful contest! :-D

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Jun-3-2008 21:26

No one could be more surprised than me. Thank you, I don't: know what else to say. I really didn't think I had a chance.

To the judges: may all your cows give milk and your bees give honey and your dogs never pee on your carpet.

Safety Officer

Jun-3-2008 23:23

Congrats Soph. Short and sweet.

Now you can all get crackin with topK's & TIA's contests!!

Lucky Stiff

Jun-4-2008 04:16

I disagree Sophie... I'm sure I'm more surprised than you! ;)

Thanks guys! I had great fun writing my entry. Thanks to Anikka for another great contest, and Ctown for the groovy idea, and to the 3 judges.

And yes, it's great to see new faces entering... can you believe that only a short while ago I was one of those "new faces"??? Now I feel old...

Sleuth About Town

Jun-4-2008 05:10

SS ^ how do you know how tall I am? ;)

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Jun-4-2008 05:17

^ Me. It lost its punch though because I have this memory/identity problem -- I keep forgetting who I am.

(Sorry Brick)

Lucky Stiff

Jun-4-2008 06:54

Ok, since someone pointed it out, let me clarify my earlier post...
I'm more surprised than Sophie that I came second.
Wait, that doesn't sound right.
I'm as surprised as Sophie that she came first... :P
Nope, that's not it either.
Um, I got it!
And congrats to Lil and GraceAnn. I enjoyed reading everyone's entries.

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