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CONTEST: Nursery Sleuth!
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May-19-2008 16:27

It's beyond that time, isn't it? I kinda think so.

The Premise: Take an existing nursery rhyme, and make it Sleuthy.

The Rules:

* Each person can put in as many entries as they like, but each person can only do one entry per nursery rhyme - no doing "Little Boy Blue" twice.

* PLEASE use the title of the original nursery rhyme, even if it is not mentioned in your new "Sleuthery Rhyme". Hehe...I coined a phrase!

* And, remember: spell check is your friend!

The Example:

Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary (a.k.a. Mary, Mary, etc.)

Mistress Mary, quite contrary,
Why did you kill your bro?
Not for his money, as you think -
He missed two birthdays in a row!

The Prizes:

First Prize - 100,000 Sleuth dollars if you are subbed, OR
1 month sub and 50,000 Sleuth dollars if you are not subbed

Second Prize - 50,000 Sleuth dollars if you are subbed, OR
1 month sub and 25,000 Sleuth dollars if you are not subbed

Third Prize - 25,000 Sleuth dollars if you are subbed, OR
1 month sub and 10,000 Sleuth dollars if you are not subbed

The Time Period: Contest starts... well, now. That's right, as soon as you read this post, you can start figuring out ways to give your toddlers nightmares. :-D Entries must be posted by 11:59PM SERVER TIME, May 31, 2008. Any entries posted after the deadline will be enjoyed by all, but not considered part of the contest. Winners will be posted after the judges have a chance to judge, and when I have a chance to post.

For anyone who needs to refresh their nursery rhyme memories, try this site:


Tireless Tiger

May-19-2008 16:58

You mean something like this:

Georgie Peorgie, pudding and pie,
matched the evidence, with a fake alibi,
When the killer fled to town,
He used Underworld Connections to track him down.


Lucky Stiff

May-20-2008 12:06

Oh Annika, another contest? They're sooo bad for me!

Do you mean something like this?

(Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum)

Fee Fi, or Joe Fum?
Which of them is the guilty one?
She is heavy, he is slim,
Ah! The shoe maker told me it's him!

Or maybe like this?

(I saw a ship a-sailing)

I saw a ship a-sailing,
A-sailing on the sea.
And, oh, though it was laden
Those things were not for me.

From far, the Jolly Roger
Flew high for all to see.
I knew there would be trouble -
Pirates! Scourge of the sea.

"All hands on deck!" cried Captain.
The men at once jumped to.
He rushed round barking orders -
there was a lot to do!

It was chaos, everywhere,
And Captain made a fuss.
Alas! They came alongside,
And soon they boarded us.

The four-and-twenty sailors
That stood upon our deck,
Were four-and-twenty ruffians
With cutlasses. Oh heck!

"What do you want?" A shrill voice
Cried bravely. She was bold!
The pirates laughed quite loudly.
"Of course, we want your gold!"

Our men were quickly disarmed;
Our ladies cowed by fear.
The pirates surrounded us -
Relieved us of our gear.

And when the pirates finished
They sent us back to port.
I'd planned to go to New York;
I'm now three cases short.

No, it's not too long! All good nursery rhymes should be this long... trust me I'm a detective!

Sleuth About Town

May-20-2008 14:14

Hey Diddle, Diddle (Sleuth version)

Hey Diddle, Diddle;
The knife in the middle,
The bullet flew over his head.
The murderer laughed
To see him in a scare ,
And the victim was already dead.


May-20-2008 16:56

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear- Sleuth version

Footprint, Footprint,
bloody on the floor.
Footprint, Footprint,
right by the door.

Curly hair, straight hair,
found on a stool.
Curly hair, straight hair,
whoever left it was a fool.

Strand of thread, strand of thread,
from a male.
Strand of thread, strand of thread,
one who's guilty will go to jail.

Threatening note, threatening note,
right down the hall.
Threatening note, threatening note,
pinned to the wall.

Oh, this is such a great contest!


May-20-2008 17:02

Grandma's Spectacles- Sleuth version

This is who murdered Grandma,
Little Samantha Smith.
She used her mothers butcher knife,
and killed Grandma on May fifth.


May-20-2008 17:16

Humpty Dumpty- Sleuth Version

Humpty Dumpty sat dead on the floor,
so much of his blood rushed out it reached the door.
So many detectives tried to solve his mystery,
but none of them could seem to solve it, so now it's history.


(I'll just do more entries all in one post)

Little Bo Peep- Sleuth version

Little Bo Peep has lost her life,
all to a butcher knife.
Somebody stabbed her right in the chest,
I guess they just wanted for her to go to rest.

Safety Officer

May-20-2008 19:27

thanks for the new contest Ani. :)

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

May-22-2008 08:30

Larry, Larry (Mary, Mary (Duh!)

Larry, Larry, quite contrary
AKA "The Toe"
Wanna find where Lucy is?
He's always "in the know."


May-23-2008 16:06

As I went to Bonnor-Sleuth version

As I went to Sleuthville,
I 'came a detective
getting some money was my objective,
and now I solve cases improving my skill.


Cobbler Cobbler Mend my Shoe- Sleuth version

Shoemaker Shoemaker, identify this footprint.
Is it from someone slim? Heavy? Can you give me a hint?
I need to know this, Shoemaker,
so don't be a big fat faker.


Elsie Marley's Grown so Fine- Sleuth version

Elsie Marley's gown is so fine,
even though she got blood on it it still has its shine.
Yesterday she murdered her sister,
but because she was wearing her gown it got bloody, so she washed it, orders from her mister.


May-23-2008 16:18

Riddle Me- Sleuth version

Riddle me with a mystery.
I solve it, I might make history.
Riddle me with a suspect.
Hey, I might be correct.
Riddle me with some evidence.
I seem to have the most commonsense.

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