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Question For SM


Mar-24-2008 18:40

Sorry if this was posted somewhere. I was wondering how hard it is to edit a Scripted Mystery? Not really on the time it takes since there isn't to many of you.

This maybe a question out of curiosity or out of patience. LoL. I'm NOT trying to bug you editors (I'm that careful). Give as a complex answer as you please. I'm sure to understand. :)


Safety Officer

Mar-24-2008 20:29

Depends how 'complete' it is. How much care someone has taken to edit their own work first. Heimlich's SM IS the longest SM out there, and yet it needed very little editing because Heimlich had made sure he'd gone over it thoroughly first. (probably second, third and fourth too) He'd had other players play it too. So they'd picked up things as well.

I've taken the longest over the ones that you know will be 'OK', but need so much work you don't know where to start. (OK shadowchi excepted, where that just dragged on because I kept getting side-tracked with other projects). Like do you attack the writing in different tenses, or do you attack the mechanical side of things where authors haven't made it so the evidence once linked to a suspect is revealed on the case page. :s or there just aren't motives any displaying.

It also, to be completely honest, is a case of 'interest' for me. Some stories interest you so you like to edit them; they're a pleasure to read. I dropped what I was doing to edit Heimlich's coz it was a good read, and worth my time. And some, despite how well written they are, well they just don't interest me. I'd sooner read bread. SO I drag my feet on those.

AND lastly, it depends on how much spare time I have. What am I doing on Noir / Shades, and occasionally I like to have a life. For me, real life will always take priority over Cyber-life. :)

I think that's a good answer 'for me'. Others opinions will vary.


Mar-25-2008 14:33

Thnxs SS. Anyother opinions?

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Apr-1-2008 00:33

I agree completely with what SS said. Right now I have very little spare time in RL so editing gets back burner. If the writer has taken their time and planned and written everything well then it's very easy. If however there are mistakes or it doesn't make sense or the links don't fit with the story it can be complicated. The hardest thing is knowing when to start in them situations. Or if you've not done any work on it for a while and you lose your place so to speak.

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