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Sleuth March Madness II
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Old Shoe

Mar-3-2008 07:53

I am thinking about creating a shameless copy of Serges' great game, I will be posting this on SoM and Noir but I'm not exactly 100% sure which one to do all the voting etc on. Now what I really want to know is if there is interest for this game and if so is there a sleuth or two that can help me out with setting up a league table, counting votes, or something of the like.


Tireless Tiger

Mar-10-2008 15:04

Well said by both of you. I look at this slightly different as I was just getting back to the game last year. I look at it as an oopportunity to get some others more involved in the community, hence my nominations for some of the "lesser known" players. I have met those players recently and think they would have the same kind of fun that I do getting out and "meeting" others in the community.

Like Breit, I am also delighted to participate in this. I think it's gonna be fun, especially after all my team in the real March Madness get knocked out! ;-)

Old Shoe

Mar-11-2008 06:45

My first thought was: popularity contest. My second, bearing in mind I have NO WAY of winning such a contest, was that it could be quite good fun. Fact is, I don't really know anyone apart from a few people mainly in my agency whom I've got to know over time.

So I see this as an opportunity to have some fun! Personally I'll vote for anyone with a sense of humour...

Charlotte Montgomery
Charlotte Montgomery

Mar-11-2008 10:15

I think this will be fun. I never heard of this, then again, I wasn't here last March :D

I can't wait to see the madness...

Mai Capome
Mai Capome
Old Shoe

Mar-11-2008 12:37

Thanks ever so for the nomination, but I will have to decline as im not really into blowing my own trumpet.

But I certainly dont mind blowing the trumpet for some of the other worthy contestants.

Lilly Day
Lilly Day

Mar-11-2008 17:16

I am flattered to be nominated...even if I am "one of the lesser known players" in the game. I think this a great way to get to know some of the other players that I see post frequently but have not had the privelege to meet. I too as Ddog posted don't really know alot of folks outside of my agency.

I personally will blow the trumpet loud and long for myself and for my fellow agent Miss Rochelle who I know to be a great sleuth player and an all around great person who I have had the pleasure of meeting though this game we all play.

*puckers up, puts the horn to my lips, and gives a big loud blast of the trumpet*

OH NO......Can a trumpet get out of tune???

Old Shoe

Mar-11-2008 20:32

Ok if I blow my tuba?

Battered Shoe

Mar-11-2008 21:20

I would like to commend yoyo for re-surfacing this... It's been a long while (or at least it seems) since there has been a community-wide event.

And for those that had negative feelings about it, it really doesn't have to be that way. 100% agree with breit. You can come out and advocate yourself in any way you like. Or you could choose not to. Or other people could come out and speak for you. It's really not all that serious. It's rather silly in fact and we all had a good time with it last year.

If I were pitted against... let's say yoyo for kicks and giggles, I might post that I deserve to win because my Trained Bloodhound kicked his Trained Bloodhound's butt last week over a big old hambone at the Owl and Walnut.

Or a newbie could post about me giving me props for telling them where the monkey is hiding.

It's really all in good fun and I think if we all keep that in mind... it will be just that.

Old Shoe

Mar-12-2008 04:20

Woo-hoo! A popularity contest!

*dresses cool like Eminem, goes to a cool party and mocks those who are different and therefore not cool but then has vomit-inducing stomach cramps of self-doubt when he thinks he's alone*

Thanks for the anonymous nod - I guess quantity DOES have an outside chance against quality after all! Take that, 30 years of fortune cookies that always be hatin' on me!

I'm in with the yay-sayers. This was actually pretty fun last year; all the tuba slash trumpet slash guitar blowing was kept pretty friendly and people only really took shots in fun against people they knew and liked. I mean, I might not get too much into the personal-horn blowing myself, but that's mostly because I'm lazy and also a little bit because my doctor said if I don't stop, I could be kidnapped my a dixieland jazz band and grow hair around my mouth.

Oh, wait...

Naw. It's a good game; big ups to yoyo for his sense of community and history. I'm entirely confident that if someone can keep nicnic from typing directly out of the rum-soakedest pages of her diary, things will be just fine :)

Old Shoe

Mar-12-2008 05:03

Ok this is more or less the final line up. We may need an extra person or two depending on if people decide to not participate.

1. Breitkat
2. Ctown28
3. Anikka
4. Lilly Day
5. Miss Rochelle
6. smkshadyacres2
7. Evelyn Gardner
8. Vampiric Smile
9. Reda
10. lilrach
11. cfm
12. Ms. Helen
13. Jojo
14. Lady Jas
15. detectivehappy
16. miss snopes
17. roamie
18. Treschaude
19. Ddog
20. Stooby
21. Hawkeye
22. BadAss
23. Evelyn Gardner
24. nicnic
25. yoyofoshow
26. crunch
27. Security lane
28. Charlotte Montgomery
29. babyluv
30. Rosamund Clifford
31. Brasco de Gama
32. Ben (Sleuth Admin)

Brackets etc. will be posted this weekend!

Old Shoe

Mar-12-2008 07:30

Place your bets, place your bets. In top place at 2-1 Evelyn Gardner. She's so popular she's listed twice!

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