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miss snopes
miss snopes
Sleuth Express

Feb-22-2008 10:01

Disclaimer: I have tried to look back through the message boards to keep from posting ideas that someone else may have already posted but there are too many so please forgive me if this has ever been discussed.

* What if the bank(s) actually worked where we could deposit money into an account of some sort that could earn interest?

* As I've not been in most agency buildings, this may already exist (although I've asked more experienced players who say it doesn't) but it would be really great if there were some agency properties that had conference rooms. of course, they would be more expensive but there are some days i would pay all i have to be in a room discussing rather than sending pm's to many.


R Anstett
R Anstett

Feb-22-2008 10:06

Yes the Bank idea has been discussed several times, with no resolution.

For the conference room idea, that is similar to having an apartment with a chat room. Those are available now and do not need an agency.

Some agencies have created their own websites, with built in chat rooms, etc. to host the conferences off the Sleuth site.

Old Shoe

Feb-22-2008 11:55

There is a message board in agencies already, which I think may solve the problem of having to send PM's to many people. So that's one thing. As for private director-only type chats, there are already off-site places where many of that already occurs, including agency websites. Many also use an instant messaging program to have such chats.

The bank idea, as Ran said, has been discussed previously on multiple occasions, and it has come to nothing.

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