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Newbie Warning: WE+PE does not = Guilty

Holdy Relish
Holdy Relish

Feb-10-2008 22:54

That's right. I made the mistake myself. Bob suspected Joe, I had a Footprint ID'd as Joe's. Joe clammed up from the start, so no alibi.

And I wrongfully accused Joe! Ghaaahh! A BLEMISH on my record!

So better newbies learn from my mistake. ... although in hind sight, had I been aware of the risk, I probably still would have taken the gamble. But that's me.


Pinball Amateur

Feb-10-2008 23:19

And people say we sound like broken records....;-)

Sorry, Holdy. Hope you have better luck in the future.

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Feb-11-2008 00:06

It's great to see someone taking advice even as Breit says we do sound like broken records :D

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Feb-11-2008 00:29

And here goes the broken record again ;)

There are 3 rules in this game. As soon as you have one of these you can accuse:

PE + false/stated no alibi = GUILTY!
WE + false/stated no alibi = GUILTY!

A clam is NOT the same as a no!

If you CANNOT get a alibi out of anyone, and you have done research, QUIT the case. It is better to quit than take a guess and get an FA!!


Feb-12-2008 16:46

What if you know who is guilty but the only witness who can still accuse has clammed up so I am unable to accuse this witness.

Tireless Tiger

Feb-12-2008 16:52

I think you mean someone who can establish a motive. Well nothing you can do here, it clearly states you can't accuse without a motive.

Only thing you can do at this point is quit the case, thats why it's so important to establish each and every motive

Safety Officer

Feb-13-2008 15:15

Mmm also subscribers later down the line can earn enough skill points to get 'surveillance' which 'might' work 'sometimes' to unclam a suspect. It's hit and miss, but it works often enough to be helpful. But early in there's not much you can do besides quit.

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