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Suggestion(s) for Sleuth improvement
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Old Shoe

Jan-25-2008 11:08

In order to try to make a contribution to the improvement of Sleuth Noir, I have decided to give away 5 "prices" of 1 month gift subscription to 5 different sleuths that already have or during the next period will come with the best suggestion(s) to improve Sleuth Noir on one or more following areas:
* Doing something to improve the game-speed
* Getting more people to subscribe to Sleuth Noir
* Making Sleuth Noir more fun to play
* Something else the judges approve of

So, it's time to open that creative vein of yours, and come with suggestions and post them on this board. It's no part in the judging whether the suggestion will be implemented into Sleuth Noir or not, as this is for Sleuth Admin to decide. In my eyes, it doesn't even have to be your idea originally.

Even though I haven't asked them, I had hoped that a jury of
Jojo, Stooby, Roamie, Secret Squirrel and Lady Jas would voulenteer to search out the most worthy. I would be happy if you made a reply to this posting saying whether you accept or not. Please decide among those of you accepting the task how you would like to organize. You all seem to be active on the boards, and I do trust that you will be fair. You are also free to "adjust" the important topics, but I have put down my suggestions, and what I would like to encourage. Also, decide for how long the "competition" will last. Preferably less than a month.

I myself don't have the capacity to search out and find the good recievers of a gift subscription, that's the reason why I humbly ask those mentioned to join forces and help me with the task. I would guess (but may be wrong) that the "recivers" are less than 100 days old, as the older might already have long lasting subscriptions, and one additional month would be as a drop in the sea. Also, I think that the jury themself cannot be among the "recivers".

I hope that when the jury have made their decicion, they will post it here and send me a PM with the name of the selected winners


Mai Capome
Mai Capome
Old Shoe

Feb-11-2008 16:45

Hug lover : Some of the newer agency's are worth your consideration.

I'm not just saying that because I now have one of those newer agency's, I'm saying it because, from experience, we in our agency are having a great deal of fun learning together. And I just love 'pestering' you bigger sleuths with my questions :)

The sense of satisfaction, knowing that you have played apart in building something from the start, should not be cast aside.

Mai Capome
Mai Capome
Old Shoe

Feb-11-2008 17:27

If you need any help huglover let me know.

Will you be handing out your freebies before the 25th, on the 25th ?

(Dont want us both nabbing the same people).

Old Shoe

Feb-12-2008 02:15

I have been in both a new and an older agency. I understand the satisfaction of learning together, but there are also some good things that can be learned from joining someone who have been there. Also, an older agency might be able to help out with equipment and some contacts...
Then there are also the aspect that also the older agencies might need new blood in order to be able to stay alive. And, it's important for me that there are a big possibility that the agency will be living for at least the next couple of months... I don't want someone to join an agency, and then no-one there seem to be active, and it just dissolves itself after short time...

I will be handling out my freebies as soon as I find someone who qualify. - but I do understand that we might go for the same people. Hopefully we will sort it out smoothly ;-)

Mai Capome
Mai Capome
Old Shoe

Feb-12-2008 03:12

I think I have the two in my running, who are Aknas and Alice Moore.

Saying that I do have to keep this option open untill the 22nd as promised and I am still actively seeking non - subbed active players.

I do NOT have the same conditions as the 5 free subscriptions that Huglover is giving.

Its a straight forward active contest, do what you like once you have the subscription, but when the month is up............... at least youll know what you are missing and may at least consider subscribing again.

Old Shoe

Feb-12-2008 05:15

Very true :-)
We do not have the same conditions.

The free subscriptions I offer come with some kind of "snag" connected to it, as it requires they do something to let me discover them.

The free subscriptions you offer are based on a work you are doing to discover them.

When it comes to the kind of "winners" we are searching they might or might not have quite some similarities. We both want to encourage those who are active, and that we think will continue to subscribe if they are given their first month for free.

Old Shoe

Feb-18-2008 15:25

Would it be that some of the directors of the bigger agencies, who are trying to hire, discoveres an active, hardworking unsubscribed newbie, that they would like to get into their agency, could make an mutual agreement with such a sleuth, and make him or her fullfill the requirements?
The result might very well be that they enter the "competition" quite fast, qualify among the first 5 before feb. 25 - 2008, wins a gift subscription, and becomes a subscribed agent who can join the agency that they have already established connection with.

Mai Capome
Mai Capome
Old Shoe

Feb-21-2008 12:36

Ok, I riverdanced sideways and tied my feet in knots to get this list from the sleuth gods, Protocol i'm told.

Here are the most experienced players meeting these parameters:
* Unsubscribed and not previously subscribed
* No more than 100 days old
* Have logged into Sleuth Noir within last few days

Name Experience Age
------- -------------- -----
Alice Moore 146230 71
Encyclopaedia Browntrout 112990 86
Severa Evans 98060 98
Emily Marie 82450 39
PaniFra 57500 57
vroom 57020 43
Chiqui 41080 75
McClaud 26300 19
Sobasco 18380 85
Ichabod Cranium 13960 38

Not sure if you wish to refer to this list Huglover, but I asked for the next five highest, just in case you did.

I believe it is Emily Marie who does not want to be considered for entry.

Old Shoe

Feb-21-2008 13:43

Hi Mai :-)
I have no problem sending a gift subscription to any 5 of those you have listed if they themselves say that they would like the subscription, and also join an agency to help support them with their experience and activity.

Looking through the recruitment board, theese agencies seem to be fairly active and have some experienced users as well:
Fatt Kitten
International Inc.
The Untouchables
Decendants of the Tengu

Hopefully at least one more of the bigger agencies will post that they hire someone, as I think it would be best if they joined different agencies.

So, this is what I suggest:
If the directors/officers/hiring responsible in those agencies I have listed, or a similar that are hiring, get one of those you, Mai, have listed to reply on this post telling they would like a one month gift subscription, and would like to join one of the agencies (tell which), I will send a gift subscription to the first for each of the agencies that will reply.

Also, I hope that some more agencies will be recruiting, as there is a need for at least one more recruiting agency, if I are to be able to give away 5 gift subscriptions.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Feb-21-2008 14:30

Closers would be glad to help out a new player/subscriber get a taste of agency life.

We are not an agency that is active in treasure hunting, but if roleplaying is your thing or you just want to see what a more laid back agency is like feel free to PM myself or Treschaude for an invite. We typically have one or more spots open to rotate people in and out of the place.

Old Shoe

Feb-21-2008 16:15

Add the Closers to the list of agencies I would be happy to send a newly gift subscribed sleuth to.
I am not looking for someone that need to be treasure hunting, but someone who are experienced enough to be of support to someone new, and especially are there. So, I had a look at you, and I could see that most of the members of Closers had been logged in today or yesterday.
I think that if you join an agency first time, it would be nice to find someone there. Joining quiet houses, where noone seem to be at home are not so inspiring.
I was hoping that such new subscribers both could be a help to the agencies, and that the agencies could help the new subscribers to find the fun of Sleuth, and thus wanting to continue to subscribe :-)

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