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Suggestion(s) for Sleuth improvement
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Old Shoe

Jan-25-2008 11:08

In order to try to make a contribution to the improvement of Sleuth Noir, I have decided to give away 5 "prices" of 1 month gift subscription to 5 different sleuths that already have or during the next period will come with the best suggestion(s) to improve Sleuth Noir on one or more following areas:
* Doing something to improve the game-speed
* Getting more people to subscribe to Sleuth Noir
* Making Sleuth Noir more fun to play
* Something else the judges approve of

So, it's time to open that creative vein of yours, and come with suggestions and post them on this board. It's no part in the judging whether the suggestion will be implemented into Sleuth Noir or not, as this is for Sleuth Admin to decide. In my eyes, it doesn't even have to be your idea originally.

Even though I haven't asked them, I had hoped that a jury of
Jojo, Stooby, Roamie, Secret Squirrel and Lady Jas would voulenteer to search out the most worthy. I would be happy if you made a reply to this posting saying whether you accept or not. Please decide among those of you accepting the task how you would like to organize. You all seem to be active on the boards, and I do trust that you will be fair. You are also free to "adjust" the important topics, but I have put down my suggestions, and what I would like to encourage. Also, decide for how long the "competition" will last. Preferably less than a month.

I myself don't have the capacity to search out and find the good recievers of a gift subscription, that's the reason why I humbly ask those mentioned to join forces and help me with the task. I would guess (but may be wrong) that the "recivers" are less than 100 days old, as the older might already have long lasting subscriptions, and one additional month would be as a drop in the sea. Also, I think that the jury themself cannot be among the "recivers".

I hope that when the jury have made their decicion, they will post it here and send me a PM with the name of the selected winners


Mai Capome
Mai Capome
Old Shoe

Jan-26-2008 03:38

I dont know lol, was hoping you'd help me out there.

Maybe along the lines of the two highest (non-subscribed players), that apply to your judges, within a given period, or about the time your ready to give yours away, what ever suits you and the judges.

Maybe the help of Sleuth Admin, by sending a generic message to all unsubbed players, (Dont know if thats possible), just a thought.

Wont be treading on my toes, Im just going with the idea that if i can get two more people to subcribe after their sub ends then I've achieved something to help the game. Start small I say lol.

Story Teller

Jan-26-2008 04:25

I'm ok with helping out on this, but I really must admit I'm thick as a brick and don't really understand the concept completely. Nor am I sure that this is something an unsubbed newbie might understand or be able to contribute to given the limited time they have to play and therefore the limited knowledge they have upon which to base an idea/suggestion on any of the *'s above. But like I said I'm happy to help out as long as I'm loaded, cocked and pointed in the appropriate direction. SS


Jan-26-2008 08:38

As Huglover said, she guessed the recievers would be fairly new, but immediately said she might very well be wrong. May be the main reason she thought so is because she is too addicted to the game, and think everyone as old as her are equally addicted, and have made subscriptions that last so long into the future that one additional month subscription would not make any difference. I think she hoped a one month gift subscription would make so much difference that it would bring at least 1 minute of joy ;-)
Huglover are frustrated about the game speed, and thought she might try to do something that would impact it.
* If someone (if possible) are able to find anything that would impact the speed directly, and point in some direction it would be fine. That would be an direct impact.
* If someone would help getting more subscribers to Sleuth, it would increase the income or balance for Sleuth, and may be making allowing for Ben to do something that might impact the speed.
* If someone would help getting the game even more fun or attractive, it might either get more subscribers, or make some of the current subscribers stay subscribed longer.
* If someone contributes in a way the willing judges approve, it might add something to the game, that will make it more fun or attractive or something else good or nice. This might also impact the number of subscribers.
* Anyway it's hoped that the gift subscriptions will impact the subscription base, at least for a shorter time.
* It might very well be that the "winners" already are subscribed, but hopefully they are still there where one "gift month" will be seen as a reward for some contribution they have done. So hopefully the current subscription of the winners run out before 2010... ;-)

(The content of this posting is cleared with Huglover)

Tireless Tiger

Jan-26-2008 09:30

This is a really good idea for a thread Huglover. As I was driving into work today I came up with an idea for a change in the game. It may belong in Sleuth Wish List but this spot is just as good. For the record I am not posted it here because I am enticed about the chance for a free sub, in fact you can take me out of the chance to win as it's really not anything that fits the criteria you previouly mentioned.

Like some of the others have stated, there is not much we can do about the game speed, awhile back Ben tried upgrading the server from Mysql, I don't remember what he was upgrading to but the end result was the opposite of what he had hoped for. At that time I did some research on such things and wasn't able to find much, but I'm not a programmer, I'm an analyst.

Oh yeah, I had an idea. In agency locker rooms, how about a space for us to add comments just like we do when filing cases. Having something like this could eliminate confusion between agents taking something that was put in for someone else. For instance, if someone was storing Mother or Pearl glasses for me to take to the Tea Steepers or Tigers they could add teh nore "For ctown and the Tea Steepers" Granted it is up to the agents themselves and the Directors to keep the lines of communication open, but this could be another communication tool that is used.

What does everyone think of this idea?

Hawkeye Harris
Hawkeye Harris
Battered Shoe

Jan-26-2008 10:39

I like it, ctown28. I have always wished there was some way to "id" items in the locker - your idea would allow that and provide room for brief explanation also.


Jan-26-2008 10:50

Well, I (Huglover under cover), have left the job for the judges, but I cannot see why this idea would not fit into the "criteria". I did not mean the criterias to be too tight. If this is something people find handy, and like the suggestion, I am so naive that I think it adds to the fun of the game.
- and whoa, you are inside of the criterias ;-)

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Jan-26-2008 10:59

ctown I'm all up for that idea too. Not so much because I care about others using my equipment but more because when newer agents join an agency and start out in Shangri la it's a great way of showing them what they can or can't take. Or if someone has requested an item it can be marked with their name.

Sinus Felina
Sinus Felina

Jan-26-2008 12:28

Suggestions for better game speed that don't interfere with programming:

Proxy servers: Put up proxy servers to cache everything that is not dynamic, i.e. images and static pages.

Cluster webservers: Put up several webservers to handle the load. Make sure there is a decent network between the webservers and the database.

Tune everything: Everything is tuneable. Database, webserver and network configuration should be reviewed to ensure they is configured for optimal performance.

Message Board:
Edit/Delete option for your own messages. A spellcheck would also be nice for us who haven't grown up speaking English.

Payment options:
Give us more alternatives when paying for subscriptions. Credit cards would be fine with me: Master Card, Visa, Diners ...

I have been subscribed before, but I didn't like to set up a PayPal account just for this. The transaction from my bank to PayPal was also very slow, and it took away the impulse factor: "What a great game! I have to subscribe at once! Lets see... PayPal? Uh-oh.." (three weeks later) "Wasn't there something I should remember...?"
Great initiative, Huglover! Give the free subs to someone who haven't been subbed before.


Jan-26-2008 13:53

Interesting :-)
I am now making my answer as a private person, not to influence on the judges ;-)
If you were to share the load between two webservers (with one database for each of them), I come to think it would be good to share on cities and other actions.
Say webserver (+database) 1: took hand of New York, Shanghai, Shangri La, and the chatroom.
Webserver (+database) 2: took hand of London, Delhi, Cairo and the Message Boards.
All the agents need to be in both of the databases, as when an agent moves to another city or the agency is moved to another city, or.... they need to re-locate to the other webserver/database. It will mean that those transaction will take more time.
It's an interesting thought. But it will sure cost more money than the current Sleuth server solution. - and that part also needs to be taken care of. Ben is doing an imense job as it is, and I don't want him to end up loosing money....

When it comes to payment options I think you already have what you are searching for. When I use the subscribe link, it sends me to paypal, sure, but I can choose paying with credit card right away, and don't even have to establish a paypal account. The moment I return to Sleuth after payment is fulfilled, I have to log in again, and when I log in, I log into a subscribed account. :-)

Sinus Felina
Sinus Felina

Jan-26-2008 14:29

The thought in my suggestion of more webservers is to share the workload without messing with the database/game engine. It is very easy to run several webservers, serving the same content, getting data from the same database. It is tricky to split the database into several parts, it requires some (a lot) of programming.

A third solution is to cluster the database without splitting it up. It is possible to cluster the database, but it is not easy. I did not mention this in the previous posting, because of the complecity of the solution. With clustering I mean running two or more equal databases on different machines. This solution should only be tried if one are totally sure the database etc. are optimally tuned.

PayPal: it ask's me to open an account/log in right away. Perhaps it depends on which country you live in? Or do I just miss the right link? *wondering*

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