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Have the skills, but still don't analyze the evidence?
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Amber MR Detty
Amber MR Detty

Dec-12-2007 07:06

Grr...just need to vent a bit.

It gets frustrating to me when I have the advanced skills (i.e. thread and hair analysis) but still have several cases in a row where I find unknown evidence whether it be threads or hairs. This is now my fourth case (out of five) today where I have unknown threads even though I have A.T.A.

That, and the fact that I have over 700k exp. points and am having a hard time getting my second contacts in some cities. Last week, I solved 9-10 favors in a row in Delhi, and now I'm back in London and still can't seem to get my second contacts in either...

Okay, vent over...back to the game...


Mai Capome
Mai Capome
Old Shoe

Jan-30-2008 03:21

Ive been told there is no such thing as a silly question so here goes.........

As there are no advanced hand writing or foot print skills to obtain does this make a difference when analizing the evidence?


Jan-30-2008 03:45

No, I don't think so.

The Normal Thread and Hair Analysis Skills let you find the evidence.

Footprint and Note are not needed (I assume because a footprint and note anybody could find)

Advanced Thread and Hair Analysis give you a chance to Analise once found.
Footprint and Note Analysis give you a chance to Analise no skill needed to find

Lucky Stiff

Jan-30-2008 03:47

from what i understand, if you have the basic hair and thread skills, then you will be able to find all the evidence present, whatever type it is. (actually, i'm not sure if this is influenced by smarts gear - ie if i am wearing -10 smarts, will i still find all the evidence?). You need to have the advanced hair and thread analysis, and the normal handwriting and foot print analysis, to determine the characteristics further. This i know is definitely influenced by smarts gear.

Personally I haven't noticed that there is a difference for me btw favour cases and normal cases, unless of course the difficulty is different.

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Jan-30-2008 09:54

When you begin a detective you essentially start with the ability to find footprints and notes. Therefore there is no need for a 'basic' skill in these fields.

Basic hair and thread analysis will allow you to find all available evidence at the crime scene 100% of the time. This is NOT affected by what smarts you are wearing.

Footprint and handwriting analysis, advanced thread and hair analysis allow you to determine the characteristics of the evidence. This IS affected by smarts. You will not always be able to determine the characteristics even when you have a full set of smart gear on, so there is no guarantee

There is no evidence to suggest that you are more likely to have success with these skills on easier level cases/favour cases. The system is essentially random.

Pinball Amateur

Jan-30-2008 19:16

We generally omit the 'advanced' in the 'footprint and handwriting analyses' skills because it's assumed people generally understand you've already been given the basic foot and hand skills as a newly created detective. Like Lady Helen said, once you've acquired basic hair and thread analyses (regardless of what advanced evidence skills you have and whatever gear you're wearing), you will be able to find all of the evidence at a crime scene that there is to find. If there's one less piece than expected, it means you've gotten lucky on your particular case, and don't have to deal with the usual full measure of evidence.

However, even with all the advanced analysis skills (footprint, thread, etc.), and wearing a smart outfit of +30 (the highest possible onsite at present), there are still times when it's possible when some of your evidence may not be fully identified (ie.--slim vs. heavy, right vs. left, etc.). NO, this isn't a bug, and no, you don't need to go yelling at admin about it. Like most things on this site, evidence analysis is based on percentage chances, and there's rare occasions when all the skills and smart gear in the world won't help you ID a piece of evidence. That's what contacts, crime labs, and gray matter are for.

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