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The Isolated Miss Violet Parr
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Nov-25-2007 06:03

A purple-gloved hand readied a ticket for the inspection of a passing conductor, whilst the other gloveless hand tightened a mauve overcoat over a primly poised torso. The conductor’s gentle smile was met with a very polite one and Miss Violet Parr managed to assert the legitimacy of her presence on the speeding train.

Miss Parr adjusted the indigo scarf holding her long dark hair back and turned her head to look out the window in the hope of admiring the beautiful scenery. However, she cast her mind back to past melancholic happenings instead. Her stare grew blank, her face was suddenly lifelessly stiff and her curved lips did not manage to continue her polite smile.


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Dec-5-2007 16:52

Kevin was wandering around the streets of London. No cases to weigh him down, and his agency co-detectives were off to Shangra-La in search for Arch-Villians. Kevin had nothing to do.

Wandering through the streets randomly, Kevin decided he should stop and get some Lunch. He stopped at a restaurant popular with higher socialites and more-famous people, called the Chez-Fromage. The host greeted him nicely, knowing who he was instantly.

"Ahhh, Mr. Greene!" He said, in a heavy French accent, "How good of you to come. Please follow me."

As the host took me to my table, I surveyed the room. What I saw, I could not believe. It was Violet Parr! She was sitting at a corner table, talking with another man who I didn't recognize. When I saw her, I abandoned my host, and went directly to her table.

"Violet!" I caught her attention, "I haven't seen you since... a long time ago! Where have you been keeping yourself?"

I didn't mean to interrupt so rudely, as they were clearly deep in conversation. But I haven't seen Miss Violet Parr for about 8 years!

"Kevin! How good to see you! Come, have a seat!" She said. I still didn't catch the face of the man she was with.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Dec-10-2007 00:52

Miss Violet Parr was caught off guard.

She never expected to see Mr. Kevin Greene after all these years. He was but a teenager when they first met, and a very sharp and curious one at that. She quickly wore her large purple hat and stood up to speak to him, and, in the process, entirely blocking his view of the man sitting behind her.

“My days… Kevin! It has indeed been a while since we met last… How you have grown in this time…”

Kevin could notice that Violet Parr was out of breath. He smiled politely at her and tried to look over her large purple hat at the shady guy who was sitting with her. “It has been a while Violet… I heard you were based in New York. I was a little curious about that.”

Violet manoeuvred her position to continually block his view as he chatted with her. “Well you know what they say about curiosity my dear Mr. Greene.”

“Not at all…” Kevin finally managed to look over Ms. Parr and to his sheer surprise, the man she was having lunch with a minute ago was gone. “It seems that your gentleman friend has no interest in greeting me Violet. He’s gone.”

Violet looked back over her shoulders and very clearly feigned surprise. “How shocking! Well, that means we get to have our lunch together and catch up on the old days does it not?”

Kevin reluctantly sat down on a chair across from Miss Parr and accepted her invitation to lunch suspiciously.

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Dec-12-2007 20:23

"So, who was that guy, Violet? I can't help but to be curios!" He looked towards the door.

"Oh, just a man. Really, you shouldn't be so nosy, Kevin!" She was hiding something. Kevin decided to try and lure it out of her.

"C'mon, Violet! You're hiding something!" He said playfully as he watched her eat.

"Yes, I'm hiding something. Can you kindly take that as a clue that I don't want to tell you?" She snapped.

"Okay, okay! I'll drop it." She was definatly not one to be lured. Kevin continued, changing the subject to the train wreck.

"Did you hear about that train wreck? That Lady Elizabeth woman-person died in it!"

"Hear about it?" Violet mused, "Kevin dear, I was there!"

"You were? What happened?" Both of them were now interested, although Violet never let on that fact.

"Oh, nothing much. I got off, BOOM, I ducked, the train smashed, someone yells, robbers rob, robbers drive, I leave, the end."

"Ha, ha, ha. Very funny. You wanna track down the lady's kinfolk, maybe pick up a case from them?" Kevin stated eagerly.

"My, my, Kevin! You haven't changed a bit! Still as eager as ever. Sure, I'm game. I'm grounded in London for a while, so why not?" They walked out of the restaurant, still talking.

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Dec-12-2007 20:34

"So, what brings you to London, Kevin? Last time I saw you, you were a new detective starting out in New York!" Violet pondered.

"Oh, I live here now!" Kevin smiled.

"You live here? With the English?" Violet exclaimed, stopping on the sidewalk, "No, way, Kevin! You always swore you'd stay a Yankee!"

"I got called to London on a case, liked it, and stayed! I started an agency here, and now I'm widely known all through England." Kevin exclaimed.

"If you're in an agency, do you have time to track down a case?" Violet asked.

"Not, "in" an agency, Violet, "on top of" the agency! I direct it!" Kevin corrected, "Anyway, tracking down the case shouldn't be hard. It isn't often that one of the most well-known detectives in the country comes asking for a case."

"No I guess that's true." Violet chuckled. She had tutored Kevin a tad in his younger years, and was glad she could take credit for some of his success. "Where do we go?"

"We're already here!" Kevin stated, as they stopped in front of a huge mansion. "The home of Adam Bales, brother of the Lady, and a good friend of mine."

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Nov-13-2008 04:26

Miss Violet Parr very quietly walked into her London Apartment.

She sighed deeply as she closed the door and collapsed upon a plush arm chair in her once vivacious living room. She has not redecorated her apartment in a long time, she mused. She remembered the days that had passed… her countless dinners and brunches at the dining room and the many guests she so happily welcomed in her apartment.

Miss Parr closed her eyes and continued to reminisce upon the memories of her various wild investigations, near and far, and the accompanying revelations she encountered about herself and others. She recalled her fellow detectives and other dear friends and colleagues. Then… she finally managed an authentic smile.

As her memories reached and finally connected to her present, Violet’s eyes opened wide. Before her, on the biggest purple sofa in the room, her dearest brother, Leopold Parr was sleeping. Seeing Leopold on the sofa like that jolted some painful memories and illustrated them elaborately in her mind.

Miss Violet Parr has caused a lot of harm to many people she held dear to her, and valued over all others.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Nov-13-2008 04:30

Her dear friend and colleague, Christopher Keller, has retired as a Detective since their last investigation in Shanghai, where she all but abandoned him after he helped her so much in her investigations of Frank and Aisha Georges.

She felt weak. Just because she could not handle the truths she uncovered did not mean she could abandon a close friend.

Her thoughts then went to Barry Grant. She remembered him facing some difficulties before his sudden disappearance. Yet she was not really there for him to provide any support of any kind. She had stood in the shadows and watched him fall off the face of earth as Yoyofoshow had always put it.

Miss Parr recalled next a detective, whom in her memory remained nameless, who she came close to falling in love with. She remembered shunning him out too and allowing him to once again disappear. Perhaps that was not her own fault… perhaps it was.

Violet finally looked to the dearest person in her life currently after her parents: the youngest of her elder brothers, Leopold Parr.

Leopold had recently lost his job as personal assistant to Chief Inspector Devereux at the Yard having leaked some classified information to Violet pertaining to the explosion at Victoria Station and Lady Beaufort’s untimely demise therein.

They had both kept this hidden from their parents, as Sir Albert, Violet’s father, was suffering from his declining health nowadays. Violet had decided there was no need to burden him further with their troubles.

Leopold Parr has lost his London apartment since the incident and has been living with Violet, who herself was living off her savings. “That was a really good idea… to save half my income.” She thought.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Nov-13-2008 04:32

Leopold suddenly woke up, yawning. He looked to his sister. “By God Vi, what time is it?”

Violet answered him absent-mindedly. “Must be around three in the morning,” She looked to him, suddenly aware, “Still having difficulties sleeping?”

“I ask you the same.”

“I choose not to answer.”

"Very well…" Leopold pulled the cover over his head. "Good night then ‘Miss Parr’."

"Good night, Leopold." Violet hurried to her bedroom and got her suitcase ready for a day trip.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Nov-19-2008 00:36


Miss Violet Parr was having her dinner with her brother Leopold at a small local restaurant, just off Covent Garden, that served Indian cuisine. Miss Parr and Leopold were sharing a rich dessert plate of Carrot Halwa, when a gentleman approached their table.

“Good evening Miss Parr.”

Violet gave Leopold an odd look: Many of Leopold’s friends and colleagues approached her casually like this to ask her to take on one of their civil "and, at times, even criminal- court cases. She had to smile politely and explain first of all that she has retired as a Lawyer, then explain why she did it and then further explain why their case was not enticing her to come back to the profession.

Leopold shrugged in response and Violet spoke with a confused look. “Good evening, I do not believe we have met before.”

“No we haven’t, Miss Parr. This is the first time we meet but, should this meeting go well, it won’t be the last.”

Violet felt slightly uncomfortable and she always trusted her instincts. She did not reply and turned away from the man. Leopold felt quite uncomfortable himself but reacted by speaking. “Is this concerning your need for of a Barrister? I can refer to someone other than Violet if that’s-“

“Mr. Parr, this is concerning our need for a retired detective, not currently affiliated with an Agency, who knows both Mr. Clift Garrett and Mr. Barry Grant.”

Violet stopped eating and turned to the man with a frightened defensive look on her face. “Come again?!”

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Nov-19-2008 00:39


Leopold has been listening to the exchange between Violet and Mr. Smith for an hour. Violet was getting clearly agitated with every word uttered from Smith’s mouth but she managed to remain composed. Her following sentence startled Leopold somewhat when it was spoken with a tone of anger.

“All my life, Mr. Smith, my conduct has been nothing but honourable, honest and moral. Throughout my career as a detective, I would quit cases rather than wrongly accuse an innocent person. I never resort to illegal methods or twisted, immoral ways to obtain anything for a client, no matter his wealth or position of power. I ask you to withhold from insulting me further with your propositions by never showing me nor my brother your face ever again.”

Miss Parr features had stiffened as she got up from the table. “Goodbye Mr. Smith.”As Leopold got up and Violet started to walk away, Mr. Smith grabbed her arm gently but firmly.

Violet turned with a thunderous look on her face. “I beg your pardon!”

Leopold grabbed Smith by the collar of his shirt. “I would let her go if I were you.”

But Mr. Smith did not and three stood in the middle of the restaurant maintaining their grip over one another. Luckily their only spectator was the single waiter entrusted with closing the place down. Mr. Smith smiled. “You say you have been nothing but moral Miss Parr? You broke into a government facility, kidnapped a high profile socialite and mysteriously appeared in the midst of a train explosion. Even objectively, I wouldn’t say that morality and you go hand in hand.”

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Nov-19-2008 00:40

Violet’s face stiffened further when she replied. “Call me what you will. I do not have the funds nor the interest to aid you or your faction.”

Mr. Smith would not relent. “We would cover all your expenses Miss Parr. We could have your brother returned to service at the Yard in the blink of an eye. We could also arrange Sir Albert Parr to receive higher priority for his impending surgery…”

As Mr. Smith continued to speak, Violet’s features softened "and her heart hardened.

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