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CONTEST: Fill My Tummy!
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Sep-18-2007 18:11

The premise: Using a given opening line and closing line, you must write a Noir mystery story to fill the space between opening and closing (fill the tummy, so to speak).

The rules:

* Entry must be ten sentences (not including opening and closing lines). There is no word limit, but run-on sentences are considered structurally incorrect and one word sentences are considered a cop-out. :-)

* Not counting their use in the opening and closing lines provided, words may only be used once. There are a few exceptions to this rule.

* Exceptions to the previous rule can be used no more than three times within the course of your ten sentences. The exceptions are the following words: "A", "I", "the", "that", "they"

* Spelling and grammar DO count.

* Opening and closing lines are interchangeable. You can use line #1 as your first or your last line, and the same for line #2. However, you may not use the same line for both beginning and end.

* All entries must be posted no later than 11:59 PM server time on September 28, 2007.

Yes, I have, indeed, worked out a story of my own to make sure it can be done while following the above rules. I'll post it after contest closing, if anyone wants to see it.

Finally, remember - the Thesaurus is your friend.


1. Benny the Snitch was a hard man to find when he didn't want to be found.

2. Gertie gave the man with the badge an icy smile and said, "You got nothing on me, copper."


Fizzlewig Trapspringer
Fizzlewig Trapspringer

Oct-1-2007 11:10

I realize it's too late for the contest, but I might as well post this anyway.

Benny the Snitch was a hard man to find when he didn't want to be found.
We searched everywhere, and all I had for our trouble was a headache.

Officer Browning did his best to keep out of trouble.
Ludvig’s Music Emporium appeared next on Bob’s list.

An alleyway door burst open.
Racing down the narrow throughway, my instincts came alive.
Tripping over a garbage can, I stumbled, but quickly righted myself.
Rising up, I spotted a familiar face.

The flatfoot bellowed, “Halt!”
Girtie slowed as the law came up beside me.
Gertie gave the man with the badge an icy smile and said, "You got nothing on me, copper."

Tireless Tiger

Oct-1-2007 16:28

I agree David, fantabulous job, I didn't think I'd win to begin with using such short sentences, but as soon as I saw yours, I knew you would be the winner!


Sleuth About Town

Oct-1-2007 16:58

Congrats David! I can say as a judge... all entries were fun to read. It truly is amazing to see other sleuthers with such talents.

David Adams
David Adams

Oct-1-2007 21:13

A watch for a prize....Just might have to enter that one myself; it'll keep me outta hot water next time I'm late for dinner with the wife. ;-)

Glad you liked the story, Squirrel. (Just an ol' line from my Army days, really.) Your story was absolutely wonderful to read. Wish it could have been considered.

Congratulations to Happy and Ctown also for their amazing stories. They both did a fantastic job, and should be incredibly proud of their efforts. Great job, you two!!! :-)

Thank you, Anikka and the judges, Arabella, Jas, and Lilangel, for contributing your time and efforts for all our sakes. It's greatly appreciated, ladies. :-)

Finally, to Fizzlewig (hope I got your name right there...), that's an incredible story!!! Great job, bud! Congratulations! :-D


Oct-1-2007 21:23

Well, David was, apparently, happy enough to have won. He has returned the prize and requested it be given to Happy and Ctown for their efforts.

Thank you, David, for your generosity.

Congratulations again, to all three contestants. :)

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Oct-1-2007 21:41

David, what a selfless thing to do! And, once again, congrats to everyone! This was definately NOT an easy one to do!

Tireless Tiger

Oct-1-2007 21:52

David, thank you very much, that really wasn't necessary, you truly did do a wonderful job in such a difficult game. And thanks to Anikka for coming up with the idea, your contests are always great fun!

Let's have a round of applause for our loveley contest coordinator and all of her lovely judges!

I was gonna use a thesaurus to look up another word for lovely, but since the contest is over, I don't have to that anymore!!!!! :-)

Old Shoe

Oct-2-2007 11:25

Aww, that is so sweet David! You didn't have to do that at all. And thank you Anikka for creating such fun games :-D

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