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Henry Walker
Henry Walker

Aug-22-2007 14:20

There is a website: Look at it and see. Try to find the weirdest phobia and post it here. See what it means. You will have a laugh at these names.



Aug-23-2007 18:35

Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.

Dogs must suffer greatly from this phobia. Muahahaha!

This one slayed me...

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words

I couldn't find mine. Guess it hasn't got a name yet...

Old Shoe

Aug-24-2007 00:36

Anikka, as your court-appointed unlicensed therapist I am pleased to announce that in fact, your phobia *does* have a name:

GuacaMolehillaSilkaWiccagoraPorphyroPedoburritoPhobia is real, people. 'people' I mean, those of us who get night terror dreams about being wrapped up in a tortilla with our mouths full of lingerie items by eight burning witch-children.

I feel bad for 'outing' you tho', Ani.

*passes you a long-winded hippo*

I'm afraid of the rats in my garage, the weeds near my garage, sleep aids, Tiger Woods, meat you buy the day after a long weekend, purple M&Ms, R Anstett's sock drawer (he might have puppets, what?), fish bones (chokey), everything about the movie 'Shortbus' except the soundtrack, the guest-host-du-jour on The View and my father, but only when he's wearing one of those snazzy 'I went to the Freud museum in Vienna, but all I killed was your lousy mother' T-Shirts.

oh and people who don't use the search thingy. Eeeek!

Charlotte Montgomery
Charlotte Montgomery

Aug-24-2007 18:14

Crunchpatty, I think you have to use that website. I did and I saw a whole bunch of weird names. And then talk about your own. At least, that's what I understood.

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