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Missing Scripted Mystery in London?
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Ramses Emerson
Ramses Emerson

Aug-9-2007 14:23

Before I submit this as a bug/typo, I thought I'd see if someone knows what's up.

The following is a description of the Doomsayer: Killers scripted mystery. The problem is, there is no Doomsayer: The Prisoner even on the full listing of London scripted mysteries. Any ideas on how to play this mystery or what might have happened to the Doomsayer: The Prisoner mystery?

Please do note: I have looked at the full listing of scripted mysteries for London, not just those listed on my case page.

Doomsayer: Killers
Terrence Zorn is a hunted man, and now a captive of unknown enemies. But there is more to his kidnapping than simple revenge. The great killers of the underworld have been summoned, and all will not survive.
by Michael Bagen | really hard mystery
You must complete Doomsayer: The Prisoner to unlock this mystery.


Safety Officer

Aug-12-2007 18:21

Actually, I knew that :) but as I figured even a slightly myopic, one-armed, arthritic monkey could hit the back button (or Message Board link at the top of the page) I didn't find it worth mentioning. :D

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