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Agency founding.

Jim Diamond
Jim Diamond

Jul-24-2007 15:35

If I found an agency on my own, and then want to move to a bigger place, can I in the process use letters of credit to have someone else join in as a director in the "new", larger agency, or am I on my own again and have to invite them?

Can I invite them into the original smaller agency and promote them to director there and *then* move the HQ to a larger place together with the new director?


Old Shoe

Jul-24-2007 15:53

Umm... Wow. A little bit confused on answering, so I'll explain:

Once you have the agency found, you can upgrade, downgrade, or move to a new city, or do a combination of moving and up/downgrading.

As for letters of credit, that doesn't exist after the agency is founded.

Just simply bring them in, let them put some money in the safe, and then promote them to the desired position.

Jim Diamond
Jim Diamond

Jul-24-2007 16:30

Those were all the answers I was looking for. Thanks.

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