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I wish someone had told me..
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Fionn Palmer
Fionn Palmer

Jul-16-2007 15:54

For heavens sake!! Write somewhere (in the FAQ for example) that the skill point gain is based on experience! This is HUGE, and it's not an obvious thing!

Had I known I wouldn't have been so desperate for cash now. Also I wouldn't have so crappy skills and equipment, and most importantly I wouldn't have accumulated two false accusations in my desperation to earn more cash and skill points.

Now I have about 1500 bucks. I need about 10k to get rid of my false accusations. Also the only piece of equipment I *ever* bought with this character is a snub nosed revolver for 3k. You can do the maths yourself. I'm devastated because I didn't know that skill points were xp generated..


Fortunately I'm no quitter and I will get back up. But I am severely pissed off that I got here in the first place.


Fionn Palmer
Fionn Palmer

Jul-18-2007 03:09

Now you're just being me. ;P

I've stopped whining now. I did trip, sure. And yes, the "2 short"-comment included me. I realized already! "Man, why am I whining still? Are the laces really that short? Perhaps if I'd tugged them a bit harder.."

I still stand by what I said about it being hard to find information, because I *did* try to find it and failed. Not sure why, since apparently I'm the only one who failed. Or perhaps the rest of the members have just been around so long that they don't really remember how hard it was for them finding it the first time.

Oh, and 1500's what I had left. Shady wants a tad bit more. I'm not bitching about the fees either. I'm raising the money.

So, ultimately it all boils down to me flaming a little bit too much and innocent bystanders getting burnt blaming me (with all right). And I had to cool down.

I'm cool now. All chilly and stuff. I go stuf now. Buh-bye.

Fionn Palmer
Fionn Palmer

Jul-18-2007 03:15

Also, I try hard to accomplish stuff on my own first, because in communities all over the net there are always njubs who don't even try once, but instead spam the boards with threads about obvious stuff. I don't want to be that person. I wanted to be as little of a burden as possible for anyone. How should I know that you're a bunch of masochistic samaritans? ;P Perhaps this community just isn't old enough that you've grown tired yet.

Sure I'm a cynic, but a realist one. Give it some more years and I'm sure slowly you will start grinding your teeth and eventually figure it's less of a strain on your patience to just write it all down in an all covering FAQ.

Thanks for the help though. I appreciate it and it makes you feel welcome. Don't be too generous with it.

Lucky Stiff

Jul-18-2007 03:48

Hehe yeah we have those newbies here too.

Thing is though, we will ALWAYS help a newbie who seems like they want to learn and make the effort to play. Most you can tell right away. Its the difference between someone coming on and going "Can ne1 tel mi who killed Ignatus" and asking an intelligent question, which you have before.

Never be afraid to ask anything of any of us (even me, despite what you may have heard). And as you know, bar chat is always a good option for help :)

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