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Detective Biography

So, what's a man to do if he loves solving puzzles but lacks the drive to become a investigative police detective? I was fascinated by the concept of life as a PI all my years, plus a chaotic bent ruled out work in the force. It turned out to be just about the same as anything else. I still get used by the dames, still get drunk on Bourbon, and I'm still struggling to pay the bills, but I'm doing what I like.

I like the rain. I like being alone. So far it's been a blast.

Remember the "Jack and Joe"-case that they hired Tracer Bullet for? I was hired to find out the truth about why Jack was in such a hurry. Turned out he had a stiff in the trunk. Plus Jack's Insurance company payed well to learn that he had indeed been speeding contrary to his claims that the speed limit had been lowered after he crashed later on, after passing Joe.

I solved the case about that lost brunette, Mai Leftsock.

Then there was that business with the zombies. I'm not gonna get into that. Let's just say I'm glad I know how to operate a chainsaw.

I'm a simple man. Easily entertained, with low operating costs. Still there's the matter of the rent. And the Bourbon.


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