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Sleuth II
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Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-11-2007 02:41

Ok, I know nothing about this, but I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth playing Sleuth anymore and trying to help agencies out.

I recently spent some effort in another game getting to a particular level to achieve some goals. Then the game changed. And in my opinion and many others, changed for the worse.
It also meant that all my efforts basically went to waste.

Which begs the question, is that what is going to happen here?
We spend all this time and effort and then it all goes to waste when Sleuth II comes out?

Also, I don't mean to sound harsh here... and I am sorry if I come across as bitchy, it's hard to put this...

There's a slot that can be done to Sleuth to smooth it out and make it more enjoyable.

For instance, I think the AI reward/false accusation system needs to be tweaked and worked on a lot.
The reward for the AI considering the effort and money spent on them is too low especially if you have F.As.
Then the fact that F.As have gotten a little extreme.

Like you said Ben, this is just a game... and I think the F.A side of the game does not balance out with the reward side of the game at all.

The Sleuth Shop. While there has been opposition, there is no reason why this can't and shouldn't work.

Player Inventories, most game has these. Why, when you fininsh a case do you have to sell something or if, in an agency put it in the Locker.
Why can't all detectives have extra slots?

The Gate Key. Ok, it was given out as as a reward, why an't it be a faction thing or a Detective Shop item?

Cairo, will this ever be extended? Will hunts and agencies and AVs ever go there?

Agencies themselves, can locker space be updated, maybe add in some new features.

Sleuth Mail, will the icon ever flash?

Will there be hunts for smaller agencies and bigger agencies?
I used to be againest this but as Sleuth grows it makes sense.


Sir Butcher De Vei
Sir Butcher De Vei

Jul-11-2007 04:42

Heehee. This sort of feels like that little innocent aboriginal tribe they show on the Discovery channel that uses stone axes to chop down trees, buy wives with dog's teeth and shun the use of clothes and money. Dont mistake my comments, I am one of those tribesmembers, I am also afraid of the coming of the future. I really love how the Sleuth gameplay is and used to just ignore the flaws and the sections that needed improvement thinking that someday a time will come when said problem would be addressed. Which is why Im like a little paranoid stock investor thats worried what the future will be when Sleuth II arrives.

The real factor about this is time, theres just not enough of this commodity to go around. I know subscribeds can hardly finish off their daily cases and errands even with just playing Sleuth:Noir, how much harder will it be to play 2 games at the same time. Eventually people will have to choose one over the other. I just hope the latter wont stagnate and get forgotten. As LED pointed out, Sleuth:Noir has a few areas that could use some evolution or improvement. This morning we got the flashing mail icon, heres to hoping tomorrow we get the revamped Sleuth shop.

Old Shoe

Jul-11-2007 07:31

I plan on playing both.

Sleuth Noir will only die if we let it.

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jul-11-2007 08:48

We plan on expanding and maintaining Sleuth Noir for many years to come. In fact, we have quite a few updates planned over the next few weeks. We will be posting official information about Shades of Mystery (Sleuth II) and the future of Sleuth Noir very shortly.

Sorry, much of this confusion is due to the fact that Shades of Mystery release and information release schedule has changed. Originally, we thought we could start beta in July and release in August. So, I gave my presentation at Sleuth Con and planned to release more information shortly after on the site. Now, its looking more like an October release, so I wasn't quite ready to start giving out more info tidbits.

Old Shoe

Jul-11-2007 08:53

October now, November in a few weeks, December a few weeks later. Might as well just wait until 2010 to release.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jul-11-2007 09:31

I think that part of the problem here is that Shades of Mystery is NOT Sleuth II.

If it was a super-expansion of Sleuth: Noir then yes it would be Sleuth II.

Talking about this with former players of Noir, I realized that us players calling it Sleuth II is part of the confusion.

These are two totally separate games, two game systems. One is designed to meet a particular market and the other for a different one.

Yes they overlap because in both you solve mysteries and both are published by the same company.

We have not seen any evidence that anything or anyone from Noir will transfer over to the new game. I have been viewing this more as we are getting a sneak preview of this new game coming out because we happen to be in the know.

Shades of Mystery will be fun to explore and try out. Noir will be interesting to see if there can be things to keep long term players active.

Will everyone join in the new game? I hope not. I would explore a new game because I want a new experience, something different.

If it comes out in October that means more time to iron out the kinks.

Staring a new thread to talk about that game as a individual game.

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