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Mystery, Danger, and Too Many Sleuths
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Jack AT
Jack AT

Jul-9-2007 10:32

A young man confronts Jack Altavon Talison. The man says he is Roger Acton, and he has a case for Jack. Something involving murder, pie, dead Zachary Acton, and more murder. And a suspect called Jerome Lormos.

"And what do you pay for this?" Jack asks.

"$600 for solving the case." Roger replies.

"Er...uh...I guess I'll take it."

"Did I mention I told an assortment of other detectives about it? And that I will gve the reward to the one detective who solves the case, using all means possible?"

"Uh, no, you didn't mention it until now."

A knife is suddenly thrown at Jack. It narrowly misses him.


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Dec-21-2007 23:36

"Uh oh! I think Mack has alreday thought of a crazy one!" I say, as Talianna and I blankly stare at each other, with horrified looks on our faces. Then we burst out laughing.

"I don't see anything very funny!" Mack said, "So, do you have a plan?"

We stopped laughing at once.

"That's what I thought. Then, here's my plan..."

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Dec-23-2007 08:37

The wind whipped through our hair as we stood at the edge of the building's roof. Our eyes were focused on the drop below.

"I'm not so sure about this," said Kevin nervously. We were standing on the roof next door. One miscalculation and we would fall to our deaths. I turned to Kevin. His face was pale. Talianna had her face buried in Kevin's arm. Out of fear or something else I don't know.

"Lucky," I thought as I saw Talianna's good fortune.

"Only one of us has to jump across, then they can unlock the side door and let the other two in." I said

"I'm not jumping." stated Talianna, finally getting her face out of Kevin's arm.

"Neither am I." stated Kevin.

I sighed. I really didn't like heights.

I walked to the middle of the roof then I made a full run to the edge. Just when it seemed I was running out of roof, I jumped.

The wind whipped through my hair as flew through the air. I prayed that I would land safely in those moments. I felt like it took forever but it must have lasted a couple of seconds.

I landed hard. I took a moment to catch my breath then I slowly got up. I bent my legs to see if they weren't broken. When I realized I was fine, I started to laugh and jump up and down. Then I heard another thump. Kevin had jumped too.

"I thought you might need back up so when I saw you land, I jumped too."

I was taken back. I didn't think any one would jump after me. We headed for the door that lead off the roof.

Suddenly we heard someone yell.

"Wait," they cried.

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Jan-8-2008 00:40

Talianna, very nervous at the sight of falling, decided to try and jump across as well. Bad idea.

"Wait!" She called to us, "I'm coming too!"

"No, Talianna!" Mack cried out, but it was too late. She jumped. Well, she sort of fell, because when she looked down to jump, she lost her balance.

Mack and I stared, horrified. We approached the ledge slowly, creeping up as if King Kong himself was hiding there. Then, we heard a screech!

"Talianna!" Mack yelled, as we stumbled over each other to see what was going on.

"HELP!!!" Talianna screamed. 16 floors off the ground was a flagpole, which she was able to grab onto. As she dangled helplessly from the pole, Mack and I jumped the gap hurriedly to save our new friend. We were so worried, neither of us hesitated. We even kept running across the roof on the other side. We tripped over each other as we scrambled down the stairs. Looking out the windows, we finally located the hall window Talianna hung in front of.

We opened the window and halfway stepped out. Quickly, Mack and I decided to get her. She would hold on to one of my arms to keep me from falling off myself, and I would reach out to Talianna.

Talianna was very scared, but she was a real trooper going hand-over-hand toward me. But whe she let go, she lost grip of my hand. I caught her from falling, but her momentum pulled me tripped me as well. Mack still held my arm tight, as Talianna dangled from my hand. I tried to do a backward crawl back into the building, and made it. Now all we had to do was get Talianna back in. But no sooner did we pull Talianna in, Mack would lose her footing, to fall out the window herself.


Mar-3-2008 17:35

"What was that?" I asked myself. I had heard a scream from down the hall. I heard it again. It was a girl in distress, or whatever you call it. Running in on the scene I saw the same girl I had bumped into some time ago. I was noticed by a young man and another woman, tring to pull her up.

"Please help." One said. I started to turn when my instincs told me it was good for the case, so I went and helped her up.

"Hey, your that same girl that ruined my shirt!" So much for your welcome.

"That's the thanks I get for saving you? Gosh I guess I won't tell you my info."


Mar-4-2008 17:38

She eyed me suspisously, "What info?"

"Well, Ms. I was looking for Danny in the wrong house I not stupid. Your deep breathing and tone gave you away, also, the papers never lie."

"If your looking for an apalogy go somewhere else." She didn't need to say anything else, I reached in my bag to my notebook and took notes. The three of them where tense, but not suspisously.

"Uh, what's your name?" asked the other woman.

"I don't use a real name. Call me 48."

"Well, I'm Tali," What a name, "this is Mack Hazard and Kevin Greene."

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Mar-12-2008 10:28

(Out of Character: Thanks for thinking of something 48. I thought the thread was going to die. I was busy and I could not think of anything to help this along. Thanks again.)

The excitement must have got to my head, for I seemed very rude to 48 after she rescued me. I was embarrased that she pointed out the flaws in my lying technique, especially since it was in front of Kevin.


Mar-12-2008 15:43

(Tis alright)

I know I shouldn't have blown on her, but I was mad and not really in the mood for saving people who were about to fly out the window (This place must be crazy).

"So, why are you about to commet suicide? I thought the detectives caught murderers, not bring death on themselves."

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Mar-14-2008 11:44

Embarrased, I told 48 about my stupid plan. If it had gone smoothly, the person who entered the roof door could unlock the door that lead to the ally. I felt stupid and looked down at my shoes. 48 reminded me of my mother and the way she would scold me for doing something foolish.

"I have another plan," I said, "But I don't think anyone would what to follow another one of my plans, even if this one is safer."

Kevin gave me a critical eye and I turned red. I wished I could get out from under his hard gaze.


Mar-15-2008 10:51

I guess I became apart of the consperice, with most of my info gathered I could've easly arrested the killer. But this would be more fun, seeing how they react to my footsteps.

"Plans are crazy no matter what they're about. Kevin, don't need to be giving window flyers hard times." This was getting fun for me. "Plan A, Ded boy was only stabbed, nothing was missing, cause of death posion. Any questions?"

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Mar-27-2008 06:32

Sophie suddenly appears out of the shadows. "I have to say, I'm impressed. Your theories are all quite amusing but you've gotten off course. Talianna was touching the tip of the iceburg when she discovered a connection to a drug cartel."

Sophie pauses, enjoying their rapt attention mingled with skeptiscism.

"Did anyone bother to trace down the origin of the knife? I didn't think so, perhaps you should look into that, afterall you don't see a titanium scalpel every day. I'll only give you one clue, vague but I'm certain you will take it to the completion of this mystery. Look for out-of-town talent, yes........hired talent."

Sophie strolls back into the shadows, turns and with a wink over her shoulder says "Be seeing you."

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