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You're Invited to the Prom!
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-30-2007 19:17

In Honor of biggie528's, err... well deserved, victory in the Sleuth March Madness / bigger Dance competition (See the Message Board Game Room board), we're going to throw a Prom.

We tried to line up the gym at Delhi High School for the big event, but the headmistress had doubts about a few of the people on the guest list (something about outstanding detention time, and some unpaid library fines).

So, we managed to convince Big Lucy to throw the Shin-dig at her apartment in New York. Don't ask what we had to promise her.

Where: Big Lucy's Apartment, Empire Heights, New York

When: Saturday, Mar 31st. 4pm-5pm Server Time (MDT).

Who's Invited? You. And that guy over there too.

Attire: Festive-to-Dour. No shoes with marking soles, please.

Sunny, Big Lucy, Koo Roo and I all hope to see you there.


Trey Lin
Trey Lin
Assistant Librarian

Mar-31-2007 15:58

I am all ready!

*pulls up to the building in a limo*

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Mar-31-2007 16:38

Woohoo i even managed to get off work early.

Trey you can't beat my pink limo, just so you know i've counted every bottle of champagne in there so hands off it......Well ok you can have a bottle if you like I have like 70 :)

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-31-2007 17:17


The cops have been called and the band is picking through what's left of the appetizer tray.

Thanks for everybody who showed up. It was fun.

We’ll keep Big Lucy's apartment open for a while yet.

Remember. What happens at prom… stays on your record forever.

Lucky Stiff

Mar-31-2007 23:11

There was music, there was puking....ahh memories

Best dressed of the night totally goes to Crunchpatty though:

Old Shoe

Apr-1-2007 00:55

...there were random flashings of people's tricky misters too:P

*claims the stage and waddles awkwardly up to the mic...*

Thank you. *makes a big show of unfolding a speech that was clearly written in the early 90's as though it was spontaneous*

*clears throat*

I wanna thank Vanilla Ice for rhyming "bacon" with "shakin", and inspiring my best anti-vegan dance move of the night. There's pulled pork...then there's PULLED pork.

I also need to throw a big shout out to my wicked concept team, a.k.a Kahlo Rains for designing the pic you all see. She's a wonder with cover up and the airbrush. I just love her for downplaying the dirty wookie tattoo.

Also gotta thank baby jesus *thumps bare cleavage twice and points to the sky dramatically* and my parents, and the flag. All of you bring me such inspiration.

I understand (by which I mean I have encouraged him) that Adam Carter is going to waste his semester photo shopping this picture to make it look even less dignified, and I think he's awesome for that. Already, he's promised me discernible nipples. Adam, word to the wise, a light dusting of baby blue around the nostrils would be a fine salute to my viagra snorting habit.

*feels kinda famous*

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